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Breaking Dawn Part 2 leaves hollow ending to Twilight Saga

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We started our journey at twilight. We pulled into the movie theater parking lot at 10:30 p.m. We were shaking, both from cold and fear – the fear of finding ourselves at the end of the huge line of Twihards. But this fear was soon replaced with sheer terror, as we discovered the parking lot […]


Queen of the Couch: Thursday evenings best spent with Last Resort

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“We will all burn together.” Andre Braugher’s face fills the screen as he utters these words to a captive worldwide audience. His character, a renegade submarine captain who refused his orders to fire nuclear warheads on Pakistan and then was fired on by another American ship, sends his message to a stunned world who believes […]


Lincoln: An Honest Movie of an Honest Man

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Apart from the uncanny personification of a near mythological American figure, humanizing him to the point of self-presumed betterment and subtle egotism, Spielberg’s Lincoln retains an air of wisdom about him that remains accentuated simply by the surprising sharpness and high-pitched tone of his famous voice. While iconic American actors have attempted to capture Lincoln’s […]


Into the Woods has impressive opening night

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A simple-minded but kind-hearted boy with an affinity for stroking his beloved cow,  a seemingly innocent little girl with spontaneous murderous urges, an angry witch, a sterile baker, and two love-struck princes — these are the leads of Advanced Drama’s production of the musical Into the Woods, whose on-stage chemistry and enthusiasm make it a […]


Marin’s best pumpkins

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Ian’s Pumpkin Patch 690 Redwood Highway, Mill Valley: Off the Tiburon exit and past In-N-Out, a lot which normally houses children’s play structures and occasionally Christmas trees has been transformed into a chaotic mix of orange and gold. Bright round pumpkins are perched on hay bales that are scattered on either side of a walkway. The walkway is […]


Queen of the Couch: Season Premieres Start Strong

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This is it, premiere week. Where weeknights are spent watching brand new episodes of new and returning shows. When it’s time to push your DVR to its limits and cancel your plans. To sit down on your couch or in front of your computer screen and watch the eagerly anticipated season premieres. This is what […]

Dishonored stands out from field of first-person shooters

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Alexander Herz takes you inside Dishonored, the new first-person action, adventure video game from Arkane Studios. He considers it one of the stand out releases of the year.

CIA Agent Antonio Mendez (Affleck), center, directs the six American hostages as the seven try to escape the violence in Iran.

Affleck shines in “Argo”

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Dear Ben Affleck: Your past roles–and trust me, I use that term loosely– in cinematic masterpieces such as Daredevil, Gigli, and Pearl Harbor are forgiven. This movie was awesome! Not only did you successfully impersonate a Hispanic man, but managed to masterfully direct a movie that was both historically accurate and had me on the […]


Marin’s best scare-wear: Finding the perfect Halloween costume

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Although students may no longer be trick-or-treating on Halloween night, their desire to find the perfect costume hasn’t waned. The Bark rated Halloween costume stores in Marin on variety, uniqueness, price, and accessory selection. Spirit Halloween: Located conveniently in the north end of the Town Center, Spirit is a typical Halloween store. It boasts a […]


Simply Scary: Classic films frighten without special effects

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From fake blood to terrified shrieks, the purpose of horror films has not evolved much – after 25 years, their primary purpose is still to strike fear in the hearts of viewers. Although modern technology has increased the graphic quality of movies, today’s films have stayed away from the simplicity of classic scary movies. As […]