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Timberlake’s follow-up album explores variety of genres

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On the day of its release, Justin Timberlake’s diverse album The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2 climbed to the top of the purchased albums on iTunes. This album, released Sept. 30, and its counterpart The 20/20 Experience, released last March, are the product of a 20-day music intensive session by Timberlake and his musical […]

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Viral comedian performs new musical routine

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It’s been three years since musical comedian Bo Burnham’s last routine, and his upcoming special what. is well worth the wait. Burnham’s postings on YouTube went viral in 2007, forever associating his name with the phrase “YouTube sensation” in every news article written about him. Recently Burnham has moved from being known as “that YouTube […]

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Sci-fi podcast dazzles with strange stories

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Mysterious hooded figures who roam a barricaded dog-park, ten-foot tall angels that change lightbulbs, a five-headed dragon running for mayor (who is accused of insurance fraud), and a floating cat hovering in the men’s bathroom of the local radio station. Welcome to Night Vale. To say one listens to a podcast in this day an […]

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Pop album displays range and talent of young singer

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Yours Truly, an album released on September 3 by pop artist Ariana Grande, topped the Billboard 200 and the Billboard digital album charts for the week of September 21. The record manages to re-establish the boundaries for teenage pop music and create a new and improved image for young female pop artists. The album contains some […]

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Bark Beats: Six clean classic crowd pleasers for Homecoming

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After the new G-rated music selection played at this year’s Back to School Dance, many students hope for a better, more satisfying song list at this year’s upcoming Homecoming Dance. Over the years, dances have gotten rowdier, crazier, and more difficult to manage—and because of this, the administration took action in an effort to gain […]

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Fewer screams, more plot in horror sequel

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Cross dressing serial murderers, a psychopathic mother and a possessed father: all of which are featured in Insidious: Chapter 2.  It delves deeper into the original plot, however its heavy focus on story content outweighs the element of horror. Many viewers may be left disappointed in the lack of classic scares that were so prominent […]

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Apple releases new design with iOS 7

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Today the public version of iOS 7 comes for iPhone 4, iPad 2, and all newer generation products, the look and function of Apple products will completely change while providing new features. Changes in the interface include a redesigned multitasking interface, a new Notification Center function called Today, and an all new Control Center where […]

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Shake it up, baby: the best milkshakes in Marin

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To start off the year, the Redwood Bark sought after the best milkshakes in Marin. The refreshing treat may not be a traditionally autumnal drink, but hey, we’re all still in denial that summer is winding down. We compared the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shakes at three locations based on a variety of points. Flavor, […]

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One Direction movie hits high note

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Unless you’re an overly dramatic, ditsy girl between the ages of 11 to 18 and have a separate Twitter or Instagram dedicated to your “favorite” person ever, you’re probably not the biggest fan of the infamous British boy band, One Direction. Regardless of whether or not their music is enjoyable, Morgan Spurlock’s newest movie One […]

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John Mayer dissapoints with new album

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Paradise Valley, John Mayer’s latest album, is a disappointment and a failed attempt at a bluesy, country rock sound that seems almost identical to his previous album, Born and Raised. Since Mayer broke onto the music scene in 2001 with his album Room for Squares, he has been one of the most successful musicians in […]