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New faces and foes in Downton Abbey’s return

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It’s 1922, and change is in the air at Downton—the roaring 1920s are in full swing at the Abbey, from racier dresses and livelier dancing to sleek, modern cars. While the premiere of the fourth season of writer Julian Fellowes’ Downton Abbey dazzles in terms of presentation and, as always, superb acting, it lacks a […]

Denny's Grand Slam

The Breakfast Club: Best bests for the most important meal

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At each restaurant, I ordered the closest item on the menu to a Denny’s Grand Slam, which consists of a pancake, meat (sausage or bacon), eggs, and toast. Denny’s was chosen as a control group to which the other restaurants were compared, since it is a popular and widely attended local breakfast restaurant among Redwood […]

MUSICIAN MATT BELLAMY performs at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome, in July 2013.

Muse’s DVD transports concert to the screen

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Flames erupt high into the air and a mammoth wave of applause roars from a sea of adoring fans as Muse takes the stage at the Rome Olympic Stadium. The sinister  sound of lead singer Matt Bellamy’s low-tuned electric guitar cuts through the air as the band rips into “Supremacy,” the intro track off their […]

POP ICON BRITNEY SPEARS performs songs from her new album, Britney Jean, for her show in Las Vegas this December. Spears excited fans by calling this album her most personal record to date, but many of the song lyrics are still superficial.

Oops! Spears did it again: album all glitz, no substance

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Britney Spears’ catchy songs and bold personality have already given her fame, fortune, and a fair share of critics. Spears’ songs have sat on Billboard lists for months, her performances have scandalized the media, and, with each new album release, everyone wonders what she will do next. Unfortunately, Spears’ new album Britney Jean is a […]

LOUNGING PROVACATIVELY on her bed, Ja’mie, played by 39-year-old comedian Chris Lilley,  stares into the camera in the mockumentary, Ja’mie Private School Girl.

Australian mockumentary source of wigs and giggles

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The royal music begins, and scenes of a teenage girl getting ready for school fill the screen. Head-to-toe in pink, she straightens her hair, sprays perfume, and swings a messenger bag over her shoulder as she heads downstairs. The camera pans to follow the girl down her spiral staircase and for the first time, the […]

IN THEIR NEW nonfiction book League of Denial- The NFL, Concussions, and the Battle for Truth, Redwood alumni  and brothers Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru unveil new research on the growing concussion crisis in the NFL.

Book brings NFL brain trauma to light: Redwood alumni tackle football concussion issue

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For most football fans, the jaw-dropping hits that leave players face down on the turf are part of the reason we love the sport so dearly. I myself am an avid football fan, and will admit that I have jumped off the couch in hysterics more than once after a big hit. However, I have […]

TRAUMATIZED by her experience in last year's Games, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), hugs her sister Primrose Everdeen (Willow Shields). Lawrence captured Katniss's emotions with just her eyes.

‘Catching Fire’ hits all the right marks

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After a year of waiting in ravenous hunger for more flying arrows, love triangles and crazy costumes, audiences’s resilient and cheeky heroine Katniss Everdeen is back to ignite the flames of rebellion in the much anticipated second installment of the Hunger Games Trilogy. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, based on the bestselliing sequel to Suzanne […]

AIMING FOR THE KILL, Jonathan Meyers plays the dashing, bloodsucking Alexander Grayson in this revitalized version of Dracula.

Dracula sucks thrill out of vampire myth

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Clearly, an end to the Twilight series hasn’t curbed the American public’s love of vampires, as is evident in the premiere of NBC’s mini horror drama Dracula, directed by Andy Goddard, Steve Shill, and Brian Kelly, which aired its pilot episode on Oct. 25. The new series, a modern take on Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, […]


Album reveals shift in band’s musical sound

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From the eponymous opening track of Reflektor, the newest release from Canadian indie rockers Arcade Fire, it is clear that the band has shifted their musical gears more so than with any of their three prior efforts. The immediate impression one may get upon listening to the album for the first time is that of […]


Bad Grandpa: The must see comedy of fall

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Johnny Knoxville has always known how to make an audience laugh. Whether the star of the Jackass movies is launching off a ski jump in a go-cart or catapulting his friend in a giant sling-shot, Knoxville has done it all. That is until Bad Grandpa was released last Friday as a spinoff of the Jackass […]