Whisk and Skillet’s tasty options satisfy with every bite

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Whisk and Skillet, a daytime eatery located in Strawberry, opened on Feb. 15. The new spot serves breakfast and lunch until 4 p.m., providing a high quality and nutritious meal available beyond typical breakfast hours. The new addition to Strawberry mall is founded by Norman Lou, who is the owner of Marin’s popular Asian cuisine […]

Taking the stage, host Mark Pitta adds humor between each act at Throckmorton Theatre's weekly "Tuesday Night Live!" comedy show.

Hilarious old-school comedy entertains at Throckmorton Theatre

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“I didn’t care who won the election last year,” said comedian Patrick Keane. “I just wish half the people who swore they would leave the country did.” The theater filled with laughter. Though that was definitely one of the cheesier jokes of the night, the moment was one of many that made the crowd laugh […]


‘Hit Makers’ successfully delves into the science of popularity

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In his book describing the science of popularity, “Hit Makers,” The Atlantic Senior Editor Derek Thompson writes that, “To sell something familiar, make it surprising. To sell something surprising, make it familiar.” This in itself is where the genius of his first book lies: “Hit Makers” is both familiar and distinctive. The book, released on […]


‘FUTURE’ album gives glimpse into modern trap music

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The merit of Future as an artist is often questioned. He’s not lyrical, he doesn’t ma ke narrative-based albums and he isn’t even comprehensible all of the time. Yet Future remains one of the most popular rappers in the world and for good reason: he makes bangers. In his self-titled album, “FUTURE,” Future doesn’t break […]


Dragon’s Breath: an SF attraction to blow you away on a Friday night

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Usually when you say you had smoke pouring out of your mouth on a Friday night, parents fill with rage and teachers look at you suspiciously. However, a fun dessert sold at Chocolate Chair in San Francisco uses liquid nitrogen to create a smoky and delicious experience. As you near the shop, nestled in the […]

The SF Bay Model at the San Francisco Bay Model Exhibit in Sausalito, CA

SF Bay Model Exhibit takes visitors on a unique Bay Experience

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The San Francisco Bay Model Exhibit in Sausalito, CA offers an educational and fascinating one and a half acre model landscape that maps the SF Bay, while providing information on how pollution levels are diminishing the current status of the Bay. Stationed on Broadway Street in Sausalito, the exhibit is located right on the water– […]

‘I Am Not Your Negro’ illuminates modern day racism

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Like many students my age, I’ve seen several documentaries about racism and discrimination in America. But “I Am Not Your Negro” goes well beyond offering just an overview―it defines the causes of racist behavior and proposes solutions for this ongoing problem. The documentary is based upon the life of James Baldwin, a Black American writer […]

Bringing up Barry: ‘Barry’ reveals Obama’s presidential past

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Before making history as the first African American president of the United States, Barack Obama was just Barry. A native Hawaiian, chain-smoking, biracial Columbia undergrad, Barry had not yet embraced his political potential. “Barry,” a Netflix Original, examines Obama’s life as a Columbia student in 1981. The movie opens with Barry (Devon Terrell) smoking on […]


Friday Night Bites: Powder offers a unique twist on classic ice cream

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Friday Night Bites, Bark’s newest review segment, highlights hip places to eat and hang during your night on the town. From delicious desserts to superb suppers, The Bark knows where to go to tantalize your tastebuds.   Tucked into a brightly lit, modernist space, Powder, a small storefront in San Francisco, offers the perfect after-dinner […]


Netflix original revives childhood favorite book series

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“I would advise all of you watching to turn away immediately, and watch something more pleasant.” That is what Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events” narrator Lemony Snicket (Patrick Warburton), the pseudonym of the book’s author, Daniel Handler, tells the audience as he begins depicting the story of the Baudelaire siblings and their tragic lives. […]