“K.O.D” album cover.

Cole contributes cold hard facts with personal perspective in new album K.O.D

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Rapper J. Cole released his fifth studio album, “K.O.D,” on April 20, just four days after announcing the album’s release via Twitter. On April 19, Cole used Twitter to address the meaning behind his album’s title. He wrote, “KOD. 3 meanings./Kids on Drugs/King Overdosed/Kill Our Demons/The rest of the album I leave to your interpretation.” […]


“Every Day” shows a new way

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“Every Day,” a movie directed by Michael Sucsy, starts with a common interval of change: a clock striking midnight. An African-American boy, Justin (Justice Smith), wakes up and examines his hands in confusion. He looks around his room which appears foreign despite being his own. The modern day setting is revealed when Justin sets an […]


Best music venues in Marin

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While Marin has genres of music like bluegrass, jazz, and even salsa, it is better acknowledged for its long tradition of rock and roll. Marin is home to legendary musicians and bands such as Janis Joplin, Journey, Metallica, The Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, Carlos Santana, Sammy Hagar and Grace Slick. The Redwood Bark reviewed popular […]

Painted to honor Nicaraguan survivors of the country’s Civil War, this mural reflects the hopes that many citizens had for after the bloodshed.

The mixed vision of the organization Precita Eyes

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Driving up to the Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center in San Francisco’s Mission District, visitors pass colorful mural after mural. However it is not until they begin the tour that they will begin to see the murals as so much more than just ordinary paintings. By viewing them up close and learning about their backgrounds, […]

Protagonist Takeshi Kovacs looks over Bay City

Altered Carbon is a complex thriller worth binging

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Set in a dystopian, futuristic Bay Area (now called Bay City), the rich are so wealthy that they are considered gods, while the poor can barely afford a tent to sleep in. Most of Netflix’s newest sci-fi thriller “Altered Carbon” takes place in Marin, but instead of the rolling hills of the headlands and breathtaking […]

stunning Inkwells swimming Hole

Waterfalls and swimming holes: the natural pools of Marin County

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Marin County is well known for its breathtaking hiking trails and national parks, but many people are oblivious to the waterfalls conveniently located nearby. Although waterfalls and swimming holes seem hidden, most of them are easy to access. Due to the recent rain this winter, waterfalls and swimming holes have been replenished with water, so get […]

You gotta try a ‘PIZZ-A’ this

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After the loss of the beloved California Pizza Kitchen just over a year and a half ago, a new pizza restaurant has arrived in the Town Center. Marin Pizza, an independently-owned restaurant, has opened for business directly across from Blue Barn and Starbucks. After opening their doors on March 23, Marin Pizza has quickly become […]

Sharing a brief moment of happiness together, Elise (Sally Hawkins) shows the creature (Doug Jones) a card she bought him.

The Shape of Water tells an unconventional love story

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Since first beginning his career in 1993, director Guillermo del Toro has consistently proven to be a visionary director with an eye for visual flare and captivating stories. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, del Toro started making films at age eight with only his dad’s Super 8 camera and a few action figures. As he got […]

Two "make your own" pizzas (left with gluten free crust), Sweet Heart salad, and locally brewed root beer and kombucha.

New pizza joint stands out among Marin competitors

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While plenty of artisan pizza restaurants have graced the streets of Marin, Creekside Pizza and Taproom already stands out as a local favorite. Located at 638 San Anselmo Ave. in downtown San Anselmo, Creekside not only captures Marin culture through the menu items and design of the restaurant, but also has an incredibly welcoming environment. […]