Estofado, arroz, y ensalada Rusa

Latin restaurants offer diverse flavors

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Hace clic aquí para lee en español In Marin, you can find many different diverse cultures both inside Redwood and in the area around it. The melting pot of diversity in Marin offers amazing food, especially in restaurants such as Lucerito, Mi Familia and El Tazumal. Mi Familia, a Mexican restaurant located in San Rafael, […]

Before I Fall Movie Poster

‘Before I Fall’…Asleep

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The movie “Before I Fall” poses an important question to its audience: What would you do if you only had one day to change everything about your life? Based on the best-selling book “Before I Fall” by Lauren Oliver, this film does a dull and repetitive job at trying to interpret the tumultuous high school […]

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens dance in an iconic ballroom scene.

A fresh take on a “tale as old as time”

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A heartwarming story about a beautiful princess who falls deeply in love with a hideous beast – almost anyone could name the title of this classic fairytale from just a brief summary. If a story so iconic has captivated children for years, would a retelling be necessary? At first I thought the answer to this […]

Offering the safest and most affordable option, Lyft is a preferable and convenient transportation service for all students.

Ride-hailing app ‘Lyfts’ above its tough competitors

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In 2009, Uber became the first online ride-hailing service and has been popular ever since. For three years, Uber faced no competition until a similar transportation company, Lyft, was founded in 2012. Both companies provide easy access to nearly instant transportation through smartphone apps. In addition to offering safe transportation and convenient rides, Uber and […]

Main Character, Logan (Hugh Jackman) whips out his claws.

‘Logan’ claws its way to the top of the superhero movie hierarchy

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As the first R-rated Wolverine film and Hugh Jackman’s final time portraying his most famous character, “Logan” more than lives up to its hype. Hugh Jackman has played the part of James “Logan” Howlett, better known as Wolverine from the X-men, for 17 years over nine films. The culmination of his experience as the character […]


Poppin’ tags at the Tiburon Thrift Shop

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When heading out to go shopping, it’s unlikely that many Redwood students think about the Tiburon Thrift Shop as a source for clothing, furniture, jewelry, and other useful items. If you’re looking to give back to the Marin community or help out the environment, head down to the Tiburon Thrift Shop to donate or purchase. […]

Edited Pic With Blur

Shelter Bay: A tasty, sheltered sandwich cafe

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Strawberry’s Shelter Bay Cafe is overlooked by many because of its unusual placement: wedged between real estate offices and outclassed by the large Piatti restaurant across the street. Upon entering the cafe, however, the quaint and enjoyable environment takes a front seat. The delicious aroma of sandwiches fills the room while both the cashier and […]

UTILIZING DIFFERENT props to create an effective workout, Yogaworks offers complementary straps, blocks and mats for customers during class.

Stretch out of your comfort zone and try these local yoga studios

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Stretching on my yoga mat in the dimly lit studio, I relax and try to clear my mind after a long, stressful day of school. As my mind slows down, I feel a sense of peace and well-being. Yoga has become a more popular form of exercise over the past few years. A recent survey […]

The Cheese Steak Shop

Easy eats: Food options that will lure you off campus

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With the rain finally gone, it’s time to get out and enjoy the freedom of eating off campus. The Bark ventured out to taste test our student body’s favorite restaurants within walking distance: Book Passage Cafe, Burritoville Cafe, The Cheese Steak Shop, and Red Boy Pizza, according to the March Bark survey. These restaurants were […]

Main Character, Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) enters the “sunken place”

‘Get Out’ lives up to the hype and captivates viewers

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“Get Out” is a sensational thriller-comedy that captivates audiences through the use of well-shot horror scenes and strategically placed comedic moments. The film’s director, Jordan Peele, from the Comedy Central show “Key and Peele,” utilizes his comedic talents to lighten up the mood during the many eerie and horrifying scenes. “Get Out” successfully fosters a […]