Get dressed for less: best of Marin consignment

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When it comes to shopping for affordable, quality clothing and accessories, Marin isn’t typically praised for it’s abundance of economically satisfying options. Luckily for students, there are plenty of second-hand nonprofits, consignment stores and thrift shops all within a 20 minute drive from Redwood. If seeking to take on a new and unique style, find […]

In fear, Tree screams.

Don’t judge a movie by its poster

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A movie theater is a welcoming place that is supposed to be an escape, where people can pass the time with friends and enjoy a captivating, funny or dramatic of film. As a teenage girl, the most memorable and drama-filled movie for me was “Mean Girls,” and ever since that groundbreaking movie, all else has […]


Bon Air food trucks showcase variety of cultural cuisines

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The wafting aromas of various cuisines fill the air in the Bon Air parking lot. A few people mingle around the large vehicles selling numerous cultural delicacies. Most of these individuals are workers from the mall and nearby offices, or shoppers dropping by to pick up their favorite meal. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday starting […]

November Bark Beats

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“Reputation” Taylor Swift “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now/Why?/Oh, ‘cause she’s dead!” These lyrics, from Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” couldn’t be more accurate. Swift’s past personas are buried in the music video, and there’s no denying the powerful message she is sending us through these […]

Marin Civic Center farmer’s market offers several tents with a variety of products.

Finding fresh; an insight to farmers markets in Marin

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Corte Madera Farmers’ Market: 2.5 stars Located in the Town Center shopping center, the Corte Madera Farmers Market is open year-round on Wednesdays from noon to 5 p.m. Tents are lined in the walkway by restaurants and shops, each one offering a different assortment of food, from vegetables and fruits to lotions and soaps. While […]


One year later: Documentary explores the idiosyncrasies of American politics

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Going into election day, the polls had Donald Trump at a seven to 29 percent chance of winning the presidential election, according to FiveThirtyEight. His victory was a shock to almost all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. Nearly a year after his historic election—a year of paranoia, conspiracy and division—it was difficult for me to […]

Publicizing their tennis match, Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) sit next to each other at a press conference.

‘Battle of the Sexes’ shines light on story fighting for gender equality

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Full of powerful women, male chauvinism and enough bright tennis outfits to cause permanent eye damage, “Battle of the Sexes” offers an entertaining and heartwarming portrayal of a real-life fight for gender equality in the realm of sports. Depicting the highly publicized 1973 tennis match between one of the top female tennis players in the […]

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Best workouts in the bay so you never have to skip leg day

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Choosing a gym can be a tough choice as there are many things to consider: cardio to weights ratio, proximity to home/school, ambience, crowd, cost, etc. Luckily for students, there are many gyms to choose from in the area. Some are solely used as gyms, and others are country clubs that have gyms along with […]


Best beaches of the Bay

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Among the incredible scenery, look-outs and picturesque sights, Marin County is home to numerous gorgeous beaches. When choosing which beach to spend a carefree afternoon, it’s essential to know your options. Rodeo Beach a.k.a. Cronkite (5/5) Cronkite exceeded all expectations with the many functions it serves. A wooden bridge connects the parking lot to the […]


Recently opened Philz coffee is here to stay

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It’s hard to choose between a dark roast or a medium roast, an iced mojito coffee or an iced mocha coffee, a slice of avocado toast or a warm buttery croissant. For that matter, it’s hard to make up your mind about anything at Philz Coffee. Tucked away at the back of Town Center in […]