Bandwagon fans deprived of full experience

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While bandwagon fans exist in every sport, they come out in full force during the Olympics. For two weeks, the athletes of  sports such as gymnastics, swimming, and beach volleyball are elevated to the same celebrity status as pop stars and members of the Kardashian family. But latching on to a sport only during the […]


Armstrong case highlights doping problems in cycling

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I’m one of the few American crazies who, on almost every summer morning in July, wake from my incredulous haze at five o’clock and saunters over to the television. I make this daily pilgrimage to watch three hours of intense battling atop hundreds of bicycles. I get up to watch the Mecca of pro cycling: […]

The Giants will open up the World Series against Detroit with two games at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Juice once and you’re done

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Juice is the new milk at AT&T Park, and I’m not just talking about any juice. I’m talking about juicy juice —the kind that gets Melky Cabrera juiced, shooting him to the top of the NL in hitting this season— or in technical terms, synthetic testosterone. The general reaction from “melk” men, “melk” maids, and […]

College a no-fly zone for helicopter parents

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The text in the middle of class, the phone call as soon as the final bell rings, and the brown paper bag with a special note inside. While going into college can be complicated and an experienced eye is always helpful, constant text messages, weekly parent Skype calls, and mailed laundry are doing more harm […]

Voting: It’s about the issues, not the age

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The phrase “age is just a number” has been thrown around for generations. But if age is just a number, why is it such a defining number for today’s youth? We can drive when we turn 16, drink and buy alcohol at 21, and enlist in the military, buy cigarettes, and vote at 18. The […]

The College Tourist: Senior offers advice on college trip extravaganza

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This will be the first of a series of pieces from the perspective of a senior applying to college. Having visited over 40 schools in the last 12 months, Alexandra Bacchus takes a look at the growing challenges of getting into college. My Spring Break college road trip began the way that of most other […]

Writer struggles with perils of Back to School Dance

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The music was loud and the bass seemed to vibrate through the entirety of my body. “This isn’t a crowd,” I thought, “This is a sea- a mindless, reasonless sea.” The sea gives and the sea takes, and if you aren’t careful, you can become lost in it—drown in it. I looked over to the […]

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Editorial: Passive and uninvolved, a quiet generation

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Be it beatings at Cal, pepper spraying at UC Davis, or a fatal shooting in a BART station, acts of violence that would have once brought hundreds of high school students to their feet in anger now pass by with no more reaction than a status update on Facebook. Even with instant video evidence, we […]


A desperate plea to stifle seasonal sniffles

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As winter approaches, the sounds of coughs, sniffs, and sneezes are beginning to fill Redwood’s classrooms. While students often cannot take a week off from school just to nurse a common cold, the complete lack of sanitary precautions often exhibited by sick students only perpetuates the spread of colds. As much as I try to […]

Passive tweets can have powerful consequences

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I made a huge mistake in the seconds following the Stanford Cardinal postseason football game. After witnessing a last-minute overtime loss, I had the insolence to send out a half-witty tweet sharing my disappointment towards the Stanford placekicker who had just missed wide left. In a moment that I now wish I could take back, […]