The College Tourist: Senior offers advice on college trip extravaganza

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This will be the first of a series of pieces from the perspective of a senior applying to college. Having visited over 40 schools in the last 12 months, Alexandra Bacchus takes a look at the growing challenges of getting into college. My Spring Break college road trip began the way that of most other […]

Writer struggles with perils of Back to School Dance

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The music was loud and the bass seemed to vibrate through the entirety of my body. “This isn’t a crowd,” I thought, “This is a sea- a mindless, reasonless sea.” The sea gives and the sea takes, and if you aren’t careful, you can become lost in it—drown in it. I looked over to the […]

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Editorial: Passive and uninvolved, a quiet generation

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Be it beatings at Cal, pepper spraying at UC Davis, or a fatal shooting in a BART station, acts of violence that would have once brought hundreds of high school students to their feet in anger now pass by with no more reaction than a status update on Facebook. Even with instant video evidence, we […]


A desperate plea to stifle seasonal sniffles

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As winter approaches, the sounds of coughs, sniffs, and sneezes are beginning to fill Redwood’s classrooms. While students often cannot take a week off from school just to nurse a common cold, the complete lack of sanitary precautions often exhibited by sick students only perpetuates the spread of colds. As much as I try to […]

Passive tweets can have powerful consequences

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I made a huge mistake in the seconds following the Stanford Cardinal postseason football game. After witnessing a last-minute overtime loss, I had the insolence to send out a half-witty tweet sharing my disappointment towards the Stanford placekicker who had just missed wide left. In a moment that I now wish I could take back, […]