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Hover less, communicate more

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“Sarah” is planning to go over to her friend’s house tonight to drink. But both her and her friend’s parents have access to a pledge with their respective contact information, and so Sarah’s parents know there won’t be supervision and aren’t allowing her to go anymore. This pledge appears to be a success, right? Wrong. […]


Waking up to the reality of a friend’s enlistment

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“You know I like my chicken fried/ A cold beer on a Friday night/ A pair of jeans that fit just right/ And the radio up.” The lively beat of the song “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band blared through the car speakers. All the windows were down and the sun warmed my arm, […]


Life is fleeting: appreciate each day

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We often overlook the importance of family and don’t fully appreciate how much they support us. It wasn’t until last year that I learned how quickly something like that can be taken away from you. My father was diagnosed with cancer. Although doctors found it early enough treat, I was still shocked by the diagnosis. […]

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Homecoming lunches cause Admin hypocrisy

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During Homecoming Week, I attended every single lunch activity. They were entertaining and funny and everyone looked like they were having a great time – but as I looked up at the twelve students on stage, a wave of bitterness consumed me. I couldn’t help it – I was jealous. I had never felt any […]

Political ignorance causes frustration

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“I hope Romney doesn’t become president,” the well-dressed woman to my right declared. She picked up her white wine and took a delicate sip. “He’s a cult leader.” I turned to stare at her. “What?” She seemed shocked by my disbelief. “He’s a Mormon, honey,” she said, as if that explained everything. My jaw dropped. […]

The struggle of the non-dominant hand

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I threw down my pencil in irritation yet again. A homework assignment that should only take about 20 minutes had taken up almost an hour of my time, and although I told myself that I was done for the day I knew I was lying to myself; there was no doubt that I would return […]

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A penny for their thoughts: Unsolicited views take over individual thoughts

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A few weeks ago, my English teacher announced that we’d be entering our political unit early, just in time for the election. Across the classroom, anxious murmurs arose at the thought of actually having to debate political issues. For what seemed like the 50th time, one of my classmates attempted to justify her lack of […]


Editorial: The speech we want to hear on election night

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Tonight we will celebrate a victory. But tomorrow, we all must trade in our political words for real political will. This government has lead its people into a world of instability. We can no longer afford to have a government that only tells its people what they want to hear, and is afraid to do […]

Letter to the Editor: Senior’s call to respect the flag

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Dear Bark Staff, During the first rally this year, I was appalled at how most of the students present did not remove their hats and remain silent during the National Anthem. I have never been extremely patriotic, but I have always been respectful by remaining silent and removing my hat. I just think it is […]

Technology proves detriment to kids

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Bing! That’s the sound of the latest smartphone going off as an incoming text message arrives. The glow of the phone’s screen lights up the inside of a plastic princess castle as the eight-year-old checks her phone to see what juicy gossip has just arrived. “OMG did u no that Sarah and Johnny r going […]