drowning musician UNSHADED

Creativity sinks in a pit of public’s demands

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When I first heard that lead singer Justin Vernon was leaving the musical group Bon Iver, I was stunned. For the man who had ruled my eardrums for the past year to call it quits on his musical comrades felt like he was quitting on me too. I wanted him to take it back, to […]


Witt and sass: our most powerful defenses

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As a babysitter, I’ve been told tales of kindergarten Prince Charmings, magical made-up games, but most of all, playgrounds plagued with the evil of bullying. Every time a child tells me about a bullying experience, I wisely reply that the hurtful things that other kids say do not matter because the things bullies say are […]


For better or for worse, robots have arrived

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Last month, Jerry Brown legalized Transformers. With minds and personalities of their own, the cars have left the realm of human-powered machinery and have entered a scary and unpredictable class of automatic machines. Casually referred to by their creators as “driverless cars,” the Transformers – it turns out – have been secretly living among us […]

hallway comic feature

Comics: Hallway occurrence

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Have you ever spotted a friend or classmate while walking through the hall, thinking you’ll greet them, only for an awkward aversion of eyes to ensue?

The College Tourist: Bacchus breaks down the college essay

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In this installment of Alexandra Bacchus’s latest column, she tackles the challenge of crafting a well-written college essay.  The college essay. For many, those three words have the ability to strike fear and dread in an applicant’s very core. Maybe it’s the provocative prompts we’re given or the weight they hold in showing an admissions […]

President Bush entertains guests in the White House.

George W. Bush: A man of hidden genius

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Last Wednesday, after a long day of lectures, note-taking, and frustrating projects, I returned home in time to discover that I had not, in-fact, missed the great Presidential Debates of the USA. As I stared at the stern defined faces of former Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama along with over 58 million other […]


Paparazzi zooms past privacy boundaries

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When I read the Yahoo! News headline, I went through a string of emotions: denial, anger, disgust.  Didn’t the paparazzi understand what they had done 15 years ago?  Hadn’t they learned anything? The topless pictures of Kate Middleton, published first by the French magazine Closer, angered me. I thought about what had happened to Princess […]

Homecoming Comic Crop

Comics: Who did YOU nominate for Homecoming?

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Seniors nominated their chosen peers for Homecoming court on Monday. Cartoon artist Broden Farazmand depicts his take on the nominations.    

Taking a nap by the South Lawn.

Moment of meditation provides comfort

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For the past couple of days, my brain has been clogged. I don’t know whether it was the homework coming in faster than I could write it down, the girl problems that had my mind spinning in endless circles, or the nosedive my sleeping habits had been in, but at some point my brain had […]


Editorial: Line blurs between heroes and zeroes

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Growing up, stories of knights in shining armor valiantly fighting off fire-breathing dragons helped us fall asleep at night. A little later on, comic strips of superheroes like Batman and Superman fighting for the betterment of society, even while battling their inner demons, set the example of true role models. But today, it seems that […]