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176-0: Agony at its finest

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Sports have always been of immense fascination to us, particularly games which result in either a winner or a loser. The instinctual attraction to “getting the best” of another human is inherently primal: in olden days, it meant clubbing one’s opponent over the head on the battlefield or goring him through the stomach in the […]


Flu: A love story

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Crippling aches, high fevers, and hacking coughs have been sweeping across the Redwood campus. Normally, I look at the “Flu Season” with a demigod-like detachment, confident that I won’t get sick. Yet, unlike most demigods, I woke up on Monday, Jan. 25, feeling like I had been hit with a freight train of congestion and […]


The lines of communication fray

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“You won’t get in trouble if you cheat.” “The Team program was cancelled.” “Showing up late to class won’t lower your grade anymore.” Heard in the hallways, these are all oversimplifications of policies recently proposed by the District Board. The only problem is most students haven’t actually read them. And we are here to ask: […]


Gun buybacks only effective at wasting donations

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This year, Marin celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday with an event that seemingly fit King’s vision of nonviolence: a gun buyback. The event, which allotted $200 to those turning in automatic weapons and $100 to those turning in other firearms, drew 827 guns from community members. The county had only raised $20,000 in donations […]


Teens seek approval through social media networks

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It seems like wherever we go, technology surrounds us.  We have grown to rely on it for many aspects of our lives, from online shopping to paying for Starbucks. We share everything with our followers and friends, and look to others for feelings of popularity and approval, in the form of likes, followers, and comments. […]


Apocalypse 2012 hits the world of sports

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The Mayans were right! Sure, when I woke up on Dec. 22 my home was not leveled by an earthquake. There were no locusts swarming in the sky, and the Bay had not been turned to a pool of blood. But make no mistake, the 2012 prediction is in fact a reality. Our apocalypse has […]


Apps are not the answer: put down your phones

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In 2009 Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law making it illegal for those in California to read or send text messages while driving. The bill was designed to keep drivers’ hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Since then there has been a 47 percent drop in cell phone related car crashes in […]


Writers strike out on Hall of Fame ballot

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Swing, and a miss! The Baseball Writers Association of America failed to hit the mark on Wednesday, Jan. 9, by not electing anyone to the Hall of Fame class of 2013, despite having the all-time home run leader and a 354-game winner on the ballot. This year’s ballots held extra controversy due to the first-time […]

America lacks global perspective

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“You know,” the Swedish boy on my left began as he turned to me, “I have no idea who you are.” We were sitting at a long table together, two students out of the many who’d traveled to England for college interviews. The others we’d been talking to, boys from Luxembourg and  Qatar and girls […]

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Pressure to play goes too far

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“The body is not designed to play football,” said NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath in a recent interview. And so resumed the discussion — stirred by someone with as much experience in the game as anyone — of whether our physical abilities are still able to meet what is required from us in competitive […]