Commentary: The Social Addiction

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We as humans have a finite attention span, like a river that flows with a specific force. It may change direction or be split up among multiple activities, but the net sum of those activities may never exceed the river’s specific force. What happens when that river is interrupted, split among many streams and tributaries? […]

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Editorial: DMV standards high for a reason

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Not coming to a full stop. Tailgating. Switching lanes in intersections. This is the current state of sloppy driving we have come to know, particularly for teenagers, and it seems to have arisen from the license test and its consistent lack of consistency at the local level. It is often rumored that it is “easier” […]


Radical Self Love: Curing negative body image in younger generations

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On Thursday, May 2nd, 2013, PBS released a study citing that in the United States, 42% of 1st through 3rd grade girls want to be “thinner”, and that 60% of girls ages 6 through 12 felt overweight. When my 3rd grade sister decided to stop eating her lunches at school because she was afraid she’d […]

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Personal politics don’t belong in the classroom

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After 13 years of schooling, I’ve learned to ignore the subtle hints of political opinion that often taint my teachers’ lessons. Eye rolls may be shared among students, but for the most part, these brief breaks from impartial education are tolerated. Lately, however, I’ve noticed that political rants have become more common in my classes, […]

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Age-based rights restrict without reason

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Sixteen to drive, 18 to vote, 21 to drink, 25 to rent a car. The U.S. has many laws dictating what can and cannot be done based on age. Most of these laws operate based on the same simple logic. At some point in life, one is a child – unable to make responsible decisions. […]

Gay Rights

History will reveal gay rights question was a no-brainer

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The year will be 2075, and I’ll be 78 years old. It’ll be a sunny day and I’ll be watching my grandchildren playing with their new iPhone 46s. With my full head of hair, I’ll call them over to tell them about the history of the U.S.A. I’ll start at the beginning. The signing of […]

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The upside of anger: why getting mad isn’t all bad

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Remember when Kony 2012 was a thing? The craze lasted a few weeks — some t-shirts were sold, a club was formed, a couple of posters were put up around school. Then the film’s director got caught masturbating in public and we all went back to ignoring the plights of the African child soldiers, hoping […]


CHP’s cell phone crackdown policy just what we need

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April is distracted driving awareness month, and state law enforcement is celebrating in the best possible way. In an effort to combat unsafe driving practices, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and California Highway Patrol have been cracking down on cell phone usage behind the wheel for the last three weeks. According to a CHP […]

In the Work Force

Editorial: Lunchtime Study Halls

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What is a grade worth if earning it doesn’t teach you the curriculum? What is the purpose of high school if not to prepare you for the real world? Does an assignment that is coaxed from a student through incessant reminders and hand-holding lose its benefit? Beginning three weeks ago, the administration set up mandatory […]

Same family, different child

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Older siblings are some of the first role models that most younger children have. Whether it is done consciously or unconsciously, younger siblings naturally look up to them. I look up to my two older brothers and sister. They are real, relatable people who set good examples for me. But it seems that everyone thinks […]