Apps are not the answer: put down your phones

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In 2009 Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law making it illegal for those in California to read or send text messages while driving. The bill was designed to keep drivers’ hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Since then there has been a 47 percent drop in cell phone related car crashes in […]


Writers strike out on Hall of Fame ballot

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Swing, and a miss! The Baseball Writers Association of America failed to hit the mark on Wednesday, Jan. 9, by not electing anyone to the Hall of Fame class of 2013, despite having the all-time home run leader and a 354-game winner on the ballot. This year’s ballots held extra controversy due to the first-time […]

America lacks global perspective

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“You know,” the Swedish boy on my left began as he turned to me, “I have no idea who you are.” We were sitting at a long table together, two students out of the many who’d traveled to England for college interviews. The others we’d been talking to, boys from Luxembourg and  Qatar and girls […]

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Pressure to play goes too far

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“The body is not designed to play football,” said NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath in a recent interview. And so resumed the discussion — stirred by someone with as much experience in the game as anyone — of whether our physical abilities are still able to meet what is required from us in competitive […]

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A tolerant community leaves some religions forgotten

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Every day in class, I look to my left and right and realize that it’s just me. I’m usually the only one in each of my classes with a different skin color. The only one who believes in multiple Gods. The only one who celebrates Diwali, the most important Indian holiday. Sitting there, I can’t […]


Something’s fishy: College Board pockets our funds

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I appreciate good irony. The guy who got hit by the Dodge? Classic. The fact that San Francisco’s bill to ban public nudity was sponsored by Supervisor Scott Weiner? That’s rich. But the contrast between the original purpose of the College Board, to develop a standardized test to admit students to college based on merit […]

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And then there was one: last sibling left in the nest

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While looking into my empty closet, previously filled with irreplaceable cute clothes, the reality of my sister going off to college hit me. Finally able to be a slob in my own room and staying up late without anyone nagging me, I thought that not having a roommate would surely be a gift from God. […]


Bulimia not a weapon in fight against imperfections

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I lean over the bathroom sink during lunch, methodically searching the mirror for imperfections, and cringe as I hear the retching sound of an eating disorder coming from a nearby stall. All too familiar to me is the stinging smell of self-hatred, the uncontrollable tears rolling into the ceramic bowl, and then the silent wait […]


Writer contemplates true meaning of Christmas

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As Christmas, Hanukkah, and the beloved Blood Moon Ritual fast approach, we start to notice that it truly is the holiday season. The air carries a slight chill, the chlorophyll pigments in the Starbucks coffee cups have turned a brilliant red, and every single girl at Redwood is wearing her yoga pants, North Face jacket […]


Method of busting parties leads to high potential for drunk driving

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A typical weekend for a Marin teen goes something like this: Some brave soul decides to open his house to countless strangers. As these teens become more and more intoxicated, the house slowly gets louder and louder. Eventually, police show up and the party is over. The night moves on, the cops seem to have […]