Construction Cartoon

When life’s under construction, perspective is everything

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With the new music and art wing scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, it seems as if the seniors, who will see the labor but never its fruit, are getting shafted. But then again, someone always gets shafted when it comes to construction. As far as I’m concerned, there are three […]


Walking the line between youth and adulthood

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I’m too old to go trick or treating and have it be socially acceptable.  At the same time, I’m too young to legally stay in a hotel room by myself. So, where’s the in between?  Welcome to our lives as teenagers. The phase between adulthood and childhood is a time of life everyone has to […]

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Celebs aren’t real role models

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America loves its celebrities. We follow them on Twitter, we read magazines plastered with their faces, and we feel the need to put posters of their bodies on our walls. We consider them American royalty, and the public expects them to act as regally as real kings and queens. But celebrities often don’t live up […]

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Oscar song not worth uproar

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“We Saw Your Boobs.” Sung with operatic volume and a “Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles,” this is how host Seth MacFarlane chose to open this year’s Academy Awards—with a musical number listing the names of A-list actresses who have shot topless scenes in movies, and the respective movies they shot them in. It was […]

No Ride To Lunch Cartoon

The case for a closed campus lunch

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The sound of the bell echoes through the hallway as students file out of classrooms and race straight towards the parking lot like they’re in a rush to get to some sort of emergency. But what we are racing to is not even close to an emergency. It’s just lunchtime. When I find that I […]


Homework policy changes should be considered

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As the Board of Trustees considers policy changes regarding grades and behavior, it should also consider reforming the way in which homework is assigned. Many classes at Redwood overwhelm students with busy work or new material, leading to high levels of stress and incidences of cheating. Many teachers may feel that the amount of homework […]


Sometimes dreams don’t come true

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There are a few dates that I circle on my mental calendar every year.  Some of these include my birthday, the last day of school, and February 12 – the day of love. Don’t get too worked up yet, that wasn’t a typo.  While Valentines Day is great for some people, it isn’t consistent enough […]

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176-0: Agony at its finest

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Sports have always been of immense fascination to us, particularly games which result in either a winner or a loser. The instinctual attraction to “getting the best” of another human is inherently primal: in olden days, it meant clubbing one’s opponent over the head on the battlefield or goring him through the stomach in the […]


Flu: A love story

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Crippling aches, high fevers, and hacking coughs have been sweeping across the Redwood campus. Normally, I look at the “Flu Season” with a demigod-like detachment, confident that I won’t get sick. Yet, unlike most demigods, I woke up on Monday, Jan. 25, feeling like I had been hit with a freight train of congestion and […]


The lines of communication fray

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“You won’t get in trouble if you cheat.” “The Team program was cancelled.” “Showing up late to class won’t lower your grade anymore.” Heard in the hallways, these are all oversimplifications of policies recently proposed by the District Board. The only problem is most students haven’t actually read them. And we are here to ask: […]