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Marin parents influenced by unfounded medical advice

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In 2013, it’s hard to believe that a medical myth, popularized by uninformed celebrities, could threaten the lives of local children. Children who have not been vaccinated are causing disease outbreaks in Marin.  Pertussis, a once nearly-eradicated disease, has been reported on the Redwood campus, according to Principal David Sondheim’s alert on August 28. The […]


Nobody’s Perfect

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After Miley Cyrus performed Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards, a firestorm erupted on the Internet.  Professional news organizations such as the Los Angeles Times and my Twitter feed read much the same, with most commentators wondering what had happened to America’s sweetheart, who was now dancing to a much more scandalous beat. […]

Societal pressures limit personal choices

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A still pool of water. It’s so cloudy from the muck and the mire of certain obligations and decisions, of certain emotions and contradictions, that I can›t even see myself in the reflection, and only the depth of the darkness is discernible. Looking back, the word I would use to describe these past four years […]


Editorial: Graduation lacks wisdom from an alum

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During a graduation ceremony, seniors are supposed to be both proud of their past successes in high school and, more importantly, excited and prepared for the uncertainty of the future. While we are scheduled to have student speakers at this year’s graduation, the lack of an adult commencement speaker, for the first time in recent […]

A movie just doesn’t cut it: End-of-year classes prove pointless

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Yawning, I caught myself dozing off in my third period class. Opening my eyes, the room was dark, and only the light of the projector screen and the sound of a narrator rambling on filled the still air. By third period, I had already watched two movies. The day progressed, but not by much. I […]


Student-Staff Luncheon reinforces suspicions of teachers’ pets

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Ever since the beginning of schools, students have suspected teachers of playing favorites. Remember all the way back to first grade, when you would whine about how unfair it was when the teacher liked one kid more than all the others? It’s still the same way in high school. When the Student-Staff Luncheon was held […]


Commentary: The Social Addiction

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We as humans have a finite attention span, like a river that flows with a specific force. It may change direction or be split up among multiple activities, but the net sum of those activities may never exceed the river’s specific force. What happens when that river is interrupted, split among many streams and tributaries? […]

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Editorial: DMV standards high for a reason

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Not coming to a full stop. Tailgating. Switching lanes in intersections. This is the current state of sloppy driving we have come to know, particularly for teenagers, and it seems to have arisen from the license test and its consistent lack of consistency at the local level. It is often rumored that it is “easier” […]


Radical Self Love: Curing negative body image in younger generations

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On Thursday, May 2nd, 2013, PBS released a study citing that in the United States, 42% of 1st through 3rd grade girls want to be “thinner”, and that 60% of girls ages 6 through 12 felt overweight. When my 3rd grade sister decided to stop eating her lunches at school because she was afraid she’d […]

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Personal politics don’t belong in the classroom

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After 13 years of schooling, I’ve learned to ignore the subtle hints of political opinion that often taint my teachers’ lessons. Eye rolls may be shared among students, but for the most part, these brief breaks from impartial education are tolerated. Lately, however, I’ve noticed that political rants have become more common in my classes, […]