Recommendation letters aren’t fill in the blank

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Staring at the empty spaces on my college app, I struggle thinking about how I am going to condense the last four years of my life into a generic online form.  The essay prompts let me highlight my important activities, but for the most part, the tiny word counts and ambiguous lists do little to […]


Rites of passage promote tradition, not destruction

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Every school administrator will tell you that hazing is wrong—there’s no question about it.  Forcing newcomers of any sport, club, or organization to do anything as part of a “hazing ritual” is unacceptable. However, there’s something about these kind of rituals that actually establishes a greater sense of pride and community at Redwood, which is […]


Football contradicts educational goals of school

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If a school activity was reported to cause brain damage, the likely solution would be to quit endorsing that activity. If students wanted to start a school-sponsored club that resulted in concussions for 20 percent of participants, the administration would probably stop them. Schools make huge efforts to keep their students safe, but there is […]


Being a senior isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

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Freshmen pray for the day that they aren’t fish food. Sophomores beg to be upperclassmen. Juniors are jittery to escape the compounding stress of standardized tests. The only flicker of light at the end of the tunnel is the knowledge of having unquestioned superiority senior year. The student body has this fantasy that senior year […]


Editorial: New parking permits raise issues

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Starting this fall, parking permits will be color-coded according to how long students have had their license. This policy blurs the line between school policy and the law. The new parking permits are intended to reduce the frequency of students breaking provisional license rules during the school day. This is reasonable. During school hours, we […]


Learning to embrace school spirit, one dance move at a time

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On Tuesday, September 10 at 12:05 p.m., I found myself in a place I never expected myself to be – homecoming skit rehearsal. School spirit has always felt so foreign to me. After all, why should I cheer on the public institution I am mandated by law to attend? But perhaps, I mused as I […]


Is September 11th history?

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For the past decade it has been the custom of each school I have attended to acknowledge and to mourn the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, on its anniversary. I had heard countless recollections of that infamous Tuesday morning, each year with more vivid detail and explanation as I aged, yet I never grew […]

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Marin parents influenced by unfounded medical advice

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In 2013, it’s hard to believe that a medical myth, popularized by uninformed celebrities, could threaten the lives of local children. Children who have not been vaccinated are causing disease outbreaks in Marin.  Pertussis, a once nearly-eradicated disease, has been reported on the Redwood campus, according to Principal David Sondheim’s alert on August 28. The […]


Nobody’s Perfect

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After Miley Cyrus performed Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards, a firestorm erupted on the Internet.  Professional news organizations such as the Los Angeles Times and my Twitter feed read much the same, with most commentators wondering what had happened to America’s sweetheart, who was now dancing to a much more scandalous beat. […]

Societal pressures limit personal choices

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A still pool of water. It’s so cloudy from the muck and the mire of certain obligations and decisions, of certain emotions and contradictions, that I can›t even see myself in the reflection, and only the depth of the darkness is discernible. Looking back, the word I would use to describe these past four years […]