Forced extracurriculars breed resentment, not talent

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Johnny’s four years old today. But the world is such a competitive place nowadays – kids just aren’t the same as they were when Johnny’s parents were growing up. Johnny deserves every advantage so, as all the experts say, playing Mozart makes kids smarter! When Johnny’s parents bought their home – settling into a modest […]

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Editorial: Hashtags and White Lies

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College application season is in full swing, and college essay topics are on the mind of nearly every senior. Students spend years worrying about looking good for colleges, and through their essays they feel the need to show off their accomplishments while trying to hide their faults. In an effort to lighten up their applications, […]


Extra credit boosts grades without increasing learning

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Perhaps one of the most relatable high school horror stories is that of receiving an 89.4% as a final grade, just short of the 89.5% needed to round up to an A. To combat the possibility of this atrocity, many students readily take hold of any extra credit opportunities that arise to bring up borderline […]

Letter to the editor: The evidence regarding football concussions

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In September, Lucy Tantum wrote an opinion article, questioning if schools should support football teams in light of recent evidence linking football to traumatic brain injury. Last issue, a Redwood Parent, Shirley Foster, wrote a letter to the editor about Tantum’s piece. This letter is a response to both Tantum’s and Foster’s piece. Dear Editor, […]

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True Life: Addicted to watching TV online

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“Just one more…” Click. The next episode of How I Met Your Mother starts. Twenty minutes later, “Well, maybe just one more, it’s only twenty minutes long…” As the credits roll, “Well, I have enough time to watch another…” The TV coma has already set in. Every time I open my laptop, I get stuck […]

Armed civilians: Who are we protecting ourselves from?

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If recent events aren’t enough to spark change in gun reform, I don’t know what will be. Even in Northern California, we cannot escape the terror caused by guns. On Oct. 23, a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed in Santa Rosa by police, who thought he was carrying an AK-47 assault rifle. It was […]


Confessions to strangers are no substitute for actual help

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Most religions incorporate a form of confession. But, instead of visiting a priest, a new alternative provides the same sort of unburdening—posting confessions to be read by the masses of the Internet. The popularity of confession-based sites shows that people are now turning to anonymous others as a source of advice, comfort, and ultimately, forgiveness. […]


Voluntourism benefits volunteers rather than locals

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In the late 1970s, a practice known as volunteer tourism, or voluntourism, rapidly gained popularity. Well-intentioned individuals in developed countries travelled abroad by the thousands to volunteer for short period of time in remote corners of the globe. Today, many organizations now allow individuals unique “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities to “give back to the world” by hosting […]


Think before you pirate indie music

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Truthfully, I wouldn’t feel very bad if I were ever to illegally download a U2 album. With the minimal funds I have for actually purchasing music, I’d much rather my money go to a band that hasn’t already sold 150 million records worldwide. Due to all the competition in the music industry, it is becoming […]

Letter to the editor: Football article disappoints

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As a Redwood Football Parent and longtime supporter and contributor to the Bark, I am disappointed and dismayed at a recent article in the Bark related to Redwood Football. The article, an opinion piece written by Lucy Tantum titled:  Football contradicts educational goals of school. The article is biased and under-researched. With its inflammatory headline, […]