Voluntourism benefits volunteers rather than locals

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In the late 1970s, a practice known as volunteer tourism, or voluntourism, rapidly gained popularity. Well-intentioned individuals in developed countries travelled abroad by the thousands to volunteer for short period of time in remote corners of the globe. Today, many organizations now allow individuals unique “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities to “give back to the world” by hosting […]


Think before you pirate indie music

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Truthfully, I wouldn’t feel very bad if I were ever to illegally download a U2 album. With the minimal funds I have for actually purchasing music, I’d much rather my money go to a band that hasn’t already sold 150 million records worldwide. Due to all the competition in the music industry, it is becoming […]

Letter to the editor: Football article disappoints

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As a Redwood Football Parent and longtime supporter and contributor to the Bark, I am disappointed and dismayed at a recent article in the Bark related to Redwood Football. The article, an opinion piece written by Lucy Tantum titled:  Football contradicts educational goals of school. The article is biased and under-researched. With its inflammatory headline, […]

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Editorial: Moving lectures online is a no-brainer

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What will a classroom look like in thirty years? There may still be whiteboards, projectors, uncomfortable desks with baskets underneath that cut your legs, and the incessant humming of overhead fluorescent lighting. Or, there could a long, spacious desk with a computer set upon it, an ergonomic computer chair, posters of your favorite movies and […]


Preparation or patronization: Students misrepresented by bathroom signs

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When men and women walk Redwood’s halls and need to use the bathroom they are directed by signs saying “Men” and “Ladies.” Yet when they reach the restroom door, they may pause when confronted by the labels “Boys” and “Girls”. While the students may not even notice the signs anymore, the labels do not align […]


Blood, sweat, and tiaras

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A few weeks ago I was flipping through channels on the TV, looking for a good program to watch. I came to a stop on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras. A child appeared on the screen, walking before a group of judges in a skimpy costume, performing in a beauty pageant for kids. In these competitions, […]


Editorial: E-cigarettes: Savior or scourge?

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Nearly 24 percent of American teenagers use tobacco products monthly.  The rate of daily tobacco use among American adults has hovered around 20 percent for the past decade, after dropping drastically from the middle of the twentieth century. The harsh reality of the situation is that while legislation is being debated every day to try […]


Violence in Powder Puff calls tradition into question

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Every year during Homecoming Week, junior and senior girls strut onto the field, decked out in football jerseys, as they prepare to go head-to-head in a seemingly harmless flag-football competition known as “Powder Puff Football.” However, this school tradition is becoming less about friendly competition between classes, and more about physicality and fighting, posing a […]


Social media is meant for connectivity, not constant vanity

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Publishing a tweet or posting a status on Facebook is an anxious experience, akin to standing on a stage in front of a thousand faceless strangers and awaiting their scrutiny. In the wake of every comment, every posted photograph, we endure an excruciating period of expectation — nervously anticipating our due flood of likes, of […]


Dungeons and Maddens: United through fantasy

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A group of sweaty, eager young males gets together in a room, setting up their laptops and ravenously digging their fingers into bags of Cheetos while drawing on cold cans of Mountain Dew. The ringleader of this circus of betas returns from a trip to the bathroom, takes a seat, puts on his wizard hat, […]