Redwood Confessions provides outlet for cyber-bullying

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Cyber-bullying is an issue that our generation seems to inevitably face, regardless of the circumstances.  However, this shouldn’t give anyone the excuse to encourage it. An anonymous Facebook user created the page “Redwood Compliments.”  This page was made to provide the opportunity for students to compliment another student without any names attached.  After sending in […]


The boys versus girls dilemma

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Last Thursday, the student body participated in a “boys versus girls” rally, complete with bleachers segregated by sex. I understand we hold rallies to promote school spirit and student camaraderie, which is something I don’t object to. The generally harmless competition between grades promoted at most rallies is fun to participate in because it’s easy […]


The future is now? Questioning career choices

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What are you going to be? At a recent Career Conversation, the presenter went around the room and asked the few attendees what we were “going to be.” It’s reasonable to assume she meant what we planned on pursuing as careers. Most of us have been posed this question before, but in a tone used […]

Losing your virginity: Play your card right

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Maybe your first time having sex was unexpectedly at a party, with a person you hardly even knew. Maybe you lost your virginity a few months into your typical high school relationship, just as planned. Maybe your first time was absolutely perfect, terrible, or just weird. Maybe your first time having sex happened a long […]


Love should come from the heart

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I love you. Those three words, arguably the three most important of any language, pose a universal dilemma for almost anyone taking part in a newly-committed relationship. Just as an unreciprocated “I love you” can bring an immediate end to a relationship, sharing one’s love without deep consideration can doom a relationship in the long […]


The realities of being sixteen going on seventeen

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I just turned 17. In retrospect, I can hardly imagine what six-year old Blake anticipated when he pulled his Magic 8-Ball down from the shelf and mapped out his future in a series of yes or no questions – though I doubt if any of his juvenile longings chronologically exceeded this date. He must have […]

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Think before you speak: a misguided word

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When Taylor Swift released her song “Better than Revenge” in 2010 with the lyrics, “She’s not a saint…she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress,” my initial reaction was, “Really?” Did the music industry’s “good girl” actually croon such petty words towards her ex-boyfriend’s new girl, for simply being good in […]


Society enforces double standard on self-pleasure

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I have walked by countless groups of guys at Redwood of all ages discussing, or at least joking, about masturbation. Terms like “circle-jerking” are thrown around often and seem to be part of our vocabulary, originating from this accepted and expected act. However, I have never once heard any girl or group of girls mention […]


Editorial: One test you can’t afford to fail

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We’ve all heard the rumors about that girl.  The one who hooks up with college guys, who had sex freshman year, and is carrying one, if not multiple, sexually transmitted infections.  Other girls talk smack about this student, who must have picked up something while hooking up with half of the area code.  Guys spread […]


To my heartbreaker: An open letter

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Dear Christmas themed cups at Starbucks, So you’re back. You just come waltzing into town like nothing has happened, like nothing has changed. Don’t look at me like that. You’re the one who left for a year with no explanation, no warning. No note. And I’m just supposed to be okay with that. Well, I’m […]