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Editor-in-Chief Farewell: Anne Pritikin

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Dear Reader, This past summer, accompanied by a group of fellow student journalists, I visited the largest printing press in the Northern Hemisphere. However, it was not the magnitude of the space that struck me most deeply, but rather its militaristic quality. The printing press was an industrial cavern, a maze of pumping metal machinery […]

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Curb your enthusiasm and get out of that car

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As I sat against the wall wondering why I wore a dress, wondering how I ended up so close to the random kid who sits two seats behind me, thinking that we might as well say our vows now and wondering about each of my life’s decisions, I prayed that I would never have to […]


Editor-in-Chief Farewell: Shannon Donelan

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Today my friend said something that stuck with me: “This time of year feels like when I’m walking down the street on my phone and look up just as I am about to run into a pole. I think I can see where I am going, but then I look up and boom.” For seniors, […]

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Don’t shame our style

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As an insecure middle school girl, I would glance down at my body in the mirror each morning as my eyes immediately gravitated to what felt like my endless number of flaws. I saw curves that weren’t there before and legs without the ever so popular “thigh gap.” However, I chose to wear what was […]


Reexamining Racial Bias

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On April 12, Two Black men meet at a Philadelphia Starbucks to wait for a friend. They sit down before ordering drinks because their friend has not yet arrived. The employee is nervously urging them to either buy something or get out—but they aren’t ready to order yet and continue to wait. Their reluctance to […]

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The ignorant teenager strikes again

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With Trump in office and international affairs heating up, staying on top of both domestic and international news is essential to become an increasingly informed individual. But the sad reality is that many teenagers often live in their own head; what isn’t going to infringe upon their day-to-day lives doesn’t matter to many of them. […]

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Allowing test retakes provides students more chances to succeed

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I will never forget the six pillars of character I learned when I attended Bacich Elementary School. They instilled in my peers and me to always be trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, caring and have good citizenship. These traits stuck with me because I was encouraged to practice them over and over again after I made […]


The Creation of Sexuality Labels Generates Conformity

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For centuries, the most common sexual orientation has been “straight.” Those who identified with a different orientation in the past often experienced harassment from others. Today, people still experience some of that same harassment. According to the Human Rights Campaign, in 2012, LGBT youth were twice as likely as their peers to report having been […]

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Helicopter parenting needs to end

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“I have a friend who had the ultimate helicopter parents. When she went to college she completely freaked out having to be on her own and because of that she dropped out,” said sophomore Whitney Johnson. The idea of hovering over your child may seem endearing and loving. Instead, it is creating lasting problems for […]

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World History bias towards European accomplishments

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World History is a course taught to hundreds of sophomore students every year, however the course is not as worldly as its name indicates, as it primarily showcases the history of Europe.  One does not have to look any further than the index of the World History textbook adopted by the Tamalpais Union High School […]