Build the wall to save the Dreamers: Trump’s heartless ultimatum

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The fate of nearly one million hardworking American residents rests in the hands of President Donald Trump, our incompetent and indecisive leader. The first of these “Dreamers” will lose their DACA status beginning Mar. 5, 2018, unless Trump decides to save the program. Trump’s position has flip-flopped, lacked clarity and otherwise created uncertainty regarding DACA. […]

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Why politics in Hollywood need to change

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As someone who cares deeply about important issues around the world, I love seeing those ideas get the attention they deserve. But, as someone who loves film, it’s also hard for me to see movies go unappreciated at the awards shows created to honor them. When important issues are crammed into 45-second awards acceptance speeches […]


Editorial: Making our case for the double block

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We’ve all experienced how quickly our classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays go by. It seems that after taking attendance, checking in with students, collecting homework and going over the schedule, there is barely enough time to go over the day’s material. It’s hard to learn from a rushed teacher, and it’s difficult to process […]

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I Emma Flop: Reviving the Bark Advice Column from 1958

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The first edition of the Bark, published in 1958, includes an advice column titled, “I, Emma Flop.” In honor of the Bark’s 60th anniversary, the advice column has been reinstated. Students submitted anonymous questions, some serious and some less so, to be answered with satirical advice.  


Take advantage of a local platform to express opinions, not the worldwide web

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Since 1958, the establishment of the Redwood Bark has provided a platform for student journalists to investigate the world around them and express their opinions on anything and everything, from the ear-piercing craze of the ‘80s to the politics of the Reagan administration in 1967. In the Redwood community, exercising freedom of expression hasn’t been […]

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It’s time to change up the same ol’ drill

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Growing up in La Jolla, San Diego, my childhood revolved around the ocean. Spending a relaxing day on the beach was just steps outside my front door, and weekend beach cleanups were the norm for my family. The main culprit of ocean pollution during these cleanups was plastic; although this material endangered the sea animals, […]


Let’s appreciate the Olympics as a time for cultural recognition

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When the first Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C. in Olympia, Greece, the event was as much a religious celebration as it was an athletic competition. There was no running, jumping or throwing involved in the religious festival held to honor the Greek divinity. As the years passed, events were added to honor the […]


Logan Paul controversy reflects desensitizing effect of vlogging culture

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At the start of the new year, the internet was abuzz with a new social media controversy. Popular vlogger and social media star Logan Paul posted a video blog, or vlog, on New Year’s Eve to his YouTube channel that received immediate backlash and scathing criticism. The vlog featured 22-year-old Paul and his friends venturing […]

We should be worrying about Monet, not about money

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Okay, I’ll admit it—I’m a complete and total art nerd. I geek out in museums; I take Art History; I slip obscure art jokes into daily conversation and I laugh a little too much at art memes. If I could, I’d visit museums for days, purely because there’s so much phenomenal art! Yes, I wasn’t […]

The fight for civil rights: We’ve come far but barely begun

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Picture 1958 America: Blacks have not yet been granted the civil liberties enjoyed by Whites; many establishments, including public ones, segregate Whites and non-Whites; Black voting rights are not protected; and separate is equal. The civil rights movement is in its infancy. Fast forward 60 years and the movement is now seen as a struggle of […]