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UnPresidented: Trump fails to deal with business entanglements

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Amid tweet-storms and controversial comments and speeches given at an unprecedented “Thank You Tour,” it seems that all president-elect Donald Trump’s been doing is communicating with the American public. However, one type of communication between the country and the president-elect has been noticeably absent. Until last Wednesday, it had been half a year since Trump […]


Recreational marijuana sales have more benefits than meet the eye

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n Election Day, many marijuana enthusiasts rejoiced as Proposition 64 passed, legalizing recreational marijuana for those 21 and over in California. However, while possession of the substance is now legal statewide, it is up to individual counties to determine if they will allow the sale of recreational pot. Currently, its sale within Marin County limits […]


Listening to others can improve your relationships and your holiday season

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As we delve deeper into the holiday season, we are reminded of an important theme of the season: the value of love in close relationships, especially family. During this time, have you ever asked yourself how we make and maintain these loving connections between family and friends? Listening to each other helps us establish and […]

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Point, Counter-Point: Electoral College

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Point, Counter-Point: Electoral College  The Electoral College has peacefully transitioned presidential power yet opponents point out that it does not always elect the popular vote winner, as seen in this year’s election.    The Electoral College has been successful in the peaceful transition of Presidents  By Charlotte Seton   The Electoral College system is once […]

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Anti-Semitism: It still exists and it’s time we address it

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It all started with the phone call. “Josh, did you hear what happened?” my little brother Ben, an eighth grader, asked in a trembling voice. An anonymous kid had drawn a swastika on a piece of paper and put it into Ben’s backpack earlier that week. He opened that binder and found the drawing in […]


Point, Counter-Point: Length of presidential term

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Point, Counter-Point: Length of presidential term   With the end of  President Obama’s second presidential term and the relative stagnation of political progress, the question comes up of the effectiveness of our current system for presidential terms. The possibility of serving one six-year presidential term has been a popular idea to potentially avoid the pitfalls of […]


Trump stands on GOP’s apparent anti-intellectualism

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In a column for the Minnesota Star Tribune in March, Republican and former Minnesota senator Norm Coleman wrote, “I won’t vote for Donald Trump because of who he isn’t. He isn’t a Republican. He isn’t a conservative.” Coleman’s argument fits with the narrative that was pushed by establishment Republicans in the last few weeks before […]

Yes please to more Zs!

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“Sleep is food for the brain,” according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) website. NSF research has also shown that sleep is critical to one’s well-being—it is “as important as the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat.” Although the negative effects of sleep deprivation are well-known, many of us […]


Full language immersion is key for optimal learning

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During the few times last year that my former foreign language teacher instructed the class in Spanish, I glanced around the room as the instructions faded to background noise, watching other nervous eyes seek reassurance that their confusion and questionable understanding was shared among their peers. Two years earlier, I was in another classroom with […]

Millennials shouldn’t be disillusioned by outlier election

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Let’s say there’s a club downtown that you’ve been dying to go to for years. It has a big, flashy entrance with bouncers in suits standing outside. In past years, it has had the best new performers. But thanks to their strict ID policy, you’ve never been able to get in. Let’s call it the […]