A big name college does not determine your future

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From the outside, my uncle lives the life of someone who had everything lined up for him. He resides comfortably in Aspen, Colorado, where he runs an upscale Italian restaurant, lives in his own apartment, skiis, mountain bikes and can call Lance Armstrong one of his best friends. If it is not already apparent, he […]

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Age of student activism cannot be inhibited

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Two days ago, the nation united. At approximately 10 a.m. on Wednesday, students across the country chose to walk out of their classrooms in support of the Florida shooting victims and increased school safety measures. Amid morning showers, many Redwood students joined the walkout. Many who left class knew that an unexcused absence could go […]


Editor-in-Chief Farewell: China Granger

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I can regurgitate some vague, generic advice like “always be yourself” or “think, feel, act” or “find your shovel.” I could even offer some more specific, personal ways to make the most of high school and Marin (for example: Take a history class, because, hey, history is super important. Go outside because Marin is gorgeous […]


Editor-in-Chief Farewell Letter: Daniela Schwartz

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“Purposeful accident,” an oxymoron that about sums me up. No … not like that, what I mean is through events that have shaped my high school experience.  When I strolled to my first period class my sophomore year, I was under the false impression that Nonfiction was really a fiction class. I pictured reading Harry […]


Making use of freshman-year college stories

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It’s the G-word: gr*duation. After marching across the amphitheater one last time, where they once ate lunch freshman year, one-quarter of the school will leave in June, most off to colleges outside of the familiar realm of Marin. Seniors’ relationships, though, aren’t confined to the graduating class. Some of the most impactful people I’ve known […]

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The hidden blessings of an unexpected gap semester

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When I applied to colleges last fall, it seemed like a straightforward process. I filled out my applications, submitted my test scores and transcript, wrote my essays and hoped for the best. My anticipation for this life-changing decision grew, with everyday discussions between my peers focusing solely on our academic interests and our hopes and […]

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The danger of raising an infantile infantry

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Let’s enter the mind of a six-year-old. (Before we begin, I must admit it’s been over a decade since I was six, so, at the risk of insulting our large contingent of first grade readers, I’ll provide only my personal experience). Twelve years ago, at any given moment, my six-year-old self may have been contemplating: […]

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Free birds can fly solo: being alone isn’t being lonely

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Eleven days into my month-long National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) course, I had just about had it with my random group of twelve. After being isolated in the wilderness with high schoolers from around the country, I needed a break, some time for myself. Once we had made it to camp, I wandered away from […]


Individual’s can’t be quantified by bubbling in letters

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In high school, you are allotted four years to earn academic grades by working hard in your classes. This hard work should in turn secure you a spot into one of the colleges of your choice. Ah, if only it were that simple. A dark cloud hovers over students when the first bell rings junior […]