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Point, Counter-Point: The Growth of Technology

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Technology connects, don’t act like it destroys by Lily Baldwin   I can’t be the only 17-year-old who receives sporadic emails from their relatives with links to articles titled “How Technology is Ruining Your Child’s Life” and “Social Media is as harmful as alcohol and drugs for millennials.” And I can’t be the only one […]

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College athletes should be allowed to make money off paid sponsorships

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With March Madness underway, the debate of whether or not college athletes should be paid is going to be a hot topic. The most reasonable solution seems to be that college athletes should get paid, but not by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) or the college that athlete is attending. However, athletes should be […]

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Eating dogs is horrific. So why isn’t eating pigs?

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Around summertime every year, my email account becomes flooded with angry, passionate Change.org petitions with the same goal: to ban China’s annual Yulin Dog Meat festival. The festival is a 10-day event held in Yulin, Guangxi, China during the summer solstice and is celebrated by eating dog meat. Last year, an estimated 10,000 dogs were […]

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Panda Express: a cheap, easy recipe for misconception

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Standing on the South Lawn, holding the sweet, delicate cookie, my mind conjures up images of my mother and me in a kitchen, cramped with three generations of Chinese women, folding succulent pork dumplings and gossiping in Mandarin—our native tongue. The Fortune Cookie, bearing a small piece of parchment commonly engraved with the words of […]


Build the wall to save the Dreamers: Trump’s heartless ultimatum

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The fate of nearly one million hardworking American residents rests in the hands of President Donald Trump, our incompetent and indecisive leader. The first of these “Dreamers” will lose their DACA status beginning Mar. 5, 2018, unless Trump decides to save the program. Trump’s position has flip-flopped, lacked clarity and otherwise created uncertainty regarding DACA. […]

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Why politics in Hollywood need to change

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As someone who cares deeply about important issues around the world, I love seeing those ideas get the attention they deserve. But, as someone who loves film, it’s also hard for me to see movies go unappreciated at the awards shows created to honor them. When important issues are crammed into 45-second awards acceptance speeches […]


Editorial: Making our case for the double block

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We’ve all experienced how quickly our classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays go by. It seems that after taking attendance, checking in with students, collecting homework and going over the schedule, there is barely enough time to go over the day’s material. It’s hard to learn from a rushed teacher, and it’s difficult to process […]

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I Emma Flop: Reviving the Bark Advice Column from 1958

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The first edition of the Bark, published in 1958, includes an advice column titled, “I, Emma Flop.” In honor of the Bark’s 60th anniversary, the advice column has been reinstated. Students submitted anonymous questions, some serious and some less so, to be answered with satirical advice.  


Take advantage of a local platform to express opinions, not the worldwide web

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Since 1958, the establishment of the Redwood Bark has provided a platform for student journalists to investigate the world around them and express their opinions on anything and everything, from the ear-piercing craze of the ‘80s to the politics of the Reagan administration in 1967. In the Redwood community, exercising freedom of expression hasn’t been […]

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It’s time to change up the same ol’ drill

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Growing up in La Jolla, San Diego, my childhood revolved around the ocean. Spending a relaxing day on the beach was just steps outside my front door, and weekend beach cleanups were the norm for my family. The main culprit of ocean pollution during these cleanups was plastic; although this material endangered the sea animals, […]