Trump isn’t winning. We are.

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Since the election of President Donald Trump, the political sphere has been filled with unfortunate firsts. We have seen Twitter, a social media platform which limits communication to a mere 140 characters, emerge as the main method of correspondence between high political figures and the masses. We have listened as political dialogue has deteriorated into […]


End religious stereotypes by encouraging discussion

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There is an unwritten rule that in most social settings there are three subjects you should never bring up: money, politics and religion. It’s understandable why one would not want to talk about money—possible economic inequalities might make conversation uncomfortable. And as high schoolers, discussing money isn’t particularly important as we really don’t have much […]

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Editorial: Threats remain serious, so should we

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Significant, not silly  For most, starting a new school year is equally as exciting as it is scary. We look forward to the freedom and independence of high school, but at the same time worry about navigating the halls, managing an intimidating homework load and making new friends. But for students this year, beginning high […]

Illustration by Lucas Marchi of students hopping the fence during the bomb threat

Bomb threat handled in a concerning way

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On Tuesday at 8:50 a.m., Sept. 19, 2017, students sat in the dark under their desks, rumors buzzing over Snapchat and text. There was an alleged bomb on our campus. Word had it that the bomb was located in a trash can by the ampitheatre. In room 205, where many of my peers and I […]

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Year-round intramural sports league would benefit students

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The butterflies begin to flutter in the stomachs of student athletes as they jog onto the court. It is the first day of basketball tryouts. High intensity drills, full-speed sprints and competitive play takes place as the players compete, dripping with sweat. The prospects are dedicated, putting forward their best to try to earn a […]

Illustration by Will Ethridge

Ignorance isn’t bliss: the importance of self-education

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Within the last year, I’ve learned more about the current issues surrounding gender identity than any academic subject I’m required to study in school. I was thrown for a loop when someone very close to me came out as transgender, and while I was extremely proud of her, I found myself lacking in knowledge about […]


Re-assessing sports: Do you play for the right reasons?

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It was my first T-ball game. As a six-year-old, I wasn’t worried about winning, emailing scouts or getting recruited to college; I was just there to have fun. Sure, it was always exciting to play well, impress your peers and maybe help your team win, but that was never my first priority. I played baseball […]

California should stop taxing menstrual products. Period.

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“Women and girls do not get to choose when or if they have their period; it’s basic biology,” said California assemblywoman Cristina Garcia in May 2017. “We must make menstrual products available to women and girls who struggle with access to these basic health necessities. If we truly value women’s health, we’ll remove the stigma […]


The classroom is no place for bias

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Not even a school in the middle of sheltered Marin can monitor their students, who tune into the news and in turn converse on the subject, using class time to discuss the polarizing events that recently took place. Public school teachers should plan what to say when they look at the impressionable teens sitting before […]


Point-Counterpoint: seniority vs. unity

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Point-counterpoint: seniority vs. unity Seniority is what keeps Redwood tradition alive By Carolyn French The first time I walked into a Redwood rally, my heart stopped. Giant crowds of people I’d never seen before pushed me through the doors into a room of overwhelmingly deafening screams and music that was taboo in middle school. I […]