Editorial: Examining our relationship with admin

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When we, as seniors, reflect back on our time at Redwood and the community that we have been a part of for the past four years, what usually comes to mind first are the positive relationships we have made with our fellow students and teachers, even amid the many changes and massive growth that have […]


Stigma against community colleges influence paths of graduating seniors

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As the year is coming to a close, the graduating class of 2017 have made their final decisions on the schools they will be attending next year. They’ve received the letters and emails that begin with “Congratulations!” or “I regret to inform you that…” However, many students graduating this year have decided to take a […]


AP tests should be more accessible to students of all income levels

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I understand the difficulties of trying to afford AP tests when a family has limited amounts of money to spend on testing. With four kids in my family, and three of us at Redwood, eight AP tests was a high toll to pay, totaling to almost $750. Fortunately, I knew how to get financial assistance […]

Editor-in-Chief Farewell: Rebecca Smalbach

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When I first joined the Bark, I was a copy editor. I thought that meant that my job was to search through every story, making sure all content was grammatically correct and adherent to AP style, and that’s what my job ended up being, to a certain extent. There’s a sense of accomplishment in knowing […]

Editor-in-Chief Farewell: Gregory Block

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“Why do you care so much about Bark?’ people ask me. ‘It’s a school newspaper. I don’t get why you spend so much time on Bark stuff.” The answer that I reply with is one that constantly changes. If I’m posed the question after a particularly chaotic paste-up, I might reply with something simple. “It’s […]

Editor-in-Chief Farewell – Sarah Kimball

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When a dead body is found in the rubble of one of our country’s most devastating atrocities, the typical person doesn’t expect to find more than the blood-soaked clothes, chaotically twisted around the victim’s limp body. But for Bill Biggart, this was not the case. As the final shutter clicked on September 11th, 2001, Biggart […]

Editor-in-Chief farewell: Emily Cerf

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Some people look back at high school as the best times of their lives, their glory days. I, however, don’t think I will be one of those people—high school was hard in many ways. But I know that when I do look back to my high school experiences, my memories of Bark will be some […]

Illustration by Cici Wolf

’13 Reasons Why’ disregards role of mental illness

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Like many Redwood students, I remember when I first read “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher, a book about a girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaves 13 tapes (each one about a specific person) explaining why she chose to kill herself. I was only 10 when I read the book, and at […]

Grappling with nostalgia: a senior’s ongoing struggle

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In the midst of the happiest and most exciting times of my high school years, I am overwhelmed by nostalgia. It hits me when I least expect it—when I’m surrounded by friends in the parking lot, celebrating a victory with my baseball team or sitting in a classroom filled with lively discussion. In these moments, […]


Continued funding to U.N. necessary to advance American foreign policy agenda

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As Congress prepares the budget for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, President Trump has vied for a reduction of government funds that go to support international organizations, most notably the United Nations (U.N.). Since its founding in 1946, the United States has served as the largest single contributor to the U.N.’s regular and […]