The regular Mandarin class was cancelled due to low interest from the student body, but will continued to be offered as a night class for Tam and Redwood students.

Mandarin class cancellation leads to night class alternative

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Mandarin may be the most commonly spoken language around the world, but it continues to be the least popular language class offered at Redwood and will be phased out within the next two years. Because less than one percent of Tam District students enrolled in Mandarin this year, classes during the school day have been […]


Doherty Dr. closure forces students to change morning routes to school

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The two-month closure of Doherty Drive for construction will force many students to change their morning routines in order to get to school on time. The closure began on Tuesday, September 4, and will last for approximately two months. The road will be closed from the entrance to Piper Park to Riviera Circle, the front […]


SF pledge walk to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research

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An Alzheimer’s awareness walk will take place from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Sept. 29 in Mission Creek Park, San Francisco. Catholic Charities CYO San Carlos Adult Day Services, working as a team led by Nancy Keegan, the senior program director, are hosting the event and have set a goal of raising $10,000. 60% […]

This beer can was found with several others behind the amphitheater Friday, August 31, at noon following the destruction of the Kreitzberg amphitheater sign.

Vandals destroy amphitheater sign

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Last Friday morning, Aug. 31, the administration found the new Kreitzberg amphitheater sign shattered into pieces by vandals. In addition, fresh graffiti was found around campus that same morning. The white paint read “G2,” a symbol which was also spray-painted on the sides of campus buildings over the summer. Administration is unsure if the two […]

Mr. Crabtree's government class is being taught in one of the upstairs computer labs. Students say that the computers are a helpful resource for the class.

Suspension of tech requirement leads to teacher shift

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After the Tam District Board of Trustees suspended the technology graduation requirement for the 2012 and 2013 school year, “Intro to Computers” teacher William Crabtree took up two fall, and three spring, semester Government courses, as well as Yearbook. Crabtree and Dave Goldsmith currently teach “Intro to Computers” at Redwood. Students who do not take […]

Video: A view of the back to school dance

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One student offers her views on the Back to School Dance.

Video: Link crew introduces freshmen

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Link crew introduces the freshman class of 2016 to Redwood on orientation day, Friday, August 17.

Racial divide in accelerated classes seen from local to national level

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The gap between the number of students of different races enrolled at Redwood and enrolled in Advanced Placement courses is apparent, a trend that is also visible throughout the Tam District, California, and the nation. Although College Board reports indicate that the number of students of each race taking AP exams has steadily increased over […]

New coalition aims to reduce alcohol use

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With the goal of reducing teen abuse of and access to alcohol and illegal substances, a new coalition of community volunteers will soon begin implementing measures throughout the community with the help of the Twin Cities Police Department. After nearly one year of planning, the Twin Cities Coalition for Healthy Youth recently received a county […]

Junior given Rising Star Award

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Junior Casey Poore has been awarded for her work with a club that strives to make a connection with Special Education students, in order to help them feel more comfortable at school. Poore was given the Rising Star Award in November for her work with the Friendship Club, in which Redwood Special Education students and […]