NASA's Endeavour space shuttle was carried around California atop a 747 jet Friday morning, passing by many of California's historic landmarks. It was sighted directly over Redwood's back parking lot at 10:20 a.m.

Endeavour space shuttle soars over parking lot

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California residents turned their eyes upward today as the NASA space shuttle, Endeavour, was flown at low levels across California atop a 747 Shuttle Carrier. The shuttle took off at around 8:15 a.m. and flew over many California landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the California State Capitol, and Disneyland, at a low elevation of […]


Intramural volleyball tournament heats up lunch time

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Intramural volleyball shows that while the gymnasium walls may have more pennants and awards hung up than Tom Brady’s old room in his parents’ house, not all competition commences under a rigid MCAL rulebook. This year marks the 18th annual lunch-time intramural volleyball tournament. Teams of students across multiple grade levels, genders, and varying athletic […]

wade featured

Max Wade: The back story

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Max Michael Wade’s name was once only found in the 2007-08 Del Mar Middle School yearbook under the title “Biggest Rebel.” Now his name can be found in newspapers around the Bay Area along side allegations of vehicle theft and attempted murder. After tracing Wade back to a storage facility in Point Richmond in April, […]


Max Wade: The alleged fake I.D. business

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Since the exposure of Max Wade’s alleged history of criminal operations, it has become easy to see how he became a supplier of fake IDs for minors around Marin County. When authorities investigated Wade regarding a shooting at two people in Mill Valley, a search was conducted of his storage facility in Point Richmond after […]

DON KREPS, lower right, is shown here with his family. There will be a walk for Alzheimer’s honoring Kreps on Sept. 29.

Benefit walk for principal approaches

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In honor of Redwood’s founding principal Donald Kreps’ fight against Alzheimer’s, his family is reaching out to the Redwood community to encourage participation in the Alzheimer’s Awareness Walk next week in San Francisco. The walk, which will be held from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. in Mission Creek Park next Saturday, is open to the […]

Construction takes place where the art portable was demolished.

Art Space: More light, more space for creative minds

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Renovation of a new art and music wing at Redwood started this fall and will be completed by the end of the school year. The new two-story building will replace the single-story Drawing and Painting classrooms. The wing will be 3,596 square feet, nearly twice as large as the previous building. The new wing will […]

MICHAEL WEINSTEIN, Conner McGuigan and Jacob Skaggs perform at the Hillside Church in Corte Madera.

Musicians take the stage for charity

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A local benefit concert featuring local artists, raised more than $16,000 for an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. For the third year in a row, Concert For Casa featured performances by local musicians at Hillside Church in Corte Madera. Proceeds from the concert primarily go towards sending orphans to college.  They also are used to bring […]


A look at two dances: Prom vs. BTSD

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The Back to School Dance always pulls a crowd, but this year three out of every five students attended the dance. As slightly over 1,000 people paid $10 per ticket, it was one of the biggest events of the year. The dance raised $9,960 from ticket sales, which significantly surpassed its expenses. “The Back to […]

Bubble filling PSAT

National merit semi-finalists announced

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Five Redwood students were named semi-finalists for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Seniors Samson Donick, Sophie Epstein, Stephen Morrell, Chloe Pfeiffer, and Liza Rodler are now among 16,000 top PSAT scorers that have earned a chance at 8,300 scholarships that total more than $32 million. To qualify, students need to have a score in the […]

Josephina Joo will be the freshman class president after the election results were announced Sept. 18.

Freshman class election results announced

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As most freshmen became accustomed to a new school, a few rushed to run for ASB office. On Sept. 18, the anticipated results were announced, with Josephina Joo winning the race of freshman class president. Her vice president will be Kendra Loo, her secretary Hall Darden, and her treasurer Bennet Canady. Joo said she had […]