Homecoming Court Canditates Douglas Pardella and Celeste Carswell round the gym on a tandem bicycle.

Homecoming Recap: A Photo Essay

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Redwood High School was abuzz with spirit during the 2012 Homecoming Week with lunchtime events and spirit themes every day. The events culminated in the crowning of the King and Queen, Will Finnie and Kally Watson.

Green? The freshmen perform their best impersonation of the Drake Pirates while spectators boo the rival school.

Day 3 Gallery: Homecoming Rally

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The annual Homecoming Rally was held Thursday in the gym. The rally included the presentation of the Homecoming Court, a slam poem from Peer Resource, the Varsity Cheer routine, and the class skit contest, in which each class prepared a skit in accordance to their Homecoming theme. Skits were open to any members of each […]

Congrats to your 2012 Homecoming King and Queen, Will Finnie and Kally Watson!

Finnie and Watson crowned Homecoming King and Queen

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Kally Watson let out a shriek as she tore the bow off of a shiny white box, pulled back the green tissue paper, and found a white rose carefully placed inside. Meanwhile, Will Finnie, her boyfriend of two years,  raised his white rose in triumph as a Leadership student placed a crown on his head. […]

Douglas Pardella makes over his partner Celeste Carswell during Wednesday's lunchtime make-over contest. Wednesday was also Neon Day.

Day 2 Gallery: Before, during, and after – Homecoming makeover contest

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Day two of Homecoming festivities continued at lunch with a makeover contest between the court couples. Each boy applied makeup to his partner’s face, and in the end, MC Ariella Rosenthal chose  Zach Dubin and Megan Daly as the winning couple based on the volume of the crowd’s cheers.


Affirmative action case reconsidered by Supreme Court

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High school seniors across America are applying to colleges, and among the many questions that they struggle with is that of racial affiliation. If one is one-sixteenth Native American, can he or she check the box? Will it help, or might it even hurt? The Supreme Court debated whether future seniors would have to ask […]

Olivia Kontinnen and William Simmonds sing during the lunchtime karaoke competition on Tuesday, which was also pajama day.

Day 1 Gallery: Homecoming week kicks off with karaoke sing-off

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Pajama-clad students returned to school after the long weekend to find each of the stairwells decorated by each class in the theme assigned to them. Homecoming week was going into full swing. The week’s events kicked off at lunchtime when the homecoming court members took the mural stage in the karaoke sing-off organized by the […]

SAT Graphic

SAT Trends: Local SAT scores rise as US average drops

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Redwood’s Class of 2012 continued the trend of setting the SAT average remarkably high – totaling nearly 300 points above this year’s comparably low national average. This year the College Board announced the nation scored an average of 496 in the critical reading section, 514 in the math section, and 488 in the writing section, […]

SAT Trends: Drop in national scores explained

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Over 50% of students in the graduating Class of 2012 nationwide scored below the benchmark level of academic preparedness for college based on their SAT score, according to the College Board. Although it is concerning to have the lowest critical reading score in 40 years of SAT history, compared to the average test scores in […]

Students drop AP classes despite signed contracts

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Every May, hundreds of students receive a sheet of paper in the mail, letting them know they have qualified to take an Honors or AP class next fall. That sheet—the AP/Honors contract—is filled with dense blocks of text. But mixed into the jargon is an important clause. Unlike all other classes at Redwood, an AP/Honors […]