Community weighs pros, cons of herbicide use

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Three weeks ago, AP Environmental Science and Ecology teacher Joe Stewart assigned his students to write letters to the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) regarding a controversial plan that the MMWD is considering. The plan, known as the Wildlife Protection and Habitat Improvement Plan (WPHIP), attempts to reduce the risk and severity of wildfire, as well […]


By the Numbers: Does the cost of college outweigh the return?

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Calculating the worth of a college education involves many variables. Looking at it from a purely financial standpoint, we compared the cost of a four-year bachelor’s degree for a California resident living on-campus to the median mid-career salary of each school.

MITCHELL POPE and Alessandra Pagani, freshmen, perform a short play at the Beginning Drama One Acts. The performances took place from Nov. 28 through Dec. 8 in the Little Theater.

Beginning drama shines in One Acts

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The Beginning Drama One Acts may be a chance to see a fresh set of faces on the EPiC stage, but they are also an opportunity for older actors to try their hand at directing. One Acts, which concluded two weeks ago, are short, under-ten-minute plays that are performed by Beginning Drama students every winter. […]

Ian Stowe walks a slackline

Slackers reach the end of the line

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Every Thursday during lunch, a group of friends go slacklining around the Redwood campus. Slacklining is an activity that is like tightrope walking, but the rope gives the performer a little more give, similar to a trampoline. The group has been slacklining for the seven or so months, despite several warnings from the administration. However, on […]

Music teacher John Mattern directs the Symphonic Band under the spotlight.

Guest to teach in Music, English departments

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A collaborative effort between the Music and English departments will bring a taste of world music to Redwood in the spring. Ian Dogole, the man in charge of the program, is a working recording artist, producer, multi-percussionist, educator, and ethnomusicologist. Dogole has been a guest lecturer at Redwood since 2010 when he decided to lend […]


Dance Focus performs Bhangra dance in Little Theatre

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A choreographed flurry of vibrant colors and dancers whisped across the stage on Wednesday as students in Dance Focus took their place in the spotlight. The Monday drama night class performed the Bhangra in the theater, for an audience composed of parents and peers. Dance Focus has been an on and off class for the […]

The wind ensemble plays at the gym

Symphonic band and wind ensemble play winter concert

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The Symphonic Band and the Wind Ensemble performed their winter concert Dec. 6, in the gym. Both bands, directed by John Mattern, played to parents and students alike at 7 P.M.  The band played amongst the white lights which were strung on the walls of the gym. The Symphonic Band performed two sets and the […]

The Trade4Hope clothing swap took place on Dec. 1 in the CEA.

Trading for hope: club hosts annual fundraiser for hospital

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On Dec. 1, Trade4Hope hosted its annual clothing sale in the CEA, run by co-presidents Sophia Hooper, Claire Cella, and Olivia Moskowitz. This year, the club raised over $1,000, which will be donated to the UCSF Hospital’s Prom.  The party is thrown for patients who are unable to attend their regular high school Proms. The […]


Bark cartoonist wins prestigious award

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Last month, the National Scholastic Press Association awarded a 2012 Redwood graduate with the Editorial Cartoon of the Year award. Bryce Snyder, a former cartoonist for The Redwood Bark, received first place in the nation for his cartoon about government restricting Internet access for students. “The use of stark, clean line work does a good […]


Marin Audubon Society to hold bird counts to help in conservation efforts

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With winter already upon us and the cold rain setting in, few people would find going out and looking for birds enjoyable. But there are always a select few people who do. The Marin Audubon Society is hosting its 133 Annual Christmas Bird Count this month in multiple areas across Marin County. This event was […]