Brent Rubey is Redwood's newest science teacher.

Science’s newest gem: Rubey joins staff

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While most teachers have settled into the rhythm of the school year by the time January rolls around, Redwood’s most recent staff addition sailed into the fray for the first time at the beginning of second semester. Integrated Science 1-2 teacher Brent Rubey joined Redwood’s science department this January, replacing a teacher who left the […]


Demand for flu shots increase across Marin

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The new year brought more than just a flurry of new calendars – with it also came a new wave of flu cases, and the overwhelming rush for vaccinations that often accompanies them. In the first week of January, the number of outpatient visits to hospitals attributed to the flu was at six percent across […]

A 150 foot tree fell on West Baltimore Avenue Monday taking out local power and damaging one home.

Massive tree falls onto Larkspur home, causes area power outage

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Shortly before noon today, residents of the normally sleepy Madrone Canyon were jolted by a booming noise.  The culprit — a 150 foot redwood tree falling across West Baltimore Avenue. The tree, located in the front yard of 313 West Baltimore Avenue, fell across the street onto the roof of a neighboring home, taking several […]


Club raises awareness for autism

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The Bridge Club strives to raise awareness about autism in our community by encouraging students to join in activities with autistic students from various high schools. Autistic students from Redwood, Oak Hill, and the Marin County Office of Education all come together on Wednesdays at lunch to participate in various activities with friends they have […]

Firefighters work to clear the Silver BMW from the off ramp

Car crash starts fire on Tamalpais offramp

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A silver BMW lost control and crashed as the driver was attempting to leave the freeway on the Tamalpais Drive exit in Corte Madera on Wednesday at 1:10 p.m., according to CHP officer, Sandro Salvetti . The vehicle caught fire as it struck a light pole adjacent to Denny’s Diner in Corte Madera. The two […]

coco cram

Cocoa and Cram provides extra study time for freshmen

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Last week, freshmen prepared for their first high school finals during the annual Cocoa and Cram study session. Sponsored by Link Crew, the event lets freshmen receive one-on-one support from participating teachers to prepare for their finals. “It’s a simple little idea that’s become a tradition at this school,” said social studies teacher Ted Brown. […]

Community weighs pros, cons of herbicide use

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Three weeks ago, AP Environmental Science and Ecology teacher Joe Stewart assigned his students to write letters to the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) regarding a controversial plan that the MMWD is considering. The plan, known as the Wildlife Protection and Habitat Improvement Plan (WPHIP), attempts to reduce the risk and severity of wildfire, as well […]


By the Numbers: Does the cost of college outweigh the return?

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Calculating the worth of a college education involves many variables. Looking at it from a purely financial standpoint, we compared the cost of a four-year bachelor’s degree for a California resident living on-campus to the median mid-career salary of each school.

MITCHELL POPE and Alessandra Pagani, freshmen, perform a short play at the Beginning Drama One Acts. The performances took place from Nov. 28 through Dec. 8 in the Little Theater.

Beginning drama shines in One Acts

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The Beginning Drama One Acts may be a chance to see a fresh set of faces on the EPiC stage, but they are also an opportunity for older actors to try their hand at directing. One Acts, which concluded two weeks ago, are short, under-ten-minute plays that are performed by Beginning Drama students every winter. […]

Ian Stowe walks a slackline

Slackers reach the end of the line

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Every Thursday during lunch, a group of friends go slacklining around the Redwood campus. Slacklining is an activity that is like tightrope walking, but the rope gives the performer a little more give, similar to a trampoline. The group has been slacklining for the seven or so months, despite several warnings from the administration. However, on […]