Jake Mates

Sophomore prompts curriculum change

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After sophomore Jake Mates appealed to the School Board to change several outdated  Tamalpais District Sexual Education policies last year, the Board finally agreed to reform the policies last month. While researching board policy, Mates discovered 19-year-old policies instructing teachers to “teach honor and respect for monogamous heterosexual marriage,” disregard informing students about STIs, and […]

Local Election Results

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For the first time in over 20 years, Marin has a new congressman. In the election to represent California District 2, which includes Marin and 5 other counties, Democrat Jared Huffman defeated Republican candidate Dan Roberts. This is the 38th consecutive year that a Democrat will be representing Marin. Proposition 30 passed, which will temporarily […]

Rainbow ribbons designated students as GTSA pledges.

Students pledge support to LGBT during Ally Week

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The Gay Trans Straight Alliance Club held its annual Ally Week from October 22-26th. The national event is sponsored by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Networks (GLSEN) to celebrate the LGBT community and educate people about anti-gay bullying. “I felt like this was one of the Gay Trans Straight Alliance’s most successful events,” said Sasha […]


Doherty Drive opens four weeks early

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Students and Larkspur residents got a nice surprise last week when Doherty Drive opened four weeks ahead of schedule. Although Doherty Drive was scheduled to reopen on Nov. 30, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Friday, Nov. 2. Hamid Shamsapour, the Director of Public Works and City Engineer for Larkspur, said that good weather and […]

Shown in the middle, Jared Huffman listens to kids at a elementary school. Huffman is running against Dan Roberts for the District 2 Congress seat.

Candidates vie for House seat as Woolsey retires

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As Marin gets its first chance at a new represntative to the U.S. House in 20 years, it is to no one’s surprise leaning a little to the left. Lynn Woolsey, Marin’s representation in Washington, D.C., is stepping down, providing an opportunity for  the public to get a look at two fresh faces for consideration. […]

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The debate on the five thirty eight

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It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the presidential race, the disorder of the electoral circus. Statistics, analyses, and contradicting accusations fly around for months, creating a national atmosphere of hectic stress. Adding to the confusion and chaos is the Electoral College, an antiquated system through which the President of the United […]


Seniors vote for the first time

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As some seniors head to the voting booths for the first time today, the rest of the student body will have to contend with watching the election unfold from the sidelines. Most seniors who were 18 by today reported having registered to vote — 71 percent, according to the October Bark survey. That rate falls […]

The San Francisco Giants World Series Parade left classrooms feeling hauntingly empty this Halloween.

Giants parade helps set record absence numbers

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Redwood students recently set a record for the most absences in the school’s 55 year history. On Wednesday, Oct. 31, over 900 students did not attend school, of which more than 600 were excused absences. A “Giants fever” had struck. This “fever” arose from the fact that a parade was scheduled in San Francisco that […]

The hallways were noticably less crowded on Wed. Oct 31 as many students traveled into San Francisco to attend the Giants parade.

Giants fever strikes Redwood: how teachers respond to absences

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“Okay, I just need to take an honest poll–you’re not getting in trouble,” AP Biology and Integrated Science teacher Alison Kittay said Monday morning. “How many of you will be out on Wednesday for the parade?” About half the students in third period raised their hands. In contrast, only two students in Kittay’s first period […]