The Cutting Edge

Sam Sheridan

 Short, long, wavy, curly, or straight, hair comes in all different styles. It plays a pivotal role in our looks and can instantly characterize an era. Barbers have long been romanticized — from the straight edge shaves in cowboy westerns to our almost instant recognition of the red and white pole. As one of the older professions, barbers play an interesting role in a community. A unique trust is built between a barber and their costumer. Many customers are loyal and many go for decades; though some just go wherever is cheapest, they usually don’t appreciate the art of haircutting. In this photo essay, I seek to capture some of our local barber shops, to portray these barber's profession and to characterize their shop’s idiosyncrasies.


Barber Lane

“I used to be a home loans consultant, then we all god laid off when sub primes went under and I vowed to never go back to a desk job again. I’d always been interested in hair so I just headed of to beauty school”


“I had a pentahawk one time, that's five mohawks,  one was down the middle and there were two on each side, they were black and red. I went to Prom like that and with a zoot suit on”



"I like to cut this hair right here, high and tight; long hairs a nightmare"


The Ranch

"I'm from Sweden and my mother owned a salon chain, so I was born into it. During my mandatory service I became a barber on a Swedish navy ship cutting 165 men and 4 women."