Local church concert raises money for orphans

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Seniors return to native lands for college

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In most cases, venturing abroad for college would add to the stress and excitement of leaving one’s family, but for two seniors, it may be more akin to coming home. While 39% of the class of 2012 will be attending an out of state college next year, a mere three students will be packing their […]


How happy is Redwood? An objective look at levels of joy

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If Redwood were a country, its citizens would clearly be the smartest, coolest, and best-looking in the world. But would they be the happiest? The answer to that question might now be clear, as the United Nations recently released the results of a happiness survey. The Bark asked the same question of Redwood students, and […]

Zvi Danenberg climbs up the Larkspur stairs as a part of his daily routine, sporting his trademarked “crooked hat.”

One million steps and counting

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On Magnolia Avenue, the Larkspur stairs loom large, and climbing the 139 steps to the top may seem like a daunting task. But at 86 years-old, Larkspur resident Zvi Danenberg climbed the steps 21 and a half times every morning in 2011. Danenberg climbed a total of 3,001 stairs per day and over a million […]

A different dynamic: the children of teachers

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While the handful of students with parents who teach at Redwood enjoy the benefits of always having a ride to school, they must also come to terms with sharing the proverbial high school experience with a family member. “You have a parent in your space,” said junior Zack Cohen, son of AP Environmental Science teacher […]

Opposing perspectives on campus

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Surrounded by the generally liberal residents of Marin County, it is undeniable that students who do not associate with the Democratic party are almost always in the minority. Though some have no problem standing alone, others have experienced frequent judgment from peers, issues with teachers’ liberal bias, and even the occasional case of harassment. Senior […]

Unplugging the addiction: Teens leave Facebook

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A seemingly simple 30-minute homework assignment takes three hours to complete, a 10 p.m. bedtime turns into midnight, a task is left unfinished, and the computer keeps whirring. Pre-2004, one might have wondered what was causing this never-ending time suck. Today, the culprit is obvious: Facebook. There are now more than 800 million active users […]

Dance Focus sambas for audience

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Adorned in feathered head-dresses, flowing white fabric, and vibrant colors, the Dance Focus class took the stage last Wednesday through Saturday in four of their semi-annual performances. Comprised of approximately 25 dancers, Dance Focus is a night class that studies and practices a variety of dance styles. The class performs during EPiC’s One Acts at […]

Graduates return from four-years, transfer to COM

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For some Redwood graduates, College of Marin provides a second chance at choosing the right college. Every year, some students leave part way through their time at a four-year university to return home and attend COM. Many do this with the intention of eventually transferring to a different school that they either were not accepted […]

Performer juggles multiple musical activities

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Senior Austin Smith has found his voice. Between singing a cappella, performing in Micetro, and playing with a band, Smith juggles a variety of performing arts. Smith said his musical career began before he could speak, when he would hum along to his mother’s lullabies at the age of two. His first role in a […]