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Face-to-Face: Should teens be judged for their online pages?

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Face-to-Face is a feature that allows two members of the Redwood community to grill each other, argue, or simply converse about a relevant issue or event. We provide the topic, and they do the rest. This month’s participants are senior Kenza Salem and junior Max Gerstman. The issue: Should colleges be allowed to view your […]

SENIORS KENDALL FULTON and Joe Gray and juniors Cade Groesbeck and Julian Goldman use a variety of social media forums, including Instagram and Twitter, to complete assignments in Morris’ Essay Exposition class.

#ModernLearning: Teachers integrate technology, social media into the classroom

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As the bell rings to signify the start of class, most teachers kindly remind students to turn off their phones and put them away. But to make class time more valuable, deliver information immediately, and spice up lesson plans, teachers have made moves to bring technology into their classrooms. English teacher Cheryl Morris has introduced […]


Seniors build different paths toward a musical future

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One hones her voice at the San Francisco Conservatory. One broadcasts his melodies to hundreds of viewers on YouTube. One strums his ukulele at open mics. Three musicians are set apart from the student body because they have their own, individual paths envisioned toward creating a musical future. Seniors Jordan Moore-Butler, Gideon Elson, and Camille […]


The real cost of beauty: The damaging effects of hair treatments

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Megan Oechsel sat silently in a chair, submerged in a cloud of fumes.  A woman in a gas mask applied heat to her hair, which released formaldehyde gas, a known carcinogen.  The Keratin treatment was uncomfortable, but more than that, it puts the hairstylist at risk of serious health effects. But when it was all […]


Going to great lengths for hair treatments

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Good things never come free, and for many teenage girls, good hair is especially pricey. Some spend hundreds of dollars on salon hair treatments—from highlights to hair weaves—to get the hair of their dreams. But are the high prices worth it? Junior Reilly Payne, who highlights her hair every few months, said that her highlights […]

Junior Jake Horan (right), with his friend Joe Cochrane (left) from England, at a preliminary men’s soccer match at the 2012 London Olympics.

London Olympics 2012: Students experience the summer games first hand

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When junior Jake Horan visited his home country of England this summer, it was not just to see old friends. Horan was one of several students who got their first taste of the Olympic experience in London this summer. On and off the event courses, the air of celebration and Olympic spirit enveloped the crowd. […]

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Team students make transition back to Redwood

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Of the 11 Redwood students who were admitted into the Team program last year, only six returned to Redwood for their senior year. A group of about 24 juniors from the Tamalpais Union High School District join Team every year, and must choose whether or not to return to their original high school the next […]

Night Visions from Imagine Dragons follows up on the success of the band's first album, Continued Silence.

Imagine Dragons lives up to musical expectations

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Imagine Dragons is back.  Following up on their EP, Continued Silence, the four man band out of Las Vegas released their first full-length album, entitled Night Visions on Sept. 4. The band experienced a lot of success with their first release of six songs on Continued Silence.  The EP featured the hit “It’s Time,” which […]

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“It’s all in the mustache wax”

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For centuries, facial hair has represented wisdom, charm, strength, and pride. Nowadays, renowned for its functionality in appearing older, facial hair is commonly disgraced through its usage as a means for underage obtainment of alcohol and entrance into rated-R films. Despite these calamities, society can rest at ease because there are still those out in […]

Sophomore Cole Donnelly strikes the ball as his teammate looks on. The lunchtime tradition is in its 18th consecutive year.

Lunchtime volleyball tradition turns 18

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For 18 consecutive years, physical education teacher, Mike Dibley, has turned the South Lawn into a highly competitive volleyball arena. As Fenway is to baseball, so, too, is the Lawn to volleyball when 16 teams meet in the tournament hosted by Dibley. The idea was born during Dibley’s first year as a Redwood teacher, when […]