Volunteers put the wheels in motion for new gravity trail

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An enthusiastic group of Norcal High School Mountain Biking League competitors and coaches commenced commenced work on a project that aims to revamp two existing trails and build a new trail at Fairfax’s Camp Tamarancho. Located off of Tamarancho’s B-17 trails, As a “gravity” trail, the new trail is primarily downhill and allows riders to […]


Trail troubles: Illegal tracks beckon riders

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Although the sport of mountain biking was invented on the slopes of Mt. Tamalpais over 30 years ago, modern day riders often choose to break the law to access the best trails. The majority of  the county’s “single track trails,” which are only wide enough for one bike at time are closed to mountain bikers, leaving […]


Queen of the Couch: Thursday evenings best spent with Last Resort

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“We will all burn together.” Andre Braugher’s face fills the screen as he utters these words to a captive worldwide audience. His character, a renegade submarine captain who refused his orders to fire nuclear warheads on Pakistan and then was fired on by another American ship, sends his message to a stunned world who believes […]


Lincoln: An Honest Movie of an Honest Man

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Apart from the uncanny personification of a near mythological American figure, humanizing him to the point of self-presumed betterment and subtle egotism, Spielberg’s Lincoln retains an air of wisdom about him that remains accentuated simply by the surprising sharpness and high-pitched tone of his famous voice. While iconic American actors have attempted to capture Lincoln’s […]


Students stand out with homemade Halloween costumes

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Although a majority of the student body was out with a mysterious and sudden illness on Halloween, many of the students who did attend school came dressed up for the holiday. Some students took their costumes to the next level, sporting disguises that they’d made themselves, despite the low audience turnout. Senior Katie Woolard, who […]

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Face to Face: Should teens get their licenses at 16?

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Face-to-Face is a feature that allows two members of the Redwood community to grill each other, argue, or simply converse about a relevant issue or event. We provide the topic, and they do the rest. This month’s participants are junior twins Mackenzie and Lauren Hutchinson. The issue: Should teens get their license as soon as […]

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Supporting breast cancer awareness

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and, with bracelets, shirts, and the entire NFL swathed in pink, the trademark color is everywhere. The junior varsity football team has taken to wearing pink socks during their games, after their coach gave a speech regarding the importance of supporting the breast cancer awareness movement. Throughout the […]


Crunchy Frog delivers last scheduled performance

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The final chords of Crunchy Frog’s set were filled with nostalgia and uncertainty. When the six band members of Crunchy Frog stepped off the stage at the California Academy of Sciences on Saturday night, they ended their last scheduled performance in the band’s six-year history. As seniors graduate for college in June, the future of […]

The new version of longtalk, the language invented by Redwood substitute teacher Norm Milstein.

Substitute teacher invents language

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“If I wanted to say hi,” said Norm Milstein, “It’d be hopper skippel gibble hiddle skiddle dibber godilvo gee wuddle wubby –and that just means hi.” Milstein, a common substitute teacher at Redwood, is well known for his “longtalk,” a special code he invented as an in-classroom science experiment. Last spring, Milstein began creating a […]