Crunchy Frog delivers last scheduled performance

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The final chords of Crunchy Frog’s set were filled with nostalgia and uncertainty. When the six band members of Crunchy Frog stepped off the stage at the California Academy of Sciences on Saturday night, they ended their last scheduled performance in the band’s six-year history. As seniors graduate for college in June, the future of […]

The new version of longtalk, the language invented by Redwood substitute teacher Norm Milstein.

Substitute teacher invents language

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“If I wanted to say hi,” said Norm Milstein, “It’d be hopper skippel gibble hiddle skiddle dibber godilvo gee wuddle wubby –and that just means hi.” Milstein, a common substitute teacher at Redwood, is well known for his “longtalk,” a special code he invented as an in-classroom science experiment. Last spring, Milstein began creating a […]


Economics students invest in virtual stock market

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A majority of the senior class is currently how to invest and manage their money by participating in a virtual stock market competition. Each economics class is in its own “league,” in which each student is given $100,000 in virtual money. Students are then given the liberty to invest in almost anything. “Originally, I wanted […]

Senior set crew member Will Amos helps flip the Noises Off set around for the next act.

Noises Off set changes prove complex

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While many students were relishing in their last days of summer, those involved in Redwood’s drama program EPiC were already working on set production for their performance of Noises Off. Noises Off, EPiC’s first production of the year, ran from Oct. 4-6 and 11-13, and included a cast of nine as well as 12 set […]

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Friday Night Live raises awareness about binge drinking

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When social studies teacher Jon Hirsch found out that 37% of 11th graders in Marin have reported binge drinking in the past 30 days according to the County of Marin, he was shocked. When he discovered that that was 14% higher than the statewide average, he realized it was time for a change. So when […]

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From farm to fork: How far does your food travel to reach you?

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Who really decides what goes on your plate? If you didn’t grow your peach in your backyard, it could have followed a long trail from the farm to your table.   The Store Local Marin grocery stores have produce managers who decide what produce to sell in the store and, as a result, what produce […]

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Gallery: Treasure Island Music Festival

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The sun dipped between the arches of the Golden Gate, and a perfect San Francisco day was capped off by a flawless California sunset. To the right were the rolling Oakland hills, and to the left was the most stunning skyline on the planet. And on a rock right in the middle of it all […]


Teens reflect: changed for the better?

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Forty-two hours spent in solitary confinement didn’t make “Jake,” an anonymous student at Berkeley High School, regret dealing cocaine, marijuana, and LSD,  the actions that landed him in juvenile hall in the first place. Though he is no longer in juvenile hall, Jake was last sent to Alameda County’s facility this past November, making it […]


Professionals question if punishment leads to progress

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Though many Juvenile Hall facilities offer many different treatment options to minors in an effort to keep them from repeating their crimes and keeping communities safe, not all who work within the system say they believe adolescents are given a proper environment to resolve personal issues. Boe Roberts, a Mill Valley psychotherapist who has worked […]