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Marin’s weapon crime rate low, but not absent

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In his 44 years of police work, Marin County Sheriff Robert Doyle has never once fired his handgun in action. As shocking as this may seem, according to Doyle it is not uncommon among police officers, as a majority nationwide have never discharged their firearm except at a shooting range. That is not to say […]

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A look at local gun ownership

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While many students have done little more than pull the triggers on plastic toy guns, some stand behind a little more firepower on a regular basis. Gun ownership is not uncommon in Marin—or at Redwood High School. In a 2011 survey administered by the Redwood Bark, 16 percent of students reported that they personally own […]

Tuna’s mercury level higher than previously thought

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Take a good look at that tuna sandwich you are about to eat — because you might want to make it your last. High levels of mercury in seafood have always been a public issue, but a recent report from the Mercury Policy Project discovered that canned tuna contains even higher amounts of mercury than the […]

Tossing and turning: Lack of sleep linked to teen body clock

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Your eyelids slide closed under the heavy weight of exhaustion, so that only a sliver of the whiteboard is visible. You tune your teacher’s voice out as, for just a moment, you slip into a dreamy sleep. This overwhelming feeling of tiredness, often due to a lack of sleep, is a common occurrence for many […]

There’s no place like home: The advantages of being the home team

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 The Bark analyzed available records for varsity volleyball, football, soccer, baseball, basketball, softball, and lacrosse teams from the 2007-2008 through 2011-2012 seasons to compare home and away records. Winning percentages were calculated for each to reflect the percentage of games won both at home and away. Many athletes know that the roar of a crowd […]


Students volunteer at horseback riding program for the disabled

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“For the physically disabled riders, riding horses is the next best thing to actually walking,” said Sage Biale, a junior at Halleck Creek Ranch.  “A lot of the riders go through life feeling less than everyone else, either because they’re mentally or physically disabled.  Riding horses helps take away some of these limitations.” Halleck Creek […]

ANNIKA WELLS, ARELYS Desouza, and Camille Frazier perform at the Advanced Performance Workshop Concert on Jan. 24. They will perform at the Giants game on March 29.

Home Runs and Harmonies: Singers prepare to the take the field

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When the A’s take on the Giants at AT&T park this upcoming March, three students will definitely be in attendance — they will be singing the National Anthem. Seniors Camille Frazier and Arelys Desouza and junior Annika Wells will perform at the game in what will be their biggest performance to date. “It’s really scary, […]

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Queen of the Couch: For high quality horror follow The Following

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A TV show that starts and ends with Marilyn Manson singing is guaranteed to be rather dark.  Add in a writer who has written scripts for movies such as Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, and what you get is a primetime horror show, which is The Following in a nutshell. The […]