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Bulking up: Males muscle out perceived perfection

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It’s his sixth day working out this week, but for junior Alex Landeck, this is nothing out of the ordinary. You can find him sculpting his body at the gym six or seven days a week. “Everyone wants to look good. Knowing that you work out gives you satisfaction of working towards a goal,” Landeck […]

Junior Josh Morris practices parkour on the South Lawn.

New Ways to Move: Turning to Alternative Workouts

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Many students choose to work off calories in the confines of local gym or an after school sports team. Though the gym equipment and coaches offer students sufficient workouts, some are looking for something more then the average workout. Some students have found alternatives and are participating in a variety of different activities to keep […]


Students weigh pros and cons of art degrees

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As college costs keep climbing and job markets become more and more competitive, prospective art majors must ask themselves a difficult question: is getting an art degree worth the cost? Financial security and the pursuit of a passion are often conflicting goals for art majors, and a few Redwood students have decided to prioritize the […]


Teen DUI rates double in a year

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The numbers are in, but the California Highway Patrol doesn’t quite know what to make of them. The number of DUI arrests made by the Marin CHP of teens 18 or under doubled in 2012 compared to the year before, despite the CHP’s efforts to educate the public of the consequences. In 2012, the CHP […]

Students help learning challenged through art

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For many students who struggle with a learning difficulty, school may be a challenge. However, some elementary and middle school students have found a way to cope with the challenge along with the help of a few Redwood mentors through the Eye To Eye program. Seniors Annie Glenn-Schuster, Alex Anton, Ariana Millias, and Nick DiDonato, […]

The best non-nominated films of 2012

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While the 24 Oscar categories allow the Academy Awards to recognize many aspects of excellence in film, some of the year’s best movies have slipped through the cracks without even one Oscar nomination. Despite the lack of awards hype, these films still deserve spots on audiences’ must-see lists. Here are the best movies of 2012 […]


Bay Area residents part of Oscar-nominated documentary

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“You’re standing there,” explained Sonoma City local Katie Weber.  “You’re there thinking that you’re a team and [that] these people would dive in front of a bullet for you – like you’d do for them – but that’s not true.” Katie Weber is one of the several victims of Military Sex Trauma (MST) living in […]


Dead Space 3 burns hopes for future of series

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Publishing company Electronic Arts has once again succeeded in reducing a once-great game to a redundant and tedious cash grab with the release of Dead Space 3, sucking the life out of the game’s developers, Visceral Games, and tossing their rotting carcass into the pile of other companies that temporarily sustained its demonic corporate power. […]

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Marin’s weapon crime rate low, but not absent

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In his 44 years of police work, Marin County Sheriff Robert Doyle has never once fired his handgun in action. As shocking as this may seem, according to Doyle it is not uncommon among police officers, as a majority nationwide have never discharged their firearm except at a shooting range. That is not to say […]