PREPARING FOR a mock surgery, senior Maria Yacobi (right), attended a medical program last summer at Imperial College, the school she will attend next fall.

International students expand horizons for college

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Yasbanoo Otorkhani traveled 7, 392 miles from Tehran, Iran to Marin County in 2011. Now a senior, she will travel just one mile to college next fall. Otorkhani’s decision to stay close to home next year is just one of the options for students who have recently moved to the U.S., as others have chosen […]

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Redwood Class of 2013: How decisions have changed

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College is next year’s destination for 95 percent of the 2013 graduating class. Whether it’s a community college or a four-year university, many students this year are choosing to move farther away from home than they have in the past. California has become less desirable for seniors this year. Compared to the 61 percent of […]

Face to Face: Do you think you should pick a roommate?

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Face-to-Face is a feature that allows two members of the Redwood community to grill each other, argue, or simply converse about a relevant issue or event. We provide the topic, and they do the rest. This month’s participants are senior Reyna Clow and senior Regan Kelly. The issue: Do you think you should pick a […]

The A-1 Squad is on the move at the 45th annual Sandhurst Military Skills Competition at Camp Buckner on April 16 where 50 nine-member U.S. and international service academy, ROTC and preparatory school teams performed a series of challenging military tasks along a partly-prescribed seven-mile course.

Men in Green: Students take on joining the military after graduation

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The majority of students approaching their senior year of high school are aimlessly scrambling to complete their workload and get through college applications – trying to focus in on their future.  Few, however, choose to immerse themselves in a more literal call to arms: joining the military. “What people don’t realize is it takes more […]


Face to Face: Why promote causes on social media?

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What do you think about showing support for causes on social media sites? Sasha Perigo: In response to the recent issue of gay marriage being taken to the Supreme Court, and whether or not people should post the “marriage equality” picture on Facebook, some people would say that it wasn’t helpful at all. But I […]


Before the classroom: Teachers describe motivation for switching careers

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When someone asks math teacher Ernesto Diaz why he decided to switch from his successful previous career to teaching, he says, without missing a beat, “I’m here because I choose to be, not because I have to be.” Diaz represents only one of the many teachers whose high levels of dedication to their jobs come […]


Three points of perspective: Architecture students size up SF buildings

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It was a beautiful day for admiring architecture in San Francisco. At the top of Divisadero and Broadway, three architecture students — seniors August Truesdale, Maureen McLennon, and Andrew Westle — gazed at a white house with silver-rimmed windows and a stone entrance. “This is modern done right,” Truesdale said. Through the eyes of these […]

SENIOR GIDEON ELSON holds his chicken at his home. For more images, check out the gallery.

A taste of farm life at home

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For some, a loyal dog or a purring cat is patiently waiting just behind the front door. But for others, it is the soft clucking of their chicken coop that greets their daily arrival home. From chickens to goats to bees, students own and take care of a range of domesticated farm animals at home. […]

Mommy and Momma: Growing up with same-sex parents

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As the Supreme Court deliberates the legality of gay marriage, Paige Burkart-Lima waits to see if her two mothers’ marriage will become legitimized across the United States. Paige has grown up in an all-female household with her parents Kathy Burkart and Cindy Lima, and her older sister Lindsey. Kathy is called “Mommy,” while Cindy is […]