After-school jobs provide useful experience

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After school, some students might spend their time doing homework, practicing a sport, or hitting the gym.  However, a few students prioritize their time while being employed in part-time jobs. Juniors Andy Toizer, Alex Dubin, and senior Navid Izadjou are a few students who have chosen to work as well as manage their other priorities. […]


Tamiscal students take advantage of independent study

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In order to satisfy its growing population of 1500 students, Redwood features a broad variety of courses. While it is easy for some to find their own niche in Redwood’s diverse possibilities, others prefer the anti-frenetic and intimate atmosphere of Tamiscal. Although it’s located so close to Redwood, Tamiscal offers a different, more independent style […]


Separate parking permits aimed at provisional rule breakers

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For incoming juniors with newly-laminated licenses, the start of the school year typically marks the long-awaited time when they can finally park at school and drive out to lunch with their friends. But this year’s new drivers may just have to wait another year, until its legal, to drive their friends to lunch as the […]


New concert venue opens temporarily in America’s Cup Park

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The arrival of the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco brought more than just sailing entertainment to the city. The America’s Cup and Live Nation, a live-events company, are in the midst of running the America’s Cup Concert Series at the America’s Cup Pavilion, a temporary 9,000 seat outdoor concert venue, located between Piers 27 […]


Students seek community service opportunities abroad

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Sydney Schonefeld hopped on a plane and traveled to northern Thailand this last summer to assist at a school for young children. Through the same program as previously mentioned Ferroggiaro and Baker used, Rustic Pathways, she taught local children and improved the school’s outside environment by helping to pave the surrounding areas of the community. […]


America’s Cup sailing race comes to San Francisco

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This year’s America’s Cup has attracted people from all over the globe—from Italy to New Zealand to Sweden—but it has also brought the sailing community here at Redwood out to the races. This year was the first time in its 150-year existence that the America’s Cup has been held in San Francisco, and according to […]

San Quentin beach

Seniors shoot and market local scenery

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The ability to constantly see things as if through the lens of a camera is what seniors Zak Mckellips, Drew Osher, and Peter Schmidt refer to as having “the eye.”   Since the three boys joined up a few years ago, they’ve not only created an entire entrepreneurial enterprise, they’ve developed a nearly ineffable passion that […]

Holding malnourished three-year-old KeKe on her lap, sophomore Kelly McCormish, dedicated her summer to volunteering in an orphanage in Africa

Reading the signs: Using sign language to help others

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When sophomore Kelly McCormish traveled to Ghana over the summer, she did more than just feed children and change diapers—she changed the lives of deaf children and adults forever. Because of help from McCormish and her mother, the deaf citizens of the Kumasi town in Ghana will be able to attend school five days a […]


Internship sign-ups ending Friday

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This Friday, Sept. 13  is the last day to sign up for a fall internship through the College and Career Center. The internship center, located in Rm. 114, is a place where students can meet  internship adviser Greg Davison to discuss opportunities for gaining work experience. This past summer, many upperclassmen received internships through Davison, […]

Paying for college causes seniors to reevaluate decisions

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Senior Olivia Kontinnen thought she had the whole college process figured out. Committed to playing soccer at the University of Miami, Kontinnen applied to other schools as an afterthought and was singularly focused on attending Miami. However, when Miami’s financial aid office did not offer the aid she had expected, she soon found herself looking […]