Teacher working in Sweden reflects on experience

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For many Americans, the Fourth of July is a time to relax and take part in all things red, white, and blue. But for one history teacher, it signaled the beginning of a journey that would take him and his family outside the United States’ borders. Erik Berridge, who has taught at Redwood since the […]

Yoshio Boris (second from right) with students from the Tomodachi Program.

Active sophomore recognized for community service

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When Yoshio Boris took Japanese students shopping at Westfield, he was unsure of how to respond to their surprise that Americans had tattoos. This shopping trip was a part of Boris’ work over the summer with the Tomodachi Leadership Program, an initiative that brought Japanese students who were affected by the 2010 earthquake to America. […]

Cafe Verde patrons enjoy the eatery's outdoor dining option.

Cafe Verde impresses with excellent food, sophisticated vibe

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Café Verde, Corte Madera’s newest dining attraction, may be located a stones throw from Redwood, but it feels more like a European coffee shop than your new backyard eatery. Nearly half of the cafés’ seating is outdoors in an uncovered plaza bordering the Corte Madera Town Park. There were patrons of all sizes and shapes, […]


Assassin’s Creed hits its mark

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Assassin’s Creed 3, created by Ubisoft and released on Oct. 30, is one of the best in the stealth adventure series and is sure to steal the show this year. The game is full of new features and has a wonderfully long storyline. Players can now enjoy open naval combat, hunting, tree climbing, and hanging […]


Queen of the Couch: TV Show “Scandal” Foreshadows Real Life Drama

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Life is mirroring art on ABC’s hit show Scandal. With the public disclosure of General Petraeus’s affair and his subsequent resignation from his position as CIA Director, I couldn’t help but notice the situation’s similarities to the show, which is currently in its second season. In summary, Scandal is about a political “fixer,” Olivia Pope, […]


Richard Henerlau: A longtime library assistant

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Although Bessie Chin Library Assistant Richard Henerlau was born with hydrocephalus, a condition that can cause brain damage, Henerlau never let this stop him from helping others, as he has been a familiar figure in the Redwood library for the last six years. His library experience began much earlier, however, when he was a student […]

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Face to Face: Is Thanksgiving worth celebrating?

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Face-to-Face is a feature that allows two members of the Redwood community to grill each other, argue, or simply converse about a relevant issue or event. We provide the topic, and they do the rest. This month’s participants are seniors Zack Cohen and Indigo Mutha. The issue: Should Thanksgiving really be celebrated?   Is a […]

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Seniors include the military in future plans

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When senior Doug Pardella tells people that his college plans involve the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC), people often react with a look of incredulity. “I’m a drama freak, and I do a lot of public speaking things, so most people are very surprised to find that I’m applying for NROTC,” Pardella said. “My […]

giants fever

By the Numbers: Giants fever

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Volunteers put the wheels in motion for new gravity trail

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An enthusiastic group of Norcal High School Mountain Biking League competitors and coaches commenced commenced work on a project that aims to revamp two existing trails and build a new trail at Fairfax’s Camp Tamarancho. Located off of Tamarancho’s B-17 trails, As a “gravity” trail, the new trail is primarily downhill and allows riders to […]