The United States has 10.4 fatalities by car accidents per 100,000 people per year as of a recent study.

Teens compare our national driver’s license process

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Taking drivers’ ed classes and doing 50 hours of supervised driving can seem tedious for many teenagers, but the long process pays off when a drivers’ license is received. Getting a drivers’ license is often seen as a big accomplishment, but there are downsides to getting licensed at 16—in the United States, driving accidents are […]

Senior Annika Wells sings alongside fellow musicians in one of Redwood’s Performance Workshop concerts on campus.

Musicians reveal sources of inspiration

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For many high school students, after school hours are spent going to various sports practices. But for a few Redwood students, time after school consists of going to the recording studio, practicing with their band, or even performing their music at a local venue. For senior Nick Lopez, who is pursuing music professionally, singing and […]

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Backpacks prove detrimental to back development

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Selling tickets for a film festival in San Anselmo in the summer of 2013, senior Beckie Salcedo felt a sharp jolt of pain in the lower right side of her back. She could neither sit still nor stand up, and forced herself to leave work and go home. “I tried to power through it,” Salcedo […]


Rising grades: grade inflation or student motivation?

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A 4.0 used to be holy ground for high schoolers. It was rare to come by a student with that perfect GPA. But today, 25 percent of Redwood’s senior class has higher than a 4.0 GPA. Much of the increase has to do with the fact that a 4.0 is no longer the GPA ceiling. […]

Senior Devon Jenkins unicycles through Redwood in his iconic jester hat on Saturday afternoon.

Campus newcomer shares story behind his unicycle

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Riding his unicycle across the quad sporting his bright green jester hat, Devon Jenkins certainly stands out in the otherwise rather mundane world of Redwood. Jenkins, a senior, moved to Marin at the end of July, yet he’s already gained notoriety as “the unicycle kid.” However, Jenkins didn’t even start unicycling until he moved from […]

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Site promotes anonymous compliments

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Senior Emma Gallagher was shocked and flattered when she received an anonymous compliment on her birthday. “It was probably the best birthday present I have ever gotten,” Gallagher said. The compliment she received was from Redwood Compliments, a Facebook page that was created to “make Redwood a Better Place,” according to its founders. The two […]


The true cost of beauty – insecurities lead some to plastic surgery

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When she looked in the mirror last year, all 2013 graduate Meg Stoll noticed were the imperfections of her nose. “When people took photos of me from the side, I thought I looked like a goblin because [my nose] hung down,” Stoll said. “When I smiled, I thought that the tip of my nose would […]


Foreign students reflect on experience so far

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The student body gets a taste of global culture as three students from around the world spend their sophomore year at Redwood. Sofia Rivas-Micoud, Casper Ladefoged, and Manami Shiomi say that they have experienced distinct differences in culture from their respective hometowns of Madrid, Copenhagen, and Tokyo. While Shiomi misses her hometown, she said that […]


The Future of Food: Eating Insects

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Feeling like a sweet and salty snack with a little bit of crunch? How about some chocolate covered, salted crickets? Or perhaps something cold and creamy like toffee mealworms over Three Twins vanilla ice cream? Both of these delicacies can be found on the menu of a local food stand called Don Bugito located in […]

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Studies yield mixed results on hookah and e-cigarette health effects

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While there is a common perception among young people that smoking from hookah is safer than cigarettes, recent studies have shown that this might not be the case. According to a UCSF study earlier this year, hookah smoking actually produces higher levels of carbon monoxide and contains the same addictive properties as cigarettes. In addition, […]