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May Bark Beats

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Seniors, this is it—the time has finally come for the class of 2018 to graduate! To commemorate the occasion, Bark Beats has chosen one memorable album from each of the past four years. Freshman year The Weeknd – “Beauty Behind the Madness” (2015)  The Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, made a huge splash in […]


How the Blockchain connects one of the world’s biggest economic forums

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How the Blockchain connects one of the world’s biggest economic forums by Nate Charles Unlike one’s parents, the world actually gets more hip and modern as it gets older. Every generation makes its own revolution, and every generation fantasizes over what the future has in store. Technology has played a crucial role in some of […]


Marine recruits salute to future success

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At the San Jose Military Entering Process Station, newly recruited Marine corps trainees stand in rows with their right hands in a salute, reciting the Oath of Enlistment in unison. Among the nervous but excited new group of trainees stands Oliver Bagshaw and Andrea DeLeon, ready to take their next step after high school. Although […]


Timeline: 2017-2018

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In the 2017-2018 school year, Redwood High School endured events that changed peoples’ perspectives on what safety at school represents. This comprehensive timeline overviews the major events that happened this year, from car break-ins in the parking lots to the national school walkout that responded to gun violence in schools.

Morgan Glasser and Roy Crumrine transport one of their hives.

Bee community endangered, revitalized by avid beekeeping

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Bee community endangered, revitalized by avid beekeeping by Neva Legallet Scroll down to view story.


Twin talk: Will colleges be seeing double?

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When people find out that the two of us are identical twins, it usually sparks several predictable recurring questions: for starters, ‘How can I tell you guys apart?’ followed by, ‘Can you guys communicate telepathically?’ then, ‘Have you guys ever switched classes to take each other’s tests?’ and lastly, the newest, hottest trending question, ‘Are […]


Reload and reform: a look at gun control

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“I got lucky because I didn’t see anything. I only heard the gunshots and I was able to run. Some of my friends saw people get shot in their classroom. My friend was in a pile of blood. A lot of my friends saw dead bodies and had to walk over them when the SWAT […]

Traveling to Pyeongchang, junior Nathaniel Kuffner stands beside the Olympic hockey rink during a match at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Junior Nathaniel Kuffner wanders the world for the Winter Olympics

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Most families enjoy the Winter Olympics snuggled up on their couch with the television displaying the action happening on the other side of the planet—Olympians pushing themselves to their limit, trying to earn coveted medals for their country’s honor. However, this scenario is not the case for junior Nathaniel Kuffner and his family. Every four […]

Social media’s effect on body image

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It has long been understood that media such as movies, television and magazines can influence a teen’s perception of their body image by enforcing an ideal body type. Now, the impact of social media on body confidence and self-image has emerged. With the rapid growth of smartphone ownership among teens, more are gaining access to […]

Walking across the bridge at Ridgevale Beach, Jackson Reed looks out at where his camp will soon take place.

Jackson Reed takes the lead in creating a summer camp in Massachusetts

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Staying in Cape Cod all summer, sophomore Jackson Reed has found something original to do with his time rather than lounging in the sun. He and his friend, Will Van Vleck, who is from the Cape, have come up with a fun way to spend the summer by helping families who might want a break […]