Epidemic of copying homework catalyzed by technology

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What is it that leads students to neglect their own thoughts and brainlessly transcribe someone else’s for a passing grade? Similar to the bubonic plague, smallpox and Ebola, copying homework is the next epidemic, and it’s already here. The March Bark survey found that 80 percent of Redwood students copy homework at least once a […]

A Redwood student is taken in the middle of the night by "Big Mike," and then taken to wilderness therapy.

Into the wild: sobriety through nature

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Unlike the typical hour-long session on a psychologist’s couch, wilderness therapy is a ground-breaking mode of treatment that fits our time and our Redwood community. “I was picked up in the middle of the night by private escorts,” anonymous Redwood alumni “John” said while recounting his forty-five day experience in Muir Woods Therapy. These alternative […]


Evaluating the dangers of late night comedy

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On Oct. 11, 1975, the first episode of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) aired on NBC. Ever since then, SNL has led the way in political satire and late night comedy, from Chevy Chase’s portrayal of clumsy Gerald Ford to Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton. With the present increase of media, SNL and late night comedy have […]

Standing with his mission group, junior Jake Hanssen spends time in Mexico using his Spanish skills.

Bilingual students look beyond Redwood to learn

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For parents, moving their family to a different country can be an unbelievably daunting task. Meticulous planning is required to determine the smallest of details and hundreds of decisions must be made to ensure a comfortable relocation. If the move is to the United States from a country with its own native language, parents with […]

Mr.Hirsch making a surprised face when looking into one of his old yearbook from the year 1994.

Alumnus teacher reflects on Redwood experiences

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One job. That’s all it took for social studies teacher Jonathan Hirsch to realize his passion for teaching high school students. Because of three herniated discs in his lower back, he was forced to stop playing football in his junior year of college. Because of this he decided to pursue something new. What he didn’t […]

Focusing on the task at hand, Lovelady transfers liquids using a micropipette and other lab equipment

Teachers forge own paths from past experiences

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Many students can’t imagine their teachers doing anything but teaching. Running into them at the mall or in San Francisco can be a shock. While some teachers at Redwood have dedicated their entire careers to this institution, others have taken divergent professional paths or must juggle two careers to afford living in the Bay Area. […]

Gaudin dances as rose queen two years ago in the nutcracker. Courtesy of: Mark Strassman

Senior ballerina reaches out to community

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For two weeks each summer, senior Lily Gaudin spends her days at Stapleton School of the Performing Arts, teaching young ballerinas to follow their passion for dance as she did for 12 years. Rather than continuing her own dance career, Gaudin has fostered her passion of dance through her nonprofit that gives underprivileged girls the […]

Substitute Dan Brutlag feels very optimistic about the teenage generation.

Substitute Dan Brutlag shares his optimism for the teenage generation

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Every 25 years, a new generation is born, ushering in new ideologies and ways of life. Society changes, for better or worse. But as the world starts spinning a little faster, past generations begin to feel uncomfortable. However, for substitute Dan Brutlag, the new generation brings waves of encouragement. “These kids amaze me. They are […]

Sophomore Niklas Korn rappels down a steep cliff.

Reaching new heights: Students capture their adventures through film and photography

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Before sophomore Harrison Segal began rock climbing, he assumed the activity was “something for people with a death wish.” He can’t believe that he and his friends, a group that calls themselves the California Climbers, are now the ones spending their spare time hanging off the side of a cliff for fun. The climbing group […]

Weekly visits to the Islamic Center of Oakland have helped junior Nura Laqta maintain her faith

Non-believers: our generation’s religious decline

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When asked what religion I identify as, all I can do is shrug and say that I don’t know. Growing up I attended Sunday School sporadically until I stopped completely around third grade. My parents didn’t take us to church, and religion has never been part of our family dynamic. Although sometimes I wish I […]