Senior Jake Hanssen smiling with excitement after Wednesday's JSA meeting, the last gathering before the first convention of the year, Fall State,  commences on Friday

Teen political organization JSA allows Jake Hanssen to fulfill his fervor for politics

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With a slight tremble and rapid heartbeat, senior Jake Hanssen stands at the 2017 Spring State Convention, anxiously awaiting the results of the election that would determine the next year’s statewide student leaders. Hearing the votes of the Redwood chapter that had unanimously voted for him brought him near to tears. Not long after, he […]

Dibble marvels over his deck

Dibble brings the Magic

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An intense yet casual feeling fills the air in room 155 as cards are frantically moved around. Laughter and small talk occupy the room as players concentrate at the different moves their opponent makes, strategically thinking of the next best step. Amidst all of the madness, freshman Bradley Dibble smiles as he observes the room […]


District senior forgoes typical academic life to prepare for dreams

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In the office of Redwood’s physical trainer, Americ Alvarado, senior Hallie Fox concentrates on taping an injured football player’s foot, but pauses to overhear an amusing conversation between Alvarado and the student, and bursts into laughter. Fox, a Tamiscal attendee and former Redwood student, said she dedicates large portions of her time interning for Alvarado […]

Koen pictured here jumping through the woods during a photo shoot.

Former Redwood student Matt Koen tells his story of becoming a professional mountain biker

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Close your eyes and picture yourself flying down an almost vertical dirt path, barely wide enough for yourself, at speeds close to that of cars. Imagine yourself doing this with only a small metal frame keeping you from the rocky terrain below. Now picture thousands of fans screaming from the sidelines and chanting your name […]

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CrossFit Kiehfuss: Balancing Fitness and School

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At 5:15 on a Monday morning, most students are sound asleep, some are starting to wake up, and a few are drowsily finishing homework from the weekend. However, senior Evie Kiehfuss is sweating it out in The Cave of Corte Madera, doing squat cleans and wall balls. For the uninitiated, Kiehfuss describes Crossfit as “a […]

Jordan-McDaniels standing in front of his terrarium

Handle with care: sophomore breeds poisonous frogs

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A clear glass cage is opened and the sound of rustling leaves starts to emerge from the terrarium. Rocks and moss are rearranged as plants are moved to create more space for a small pool of water. Condensation drips down the glass walls and soon fruit flies are dropped into the tank. Inside the house […]


Redwood meal equity: Providing food to all students

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NorCal Fires: Efforts from Marin County

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“It’s often said you see the best of humanity when the worst is happening. I wish you didn’t have to wait for the worst to happen, but you’re definitely seeing the best of everybody,” said Ryan Porter, a Santa Rosa resident and the Director of Operations at Epicenter, a sports and entertainment facility that was […]


Yoga poses calming way to connect with mind and body

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Alison Hammond Castro’s bare feet routinely wove through rows of yoga mats, periodically stopping to adjust students or ground herself at Fresh Yoga in Connecticut this summer, where she focused on yoga from the early hours of the morning until dusk. For a month, Hammond Castro helped aspiring yoga teachers earn a Forrest Yoga certification. […]

Harris passionately strums his guitar

TJ Harris turns Redwood’s hallways into his musical playground

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A distorted BlackStar amp and a Jackson guitar ring proudly through the Redwood hallways and outdoor areas. An original sound of a metal mix dominates the airwaves, stemming from an individual’s love and commitment to music. Senior T’Juan Harris, more commonly known as “TJ,” has a passion for music that is apparent to anyone who […]