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Seniors take flight, leave empty nests behind

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As seniors prepare to graduate this spring, many are also anticipating the beginning of a new life after they leave home for college or take a gap year. While they face the excitement and apprehension of perhaps moving to somewhere new and navigating life as independent adults, their parents also prepare to start a new […]

Struggling with identity is common among minorities, especially when surrounded by a white culture.

Understanding the identity struggle of minority transfer students

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Vietnamese senior Dana Nguyen picks up her remote control to turn on the television. Immediately, a cast of white actors fills her screen. She changes the channel; still, not a single minority is represented. Frustrated, she shuts off the TV and focuses her attention on the cover of the magazine next to her, which shows […]

Seniors Brendon Wright, Natalie Veto, and Ruby Patterson enjoy free work time in their class following their final presentations.

AP Research students conduct collegiate level presentations through AP Capstone

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A panel of teachers and a few parents sit in classroom, eagerly awaiting student presentations on collegiate-level topics. A year’s worth of extensive, unique research has come to cumulation in this 20-minute presentation. Palms sweat and nerves surge as the video camera switches on to film the student speak. Yet, amidst the nerves, the anxiety […]

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Renewed TUPE program aims to spread the word on tobacco

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Though dormant for many years, social studies teacher Jonathan Hirsch has spearheaded the re-formation of the Tobacco Use Prevention Education Program (TUPE) with the help of selected peer educators. Through the organization of the TUPE program, the group hopes to provide students with the information they need when it comes to using tobacco and other […]


Snaps for the Class of 2018

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How sea level rise could negatively affect Bay Area

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Scroll down to view story. How sea level rise could negatively affect Bay Area Alexander Lieberman

Illustration by Charlotte Seton

What NOT to do to get into the college of your dreams

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Think you know it all about the college application process? Well of course you do, since there is a whole industry devoted to it. Having recently applied to college myself, I was inundated with advice on what to do. Because these gurus did not share tips about what NOT to do, here are insights that […]