Junior launches organization to help others

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Children often dream of being professional athletes or firefighters. But just the opposite was true for junior Isabella Liu. Possessing a passion for business, Liu aspired to be an entrepreneur throughout middle school. Then, in 2014, during her freshman year at Redwood, her dream became a reality in the form of the organization “Elix.” Elix […]


Cullen’s equestrian quest for glory

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Long before the sun has risen, sophomore Lena Cullen is already preparing for a horse show. She arrives at the arena at 5 a.m., washes her horse, Fun, puts on the bridle and saddle and memorizes her jumping course before the competition starts. Cullen spends five days a week at the barn, practicing with her […]


Alumnus becomes one of California’s youngest real estate agents

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“I don’t really act like a normal 18-year-old.” Miles Daly is putting it lightly. The 2016 Redwood graduate is leagues ahead of his peers as he has become one of the youngest real estate agents in California. Daly has been developing his interest in the real estate industry for much of his life, and, after […]

The girls varsity volleyball team has 5 members who have played for head coach Katie Pease's club volleyball program.

Club and school sports prove closely intertwined

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When players step onto the court, their minds no longer race about the stresses of everyday life; they simply focus on the game. For many, sports are an escape, a meditation and a shield. Unfortunately, the line between high school and club sports has become blurred, enlisting a fear for some that without playing a […]


‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling’: Girls who code

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“A big part of my interest in [coding] was that I read an article that said there are no girls in AP Computer Science and I said you know what? I’ll be the one,” said sophomore Rivca Chaver, the only girl in the AP Computer Science class. It is a well-established trend at Redwood that […]


Graduate creates app to address dyslexia, boost productivity

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While on a flight from Rhode Island to Texas, 2012 Redwood alumnus and Brown University senior Cliff Weitzman built a photo-sharing application in seven hours that ultimately gained 70,000 users. This was one of approximately 32 products, ranging from a detachable brake for longboards to a biotech supplement, that he created during his undergraduate years. […]

Breaking Uber’s rule that minors must be accompanied by an adult, many teenagers use the service to get around independently on a regular basis.

Uber: Hidden legalities of the popular app

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In 2009, a small company was created by two friends frustrated by their inability to find a taxi in Paris. In less than eight years, this San Francisco-based startup grew to give people all over the world access to rides—and even food delivery service—at the touch of a button. Among younger crowds especially, Uber seems […]

Various Search and Rescue members participate in advanced rigging training at the Marin Headlands.

Lost and found: Students volunteer with Search and Rescue

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When a college student got lost in Yosemite and the local Search and Rescue team was unable to find him, the Marin County Search and Rescue team was called onto the scene. “This dude had climbed up a cliff, fell 70 feet down the cliff onto a hard rock, where he then rolled an addition […]

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Sharing their story: Syrian refugees adjust to Bay Area life with help of local families

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Gathered around a table holding plates of cookies and Rice Krispies treats in Imagination Park in San Anselmo, three students with friendly smiles greet passersby. Behind the trays of sweets is a poster with information about the Syrian Refugee Crisis. With their genuine enthusiasm, the students draw the attention of community members. Their discussions often […]


Light up the Night

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There is something magical about slowly ambling down an unfamiliar street in a car as the sky becomes dark, turning the corner and being overwhelmed by an extravagant, over-the-top Christmas display complete with music echoing throughout the neighborhood, and realizing that you did indeed turn onto the right street. Picture a house so extraordinary that […]