Senior becomes immersed in Spanish culture through service trip

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Instead of sleeping in late and waking up to the familiar view of Mount Tamalpais, senior Mackenzie Slaugh started her day early in the morning by venturing into the Panama jungle in the month of July. She would hike into the tropical forest to plant trees and speak Spanish alongside her new local friends as […]

JV coach Nick Naudain directing players at a practice.

Easygoing yet high-spirited coach aims to connect players

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Former Terra Linda high school football coach Nick Naudain made the decision to coach at Redwood this season, replacing Thomas Wong. Being a San Francisco native, he was aware of the great responsibility that came with the head coach position and also the different kinds of pressures that came with playing in the Bay Area. […]

Fogarty (right) and Duys (left) enjoy cooking healthy meals for themselves.

Feeding the soul, aiding the Earth

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Oftentimes, the concept of eating healthy food is associated with the idea that you can’t eat tasty food. However, while sophomore Claire Fogarty and junior Catie Duys stand in Fogarty’s kitchen blending homemade pesto, they explain why eating healthy does not mean eating a plate of raw vegetables and shying away from tempting treats. They’re […]

Charlie Werner (left) and Harrison Segal (right)

Behind the scenes of those behind the camera

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This summer, juniors Harrison Segal and Charlie Werner won an international award for a film project from the Teens Dream video competition. The duo have been developing their film skills together since 7th grade and are working towards careers in cinematography. The competition’s goal, according to Segal, is to encourage teens to start a movement […]

Rushing to help, members of the Texas National Guard have been sent in.

Hurricane Harvey: reflecting beyond the borders

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Houses that used to be homes—filled with precious keepsakes and memories—are simply gone, just like some of the families that filled them. Beloved pets wander in the floodwater, seeking their missing owners and desperate to be reunited. Hurricane Harvey traveled 3,100 miles, finally making landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast on Friday, Aug. 25th, and […]

Hall oversees a variety of programs, including special ed, PE, and the library.

Former teacher returns to Redwood as Assistant Principal after two decades

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“What’s interesting is that in 20 years, Redwood hasn’t changed too much. It’s definitely bigger. Back then it was about 1,300 students, and now we have 1,900—and I thought the hallways were crowded then!” said Sue Hall, a former special education teacher at Redwood and the newest addition to the administration team. The unique part […]

Taking a break from a long day of backpacking, Senior Anna Martin sits near Joshua Tree

Transitioning back from TEAM

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When asked what draws students to join the TEAM Program at Tamiscal High School, Lenny Gucciardi, a TEAM teacher, attested to the community that is created. Redwood’s community is prominent but cannot compare to the close-knit relationships that are made when spending an entire school year with only 23 fellow classmates, each one coming from […]


Changing the normal course: Alternative Learning

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Straying from the considered “norm” of attending high school for all four years, some students join an alternative learning method. Whether out of intuitive interest or constructive change, each person has different motivations. Alternative learning means the learning process is structured to assist students on a more personal level than a traditional high school can […]

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Desk Jams: Miles Squiers

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  Miles Squiers is well known throughout Redwood for both his vocal abilities and his skill with the guitar. In this video, Squiers demonstrates both of these talents with an original composition he wrote over the summer entitled: “The Relation”. According to Squiers, the first half of the song is dedicated to his girlfriend, and […]

Working hard owner Kyle Capriccio stands behind the counter helping customers.

Organic vs. non-organic ice cream

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With summer here, everyone could use a way to cool off. Something that will satisfy that sweet craving. Ice cream is the obvious choice. It’s easy, fast, and everyone loves it. There’s no better sensation than the delicious treat melting in your mouth and hearing the satisfying crunch of a waffle cone.   According to the […]