Junior Luis Schmidt Minestrelli at age 8 (holding the balloon) and his siblings meeting Saint. Nicholas in their hometown of Chaumont-Gistoux, Belgium.

Students recount their international holiday traditions

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In the U.S., the celebration of Christmas is often characterized by twinkling lights, gift-giving and images of Santa Claus and his elves. But how is the Christmas season celebrated in other countries? As the holiday approaches, senior Cesar Segundo Corona, junior Luis Schmidt Minestrelli and sophomore Adam Wilson reflect on their experiences celebrating the season […]


Vinyl’s return: A Nostalgic Niche

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Music is everlasting. The young and the old, the passionate and the passive, everyone can enjoy it no matter the source. Technology has allowed people to listen to music for little money, if not none at all, through hassle-free apps such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora and many others. While the convenience of digital music seems […]

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Finals Survival Guide

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We all know what’s coming up—we’ve been dreading it for weeks, maybe even since school started. That’s right, it’s finals season!!! Although Dead Week may have been too accurate of a moniker to be funny anymore, resulting in the renamed Study Week, it’s still a full week dedicated to taking advantage of studying and preparation […]


Recipes to get you through the week

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by Lily Baldwin Finals week is rough; we pull all-nighters, spend hours making notecards, and try to remember every last detail of that super vague study guide. Amidst all the chaos, the one thing we often don’t remember to do is eat. Here’s a friendly reminder to put aside those study guides for a bit […]


O’Neal on his heels: The freshman tap dancer

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Tap-dancing shoes hit the stage floor, sending clicks echoing through the packed theater one shuffle step at a time. A fleet of dancers from Happy Feet Dance Company occupy the stage, each person following the same pattern of taps, creating a symphony from the movement of their feet. Among this group, freshman John O’Neal looks […]


Art: always present, underappreciated

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The blank canvas lays in front of her. She picks up the paintbrush and grazes the surface, alternating between yellow and baby blue paint. Soon, her creative ideas come to life. What was once just white space disappears as various colors and designs overtake the page. Scroll down to view story.


The man behind the Gandhi truck and smiling suns

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Perhaps you’ve seen a red Ford truck mounted with a massive Mahatma Gandhi head driving out of the parking lot after school. Maybe you recognize the bright yellow smiling suns drawn on the whiteboards of classrooms with the name “Mr. Richardson” scrawled underneath. Whether you know him or not, chances are you’ve seen or heard […]


Exploring race and socioeconomic status in education

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In a county such as Marin, known for its progressive and liberal character, it may be easy to believe that issues of racism and inequity barely exist here. The atmosphere in Marin leads its citizens to buy into the idea that everyone around them is successful, happy and looking out for the well-being of the […]


Extensive restaurant background fosters family connections

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Norwegian student adapts to Redwood community after experiencing Santa Rosa fires

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Within the first few weeks of adjusting to a brand new life in a country across the world from her family, experiencing a natural disaster was not on senior Sandra Fredriksen’s to-do list. In early August, Fredriksen decided to pack her bags and experience high school as an American teenager for her second-to-last year of […]