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Lending a hand: it’s more literal than one might think

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Hands are a defining part of the human body. They are complex and unique to only a few organisms on Earth, but when they are lost, they never grow back. Luckily, technology has allowed us to create a substitute for them and that is exactly what sophomore Jaden Ramos has done. Ramos’ interest in robotics […]

Skip Lovelady served his customers knowing the details of each meal.

Skip Lovelady serves his vibrant history and journey to teaching

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“We were a huge success, it just blew up. We went from making $30,000 in our first month in October 1985, and by Christmas the next year we were making $1 million a month,” said Skip Lovelady, Integrated and Honors Biomedical Science teacher at Redwood. According to Lovelady, his life prior to teaching was unconventional. […]


Professional photographer and filmmaker inspires photo students through annual presentation

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Photography students listen intently as 29-year-old Perry Gershkow describes his experience in traveling around the nation pursuing his interests as a professional photographer and filmmaker. He shows the students work that he has done in the past by presenting his portfolio as an example for students to learn from. The slow motion shots on the screen […]

Students gather with signs at the march.

The students behind Beyond Differences pursue an end to social isolation

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Statistics show that social isolation affects people as negatively physically as smoking does. Social isolation not only impacts one’s mental health in the short term, but has long term impacts both physically and mentally. Many students over the course of middle school and high school will, at some point, experience the feeling of social isolation […]


Scoma’s: Redwood Alumni make their mark on the Sausalito shoreline

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Sitting on the water of Sausalito’s picturesque bayfront, 588 Bridgeway has morphed from a U.S. Navy recruitment center to Smith’s Stable to the current Scoma’s Restaurant. Scoma’s, an upscale seafood restaurant, is managed by Redwood alumni Roland Gotti and Bobby Weckel who hope to leave their mark on the historic location.

Dancers line-up in the middle of a sequence

The Tam Twirlers bring back a lost gem from the 70s

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Upbeat music hums lightly in the background as the Tam Twirlers shuffle onto the dance floor and into their starting positions. As the caller yells out different commands, each pair of square dancers steps to the rhythm. After a sequence of commands, the dancers return to their starting positions in perfect harmony and await their […]


Redwood after dark

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Whether students know about Redwood’s athletics because of their own participation or their opinions about Varsity Lacrosse’s bold hair choice, most are at least somewhat aware of the various sports and athletic practices that occur in the afternoon. However, the numerous night classes offered at Redwood are less well-known. All throughout the week, Redwood’s campus […]


Making Weight: The Cutthroat Commitment of Crew

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The power of makeup

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A makeup routine can people time to have morning minutes to themselves. Although some people can’t imagine spending over 10 minutes getting ready, for some to intricately applying eyeshadow before rushing into a busy day allows time to relax and reflect on the day to come. Spending that amount of time getting ready could eat […]

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Domestic abuse: fighting Marin’s biggest violent crime

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Senior “Julie” knew their relationship was over the moment he struck her face. She and her boyfriend had been sitting on his bed, watching a new TV show on Netflix. “He was talking to me about something, and I got distracted by the show that was playing. And he was like ‘Why aren’t you paying […]