Junior Hunter Bueman takes aim.

Redwood’s hunters aim to educate

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Sophomore Delaney Anderson smears camouflage paint on her cheeks to match her full-body disguise. After loading a book, cookies and her .243 rifle into the Jeep, Anderson heads out to her assigned deer stand. She gingerly sprinkles the cookies near the deer feeder, a unique trick acquired since elementary school, and sits down to wait […]

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Ryan Brady’s journey from hospital bed to homecoming court

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The last thing you would expect from a 17-year-old awakening from a coma is for him to be smiling. But he was, as usual. Ryan Brady started Wednesday, Aug. 30, like any typical day. Driving his mom’s car to school with his little brother, Keiler Brady, in the passenger seat, the boys were heading down […]

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Should Season 7 of House of Cards be cancelled from Netflix?

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Face-to-Face is a feature that allows two members of the Redwood Community to grill each other, argue, or simply converse about a relevant issue or event. We provide the topic, and they do the rest. This month’s participants are junior Jackson Bender and Social Studies teacher Mike Kelemen. They discuss their different views on Season […]

Bird's eye view of Russell Camden's drum-set.

Rhythm makers of Redwood march to the beat of their own drums

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Senior Russell Camden sits behind his drum set, headphones in, drumming along to a metal song. The drumsticks in his hands are a blur of movement, followed by the crashing sound of a cymbal. Marco Zazzeron, another Redwood Senior, shares the same interest. Zazzeron stares off to the right, hyper-focused, as he hits down on […]


Learning to live with diabetes

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A chronic condition such as diabetes, by definition, is a disease that is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects. This prognosis can seem very dismal, however, sophomore Sophia Roesler is not letting the disease control her. Despite living with diabetes, Roesler overcomes it with her optimistic attitude, which has fueled her efforts to spread […]

CHP officer comes to school to show the club how to change a tire. (Courtesy of Natalie Veto)

How To Grow Up Club teaches life skills you don’t learn in class

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Imagine you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. You have no service and haven’t seen a car drive by for the past ten minutes. You’ve spent most of your life in school preparing for adulthood, yet you probably know more about MLA citations than you do about changing tires. Why […]

Leah Gustafson and other club leaders at the Interact table during club day.

A heart for others: Leah Gustafson’s job as president of the interact club

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Many students at Redwood have an activity that satisfies them; whether it be playing a sport, acting in plays and other productions or maybe even an academic subject like chemistry or history. But for the 38 students in the Interact Club, helping others through community service is what makes them happiest. Senior Leah Gustafson is […]


Former basketball star’s life is reshaped after major back injury

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When you define yourself by your athleticism and popularity, what happens if you lose both? According to Redwood 2015 alumnus Elliot Dean, sometimes you find yourself in the process of reevaluating what truly matters. Elliot, a junior at UCLA, fractured the lower portion of his vertebrae while playing football during his sophomore year of high […]


Sophomore Nikki Orrick shares her music with Redwood community

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Picking up an instrument is easy when there is someone else willing to teach you, and the beautiful chords of the ukulele can bring together just about anyone. Sophomore Nikki Orrick uses her inspiration from watching Hannah Montana performances on TV as a child to create music of her own and share it with others. […]

Heather Hadley

Heather Hadley: Racing in Sonoma

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Through the whine of the engines and the squealing of tires, Sonoma Raceway on a raceday is a chaotic scene. Taking part in this chaos is Sophomore Heather Hadley, nicknamed “The Heat”, with her helmet on her head and her hand on the wheel. Hadley lives a life that many of her friends and peers […]