Students of the visual arts: Seniors pursue artistic ambitions

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Three seniors have decided to pursue their artistic ambitions, enrolling in their respective art schools and programs. Danielle Kisseberth will attend the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) as a prospective major in Architecture. With a strong Architecture Department, facilities and professional emphasis, RISD appealed to her. Alice Sowa will be a student at Massachusetts […]

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As Redwood and Hardimans part, legacy remains

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Some days, they’re everywhere: black and orange hoodies dotting the halls, worn by seniors, juniors and sophomores alike: a new fashion statement. A visitor to Redwood on some days could be forgiven for imagining that they promote a school program, like Honors Biomedical Science sweaters. But they don’t. In orange text, they read, “Trenchless Titan.” […]


Noa Zimmerman makes headlines with ‘Night’s Gentle Crash’

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Singer-songwriter senior Noa Zimmerman’s new album, “Night’s Gentle Crash,” shows her rising career with its soothing rhythm and calm vocals. This is no High School Musical pop album―it’s an accumulation of musical styles, all used to portray Zimmerman’s perception of young love. “Night’s Gentle Crash” was released Feb. 25 and is Zimmerman’s fourth album. The […]

Some conservatives feel like their voice can't be heard in such a liberal leaning campus setting

The Double Standard: Acceptance of the Conservative Minority

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By: Sabrina Dong In light of the recent protests at UC Berkeley, in which students were threatening riots to try to stop conservative political leader Ann Coulter from speaking, the issues of freedom of speech and acceptance of differing perspectives have been thrust into the national spotlight. In a Bark survey only 14 percent of […]

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A look into the company’s culture: Brandy Melville

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With its revolutionary one-size business model, trendy clothing and a strong social media presence of more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram, clothing company Brandy Melville has become an attractive apparel option for many high school students in the Bay Area.

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Alternative “Pathways” offers real-world experience

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Last year, as a Redwood junior, Carly Ball realized that despite being at school seven hours a day, five days a week and with many of the same students, she rarely felt comfortable enough to learn. Ball realized, that for her, a traditional school setting was not conducive to learning. She decided she couldn’t spend […]


Senior to follow in sister’s footsteps on PCT

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Long days, sore feet, heavy backpacks — this is what awaits those who attempt the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) — as well as beautiful views, new friendships, self-discovery and the adventure of a lifetime. This combination proved irresistible to senior Robert McInnis, who plans to hike the trail in its entirety in the spring of […]

Visiting Kathmandu, Nepal Senior Aarti Dixit fell in love with traveling, part of the reason why she decided to spend her freshman year abroad in London before she transfers to USC sophomore year.

Students spend year abroad through transfer plans

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While most seniors prepare to leave home to attend college in the fall, several students get ready for an even bigger leap: college in a foreign country. As college students increasingly seek out study abroad opportunities, according to an Institute of International Education “Open Doors” report, many colleges, including the University of Southern California (USC), […]


The Cutting Edge — A Photo Essay

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Short, long, wavy, curly, or straight, hair comes in all different styles. It plays a pivotal role in our looks and can instantly characterize an era. Barbers have long been romanticized — from the straight edge shaves in cowboy westerns to our almost instant recognition of the red and white pole. As one of the […]