Dancers line-up in the middle of a sequence

The Tam Twirlers bring back a lost gem from the 70s

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Upbeat music hums lightly in the background as the Tam Twirlers shuffle onto the dance floor and into their starting positions. As the caller yells out different commands, each pair of square dancers steps to the rhythm. After a sequence of commands, the dancers return to their starting positions in perfect harmony and await their […]


Redwood after dark

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Whether students know about Redwood’s athletics because of their own participation or their opinions about Varsity Lacrosse’s bold hair choice, most are at least somewhat aware of the various sports and athletic practices that occur in the afternoon. However, the numerous night classes offered at Redwood are less well-known. All throughout the week, Redwood’s campus […]


Making Weight: The Cutthroat Commitment of Crew

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The power of makeup

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A makeup routine can people time to have morning minutes to themselves. Although some people can’t imagine spending over 10 minutes getting ready, for some to intricately applying eyeshadow before rushing into a busy day allows time to relax and reflect on the day to come. Spending that amount of time getting ready could eat […]

domestic-violence-1 (1)

Domestic abuse: fighting Marin’s biggest violent crime

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Senior “Julie” knew their relationship was over the moment he struck her face. She and her boyfriend had been sitting on his bed, watching a new TV show on Netflix. “He was talking to me about something, and I got distracted by the show that was playing. And he was like ‘Why aren’t you paying […]


Prerequisites: a beneficial requirement or a hindrance?

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With the 2018-2019 course selection process coming to a close last month, preparation is underway for new classes in the upcoming year. Students are able to access a wide variety of options, with over 150 classes encompassing the full spectrum of the arts to the sciences. Although the list allows students to diversify their schedules […]

Initiating the new environmentally-friendly classrooms, student representative seniors Max von Franqué and Loren Greene are involved in the project to create a more sustainable campus.

Seniors lay groundwork for environmental classroom

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Over the last two years, Redwood administration in conjunction with AP Environmental Science (APES) and Sustainable Agriculture teacher Joe Stewart have considered implementing environmentally friendly classrooms into Redwood’s architectural layout. Stewart acts as the teacher advisor for the environmental classroom initiative, an idea his APES students wanted to further pursue last year. However, Stewart said […]

Malik performs in the play "Plan 9 From Outer Space: The Musical" playing Tanna, one of the play's main antagonists

Senior drama student ready to write next chapter of story

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She was nervous with anticipation, about to perform in her first play. Peeking through the curtains, she could see the audience, her parents sitting out in the crowd to watch their third-grade daughter perform a background role as a fairy. She took a deep breath, then stepped onto the stage. Strangely, senior Samara Malik felt […]

Brennan baking

Gluten: Is it kneaded?

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While browsing the grocery store aisles, it has become more common to see gluten-free pasta, cookies, bread, pancakes, muffins and more. Gluten-free diets have become popular among people of all ages in our community, either by choice or for medical reasons. According to Statista, the market of gluten-free foods is skyrocketing and is estimated to […]