Organic strawberries are part of debated organic movement

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Forty-one percent of American adults do not believe there is a difference between organically and conventionally grown food, according to Pew Research.  At the same time there are many people who choose to shop organically for their produce, motivated by a number of reasons. A total of 55 percent of American adults believe there are benefits […]

Working hard owner Kyle Capriccio stands behind the counter helping customers.

Organic vs. non-organic ice cream

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With summer here, everyone could use a way to cool off. Something that will satisfy that sweet craving. Ice cream is the obvious choice. It’s easy, fast, and everyone loves it. There’s no better sensation than the delicious treat melting in your mouth and hearing the satisfying crunch of a waffle cone.   According to the […]

Preparing the entree at Rhoda Goldman Plaza, Dame perfects the plate before it’s served

What’s Cookin? Chefs’ Recipes to Success

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As the serrated knife slices through the thick meat, fat is tossed aside onto the stainless steel counter, sometimes landing onto the floor. Soaking wet mops quickly sweep up the scraps as they move around the kitchen floor, dodging the hurrying feet of the waiters and chefs. Orders are shouted through the kitchen over the […]


Sunday market exemplifies farmer-customer bond

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The sweet scent of fresh berries fills the air as the morning light pours through the sky. Guitar strings strum, while people gather at the the heart of Marin’s agricultural distribution to purchase locally produced goods. Parents line up at the white booths with their children whose faces brighten as the farmers place juicy samples […]

The farm to table movement promotes a demand for organic, locally sourced produce

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Marin has been at the forefront of organic and sustainable food production for decades, ranking first as the healthiest county in the U.S for seven years straight, according to County Health Rankings. Marin values supplying organic, healthy food to the consumer spreads influence to other producers and counties nationwide. In 2015, according to the National Restaurant […]


Redwood’s next step in sustainability: Dealing with undiverted waste

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On a sunny day, the clouds part to reveal the mountainous terrain of Marin County which is just one aspect of the natural beauty of the community. Marin’s mild climate and abundance of natural reserves like Mount Tamalpais and Muir Park are what make the county such a unique and attractive setting. However, an upsurge […]

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News media faces challenges from Trump administration

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Increasing attacks by Trump on mainstream news media outlets have escalated over the past year, including threats varying from simple Twitter posts to canceling press briefings. With the Trump administration taking extensive measures to enforce their policies, trust and confidence in the media is in a vulnerable state. Public opinion of the media has fluctuated […]


The story behind the spice

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A little kick in the back of the throat with a pungent spice that overwhelms the taste buds: this is the tell-tale sign of fresh, high quality olive oil. “Fresh olive oil is super spicy, naturally, and that is great consumer protection,” said Claire Bradley, the current manager of Amphora Nueva. “Try the olive oil […]

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Data Analysis: Public Education Enrollment and Test Scores in the Bay Area

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Data Study: Education Enrollment Trends and Bay Area Test Scores By: Adam Kreitzman   Education is largely considered to be an essential part of our society, and level of education is a major determinant of long-term success, a well-informed society, and a thriving economy. This raises the question: What is the best way to educate […]