Reload and reform: a look at gun control

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“I got lucky because I didn’t see anything. I only heard the gunshots and I was able to run. Some of my friends saw people get shot in their classroom. My friend was in a pile of blood. A lot of my friends saw dead bodies and had to walk over them when the SWAT […]

Traveling to Pyeongchang, junior Nathaniel Kuffner stands beside the Olympic hockey rink during a match at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Junior Nathaniel Kuffner wanders the world for the Winter Olympics

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Most families enjoy the Winter Olympics snuggled up on their couch with the television displaying the action happening on the other side of the planet—Olympians pushing themselves to their limit, trying to earn coveted medals for their country’s honor. However, this scenario is not the case for junior Nathaniel Kuffner and his family. Every four […]

Social media’s effect on body image

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It has long been understood that media such as movies, television and magazines can influence a teen’s perception of their body image by enforcing an ideal body type. Now, the impact of social media on body confidence and self-image has emerged. With the rapid growth of smartphone ownership among teens, more are gaining access to […]

Walking across the bridge at Ridgevale Beach, Jackson Reed looks out at where his camp will soon take place.

Jackson Reed takes the lead in creating a summer camp in Massachusetts

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Staying in Cape Cod all summer, sophomore Jackson Reed has found something original to do with his time rather than lounging in the sun. He and his friend, Will Van Vleck, who is from the Cape, have come up with a fun way to spend the summer by helping families who might want a break […]

Sophomore Will Gerstein poses with professional soccer player, Marcelo, at his school in Madrid, Spain. Marcelo plays for Real Madrid in the Spanish La Liga.

‘Abroad’ look at students learning overseas

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Why do some Redwood students take the risk and leave their comfortable life to settle abroad? That would mean saying goodbye to home, school and friends, and saying hello to a foreign language, a different culture and completely new people. According to the BBC, the world’s international student population in 2009 was 3.7 million and […]

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Substance Free Campaign Expanding its Influence Around Marin

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The blaring heat of the sun shines down upon the parents who intensely watch their children’s sports game from the stands. A parent decides to pass their time by purchasing a bottle of cold beer from the snack bar. One alcoholic beverage leads to the next, ultimately impairing the parent’s ability to function properly. It […]


A new era dawns on Hollywood

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As Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther” becomes the first movie since “Avatar” to hold the number one spot at the box office five weeks in a row a new age of Hollywood is emerging. Hollywood in the past has not equally represented people of all races and genders, but films like DC’s “Wonder Woman” and Marvel’s […]


Bilingual communication helps to foster global connections

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There are 7,097 different languages spoken in the world today according to The Ethnologue, an annual reference publication about world languages. Language is how people express their emotions, desires and hopes. Not only does it impact our daily lives by allowing us to interact locally, it’s the most sophisticated way humans communicate with each other. […]

Annika Geissberger sewing her latest work in progress, the red ballgown.

Annika Geissberger creates clothing to satisfy her passion for fashion

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At Bacich Elementary School, circa 2008, one would find kindergartener Annika Geissberger working intently on her latest felt project, stitched together in Sewing Sally’s class she attended everyday after school. She cherished the time spent making small stuffed animals and other hand-sewn objects, constantly looking forward to creating them. Her youthful creations soon turned into […]


Students fry up their free time at Mill Valley’s In-N-Out Burger

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It is 12 a.m. on a Friday night and crowds of teenagers walk in through the brightly lit double doors of In-N-Out Burger in Mill Valley. Employees have many jobs and work up to six hour shifts. Juniors Derek Bindels and Kiyan Darznik know this routine like the back of their hand. Both Darznik and […]