Wiggins dances through life

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Junior Victoria Wiggins has been dancing all her life. For her, it is a source of energy, making it hard to keep herself from making a move when she hears music. Wiggins, who moved to Marin last school year, primarily dances hip-hop. Her skills don’t just come from the studio—as of now, she isn’t taking […]

Bending over to lace up his Yeezy's, senior Aaron Gold's passion for unique sneakers has lead his to discover an entire, little-known industry

Reselling merchandise is both a passion and and industry

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Even senior Aaron Gold’s friends don’t understand his passion for buying and reselling limited edition shoes. They think it’s as simple as buying some sneakers and then selling them off for more than they’re worth. For Gold, however, shoe resale is both a lucrative business and an enthralling hobby. “‘You must be some spoiled kid […]

According to EPA.Gov, the Norway Rat is the most commonly found rodent in the United States.

Rodents at Redwood

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Students and teachers aren’t the only ones roaming these halls. According to Redwood custodians and other personnel, rodents have established their presence on campus. “I’m not an expert, but I’ve seen both [rats and mice], probably more mice than rats,” said Lead Custodian Tim Mullery. “Sometimes they’re brand new babies and the biggest one I’ve […]

Traveling the country as a stand-up comedian, Maz Jobrani addresses subjects ranging from fatherhood to Islamophobia in his routines.

Avenue of Giants inductees hail from diverse fields

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The recently announced Redwood distinguished alumni class of 2017 was honored alongside the alumni class of 2016 on Friday Mar. 3 at the Avenue of Giants banquet hosted at the McInnis Club House Restaurant. This year’s class of 2017 inductees represent a diverse array of talent in a variety of industries including entertainment, geology and […]

POSING IN A school photo, Tepovich received a fellowship at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Tepovich gains broader experience through fellowship at Federal Reserve

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Many students may know Ann Tepovich as the AP European History or the AP Economics teacher. What they may not be aware of is that starting in January, Tepovich was selected out of thousands of applicants to receive a fellowship with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, one of 12 District Federal Reserve banks […]

Junior Kian Kazemi visits Shiraz, Iran in 2015. Kazemi, whose father is from Iran, fears the Trump Administration's travel ban will prevent him from seeing family members who live in Iran.

Reactions differ to new iteration of travel ban

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In the latest development regarding President Donald Trump’s immigration policy, Trump signed an executive order Monday meant to replace his seven Muslim-majority country immigration ban that was halted by federal courts. The new executive order removes Iraq from the list of countries and does not require a religious test for refugees to enter the United […]

The team gathers before another run

Zach and the Rippers

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Covered in mud up to our knees as the rain poured down, Zach and I struggled to push his car off the road, really just a dirt trail that had turned to mud. In an attempt to beat the main highway traffic, our GPS had lead us astray. My trip up to Tahoe with youth […]

Holding on to his son Zack's shoulder, Cohen rides his board under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cohen gets ‘tide’ up in the surfing lifestyle

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The waves were big that day off of Ocean Beach, most some ten feet high. Tall swells rolled toward the shore, building and peaking before breaking near the shore, sweeping over the shallows as white foam. Two figures, dots in wetsuits, rose and fell with the waves, holding onto their surfboards, paddling for the horizon. […]


Educational realities behind ADHD

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Educational realities behind ADHD by Daniela Schwartz   “In middle school I’d always be standing up in my classes and fidgeting with stuff and bending paper clips and flinging rubber bands, and doing whatever to just keep myself occupied. My teachers basically realized that they had to put me in the back of the classroom […]


Clean Clothes Club combats sweatshops

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Look down at the shirt you are wearing. Where did it come from? Have you ever considered who made it? Was it sewed by a young girl forced to work long hours with little pay? Or maybe by a teenage boy trying to support his large family? According to junior Ali Janku, 97 percent of […]