Senior to follow in sister’s footsteps on PCT

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Long days, sore feet, heavy backpacks — this is what awaits those who attempt the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) — as well as beautiful views, new friendships, self-discovery and the adventure of a lifetime. This combination proved irresistible to senior Robert McInnis, who plans to hike the trail in its entirety in the spring of […]

Visiting Kathmandu, Nepal Senior Aarti Dixit fell in love with traveling, part of the reason why she decided to spend her freshman year abroad in London before she transfers to USC sophomore year.

Students spend year abroad through transfer plans

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While most seniors prepare to leave home to attend college in the fall, several students get ready for an even bigger leap: college in a foreign country. As college students increasingly seek out study abroad opportunities, according to an Institute of International Education “Open Doors” report, many colleges, including the University of Southern California (USC), […]


The Cutting Edge — A Photo Essay

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Short, long, wavy, curly, or straight, hair comes in all different styles. It plays a pivotal role in our looks and can instantly characterize an era. Barbers have long been romanticized — from the straight edge shaves in cowboy westerns to our almost instant recognition of the red and white pole. As one of the […]

Fighting Lyme Disease everyday does not keep sophomore Olivia Cooke from smiling.

A student’s struggle with Lyme Disease

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Everyday, sophomore Olivia Cooke can count on going to school, seeing her friends and experiencing chronic headaches. Cooke has Chronic Lyme Disease, a tick-borne infection that is transferred into a person’s bloodstream when they are bitten by a tick that carries the bacteria. Cooke’s biggest challenge is finding a way to manage being a high […]

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Hooked on fishing: a stress reliever

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Fishing Montage from Redwood Bark on Vimeo. In a study conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 33.1 million people in the United States go fishing on an annual basis. Among that population are three Redwood students: Seniors Sean Lowry, Matt Walravens and Noah Talamantes have all dedicated countless hours to fishing and venturing throughout […]


The who, what, why and how of fake identification

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“Dylan,” a Redwood senior who wishes to remain anonymous, walks into a small family-owned liquor store on a Friday night and picks up a case of beer and a bottle of vodka. He sets everything on the counter, hands over his driver’s license and cash and walks out to his friend’s car waiting in the […]


Epidemic of copying homework catalyzed by technology

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What is it that leads students to neglect their own thoughts and brainlessly transcribe someone else’s for a passing grade? Similar to the bubonic plague, smallpox and Ebola, copying homework is the next epidemic, and it’s already here. The March Bark survey found that 80 percent of Redwood students copy homework at least once a […]

A Redwood student is taken in the middle of the night by "Big Mike," and then taken to wilderness therapy.

Into the wild: sobriety through nature

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Unlike the typical hour-long session on a psychologist’s couch, wilderness therapy is a ground-breaking mode of treatment that fits our time and our Redwood community. “I was picked up in the middle of the night by private escorts,” anonymous Redwood alumni “John” said while recounting his forty-five day experience in Muir Woods Therapy. These alternative […]


Evaluating the dangers of late night comedy

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On Oct. 11, 1975, the first episode of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) aired on NBC. Ever since then, SNL has led the way in political satire and late night comedy, from Chevy Chase’s portrayal of clumsy Gerald Ford to Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton. With the present increase of media, SNL and late night comedy have […]