A firefighter battles a raging fire in Northern California.

Destructive wildfires burn over 217,000 acres and destroy an estimated 5,700 structures

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  Destructive wildfires burn over 217,000 acres and destroy an estimated 5,700 structures by Christine Watridge UPDATED Monday, Oct. 16: According to Cal Fire, several new fires ignited on Monday Oct. 16, but the 11,000 firefighters have continued to make good progress on the 14 remaining wildfires. Forty one people have been killed, including a […]


Junior’s love of nature sparks a passion for agriculture

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As students mosey by the farm on their way to P.E., perhaps not paying it any attention, junior Tommy Freiburger passionately tends to the garden, just as he has for the past two years. Freiburger joined the Sustainable Agriculture class his sophomore year because he wanted to be involved in a class that was outside […]

Working on new beats, senior Shayan Davaloo began professionally producing music at the age of 13.

Budding Producers Showcase Musical Originality Online

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Video by Max Gilberg As the sun’s last ray vanishes beyond the mountainous terrain of Marin County, the in-tempo thumping of electronic beats can be heard from the home-studios of senior Shayan Davaloo and junior Brener Arias. Both identify producing electronic beats as their passion, fueled by a yearning for creating original music. Davaloo was […]

Sam Jackson

Redwood Amigos immerse themselves in Panamá

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  This summer, a handful of Redwood students decided to stray from typical summer vacations and make a bold move to participate in Amigos de las Americas. Amigos is a program that began in 1965 that places students in mostly rural Spanish-speaking countries. These students are fully immersed in the culture and language for six […]

Senior photographers Angelica Vohland (left) and Katie Levy (right) take photos in their local synagogue for "Women Facing West".

Students challenge gender discrimination in Judaism

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This past summer, senior Angelica Vohland visited Israel with a student organization. While she was there, she discovered a startling fact: the Western Wall, a holy site in Jerusalem, was restricting women’s rights to pray freely, inspiring her to start a photo exposition titled “Women Facing West.” “I chose to wear my prayer shawl, which […]


Redwood’s new staff

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Every year Redwood welcomes new teachers into its hallways. This year, we were fortunate to welcome nine new teachers into our staff. Some of these teachers are familiar faces, returning to teach after attending Redwood as teenagers, while others are new to the Bay Area. Regardless, every teacher offers a unique presence and knowledge that […]


Confronting the cancer: breast cancer rates in Marin fall to their lowest level since the 90’s

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As “Deb,” a local parent who preferred to remain anonymous, walks into the hospital waiting room to receive her annual mammogram check up, the room is already abuzz with women anxiously awaiting their test results for the same evaluation. Scanning the room, “Deb” questions an underlying trend she has noticed over her past few appointments […]

Behind the gym are the new portable classrooms, built in an effort to accommodate Redwood's growing population.

New portable classrooms built behind gym as student body grows

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This past summer, three portable classrooms were built on the blacktop behind the main gym. These classrooms provide more space in an effort to solve the issue of over-crowding throughout the school. With a growing population of over 1,900 students, the school needed more rooms to hold classes. The portable classrooms create more space  for […]

Max and Olivia Raskin visiting UC Santa Cruz.

One fewer egg in the nest

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Siblings connect on multiple levels: on one hand, they are examples to look up to and admire; on the other, they steal your clothes, annoy you to no end and refuse to share. Siblings are siblings, but we love them anyways. The transition from high school to college can be a challenging and exhilarating step […]

Rogan smiles in front of mural

Meet your ASB president: Eamon Rogan

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Most students at Redwood rush to get to school by at least 8 a.m., although a certain group routinely arrives by 7 a.m.. That group, Leadership, attends class early every morning except Fridays  to plan out upcoming events and fundraising. Senior Eamon Rogan leads this group as the ASB president. Rogan has been the president […]