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Verenice Palczynski is currently a senior at Redwood High School and is excited to be a reporter for the Bark. In Verenice's free time she enjoys being a part of Redwood's EPiC drama department as well as being on the San Anselmo town hall.

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Latino Photography Project at Gallery Route One

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Next to the Point Reyes Station, Gallery Route One is inconspicuously tucked into the end of 11101 CA-1 street, next to an rustic looking ice cream store and small surf shop. In the back half of the gallery, the Latino Photography Project, Hogar en Cualquier Lugar, is featured  until Dec. 17. Each artist featured is […]

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Best of 2017

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The Bark reviewed a collection of books, TV series, movies, albums and podcasts to top off 2017. To read the full story, click below.  

Traditional dancers lined up for photos before their performance.

San Rafael’s 29th celebration of Dia De Los Muertos

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Traditional Aztec dancers created a circle in the center of the crowd. Large feather headdresses and Chachayotes around their ankles (dried out chachayot nuts that clank together when the dancers moved) made for an epic sense of culture in the gym as people gathered to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos. San Rafael’s 29th anniversary of […]

Bird's eye view of Russell Camden's drum-set.

Rhythm makers of Redwood march to the beat of their own drums

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Senior Russell Camden sits behind his drum set, headphones in, drumming along to a metal song. The drumsticks in his hands are a blur of movement, followed by the crashing sound of a cymbal. Marco Zazzeron, another Redwood Senior, shares the same interest. Zazzeron stares off to the right, hyper-focused, as he hits down on […]

Illustration by Lucas Marchi of students hopping the fence during the bomb threat

Bomb threat handled in a concerning way

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On Tuesday at 8:50 a.m., Sept. 19, 2017, students sat in the dark under their desks, rumors buzzing over Snapchat and text. There was an alleged bomb on our campus. Word had it that the bomb was located in a trash can by the ampitheatre. In room 205, where many of my peers and I […]

View of order: No Worry Curry bowl, California Poke bowl, dark chocolate cake bite, berry chia parfait, the sparkling mango guava drink, and the sparkling cucumber melon drink

Fast food from the future

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Walking into a restaurant, one would typically see waiters, a hostess or two and chefs working in the back. Eatsa, located at 121 Spear Street in San Francisco, along with other locations around the country, is almost completely void of human interaction. The only staff member in sight is one person at the front door […]

JOE STEWART GIVING a lesson to the SAGE students in the Redwood garden.

Overview of new classes at Redwood

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As Redwood’s population grows, so does the number of class options for students. This year, Redwood is offering eight new or reinstalled classes.   Digital Communications Redwood TV is now getting its own class called Digital Communications, taught by Peter Parish. Previously, the Redwood TV crew met on their own time outside of school. Digital […]

Charlie Werner (left) and Harrison Segal (right)

Behind the scenes of those behind the camera

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This summer, juniors Harrison Segal and Charlie Werner won an international award for a film project from the Teens Dream video competition. The duo have been developing their film skills together since 7th grade and are working towards careers in cinematography. The competition’s goal, according to Segal, is to encourage teens to start a movement […]


The story behind the spice

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A little kick in the back of the throat with a pungent spice that overwhelms the taste buds: this is the tell-tale sign of fresh, high quality olive oil. “Fresh olive oil is super spicy, naturally, and that is great consumer protection,” said Claire Bradley, the current manager of Amphora Nueva. “Try the olive oil […]

Freshman Elizabeth Hylton sings on stage

Annual Night of Blues fundraiser entertains hundreds

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It’s 7:35 p.m., and there is a line of dressed-up students waiting to get into the music-filled CEA. Inside, skirts twirl and shoes squeak on the newly decorated CEA floor as students dance to jazz and swing music performed by their peers. Some students even pair off to swing dance with one another. Last Friday […]