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Vincent Leo is a senior at Redwood and is currently a copy editor for The Redwood Bark. He enjoys experiencing new cultures, spending time with friends and photography.

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Exploring Happiness at Redwood

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In this series of the Bark’s Remarks, we explored happiness at Redwood. We talked with students about subtopics ranging from contentment to comedy. You can find this podcast and more on the Redwood Bark Soundcloud.


Space Station Museum deviates from traditional route with interactive, free exhibits

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When picturing a museum in the Bay Area, one tends to visualize an expansive and expensive gallery filled with compositions by critically acclaimed artists. They are generally housed in San Francisco where one needs to drive across the bridge and tend to the commodities of an astronomical admission fee, parking and lunch. The Space Station […]


Prerequisites: a beneficial requirement or a hindrance?

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With the 2018-2019 course selection process coming to a close last month, preparation is underway for new classes in the upcoming year. Students are able to access a wide variety of options, with over 150 classes encompassing the full spectrum of the arts to the sciences. Although the list allows students to diversify their schedules […]

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Marin Museum of Contemporary Art provides both a serious take and a whimsical look at the world today

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The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), located in Novato, is currently offering meaningful and thought-provoking artwork about the current political climate, while also providing an entertaining and whimsical view of the world today. Opening early last month, “My” and “BUG SUR” were two of the featured exhibits displayed. Being my first visit to this […]

Focused on creating an encryption system so that information being sent over the internet would be more secure, University High School senior Warren Niles created WARZAC Technologies with Redwood senior Zach Walravens.

Bugging out about tech transparency

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Since their creation 45 years ago, mobile phones have become arguably the most influential source of communication and information. People rely heavily on their devices to text friends, call relatives, store information or keep up to date on news and social media. Americans, on average, check their phones 80 times a day, according to a […]


Teotihuacan illumina la cultura de los Aztecas

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  Cuando entre el exhibition especial en el museo de Young, sentí que iba experienciar algo extraordinario. El cuarto oscuro estaba lleno con una pantalla grande, enseñando diferentes creaciones artísticas como murales y esculturas hechas de piedra. En cada lado, las paredes estaban cubiertas con mucho texto y gráficas describiendo la ubicación del sitio arqueológico. […]


de Young’s “Teotihuacan: City of Water, City of Fire” awes with fascinating artworks

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As I entered the special exhibit at the de Young Museum, I sensed I was about to experience something extraordinary. The dimly lit room was filled with a large screen, showcasing various artistic creations such as fresco murals and stone sculptures. On each side, the walls were covered with large bodies of text and graphics […]


Bon Air food trucks showcase variety of cultural cuisines

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The wafting aromas of various cuisines fill the air in the Bon Air parking lot. A few people mingle around the large vehicles selling numerous cultural delicacies. Most of these individuals are workers from the mall and nearby offices, or shoppers dropping by to pick up their favorite meal. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday starting […]

Already having sparked an interest in Leadership in middle school, Parsons aims to help freshmen integrate into high school through bonding activities amongst the grades.

Meet your freshmen class officers

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On Sept. 12 and 13, freshmen voted to select their class officers for the 2017-2018 school year. Katie Parsons was elected as president, Camille Ray as vice president, John O’Neal as treasurer and Chloe Swildens as secretary.   Katie Parsons, President: Katie Parsons became interested in leadership at Del Mar Middle School when she was […]

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Procrastination: the inevitable byproduct of teenage stress

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Why did I allow this to happen during finals week? These words echoed in my head as the deadline for my Art Exposition final project loomed closer. I had given myself plenty of time to finish my assignment, but I kept putting it off until it was much too late. As I found myself spiraling […]