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Vincent Leo is a junior at Redwood, who is currently in the Nonfiction class as a Cub Reporter. He enjoys writing, photography, and playing tennis.

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News media faces challenges from Trump administration

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Increasing attacks by Trump on mainstream news media outlets have escalated over the past year, including threats varying from simple Twitter posts to canceling press briefings. With the Trump administration taking extensive measures to enforce their policies, trust and confidence in the media is in a vulnerable state. Public opinion of the media has fluctuated […]

The Cheese Steak Shop

Easy eats: Food options that will lure you off campus

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With the rain finally gone, it’s time to get out and enjoy the freedom of eating off campus. The Bark ventured out to taste test our student body’s favorite restaurants within walking distance: Book Passage Cafe, Burritoville Cafe, The Cheese Steak Shop, and Red Boy Pizza, according to the March Bark survey. These restaurants were […]

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Conformity – students overloading schedules, creating ‘perfect’ sheep

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It starts out small with something as simple as class scheduling. Just last February, I was overwhelmed with pressure. Which classes should I take next year? While everyone confidently boasted about their three or more AP classes, I struggled to fit two in. I felt the need to keep up with the rest, to fit […]

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Surviving the Stress of Moving: Fitting In

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It’s the first day of school. You walk around the halls, surrounded by a sea of new faces: friend groups greeting each other, couples walking together. With all the mixed emotions going on inside, you don’t know what to expect other than that you’ll have trouble finding your first period. Everyone seems to belong, having […]

Freshman Nicole Fuches prepares to return an offensive forehand.

Strong doubles teamwork aides girls’ varsity tennis dominance

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The girls’ varsity tennis team kept their undefeated record alive with a 7-2 win against Drake on Tuesday. Redwood has had little trouble with Drake in the past, but they tried hard not to be overconfident, according to team captain Natalie Epstein. “Even when we don’t think a team will be super competitive, they can […]