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Tilly Friedlander is a senior at Redwood and is currently the social media manager/snapshot editor for the Bark class. She can't wait to write more journalistic pieces!

Contact Tilly Friedlander: tfriedlander@redwoodbark.org.

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Best of 2017

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The Bark reviewed a collection of books, TV series, movies, albums and podcasts to top off 2017. To read the full story, click below.  


Devon Cusack and Jake Hanssen crowned homecoming king and queen

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The crowd went silent as the homecoming nominees each quickly undid the red ribbon and opened their boxes to find that Devon Cusack and Jake Hanssen had the winning white roses. Hanssen and Cusack smiled at the crowd as they held up their flowers. They walked toward each other with arms spread and hugged over […]

Stretching for her toes, senior Emma Ross aerial dances each week.

Senior expands her passion for aerial dancing through teaching

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When she was 12, senior Emma Ross wasn’t like the other girls at her horseback riding camp. It was not the horses that she was drawn to—instead, she had her eyes on an activity more daring, a sport that no one that she knew had done before, a passion that she would later pursue throughout […]


“Atypical” more like too-typical

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As a Netflix binge-watcher myself, there are many shows which are less-than-perfect that I can easily sit through. I’ve watched all of Gossip Girl, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Desperate Housewives, you name it. But when I sat down to watch “Atypical,” a comedy about an autistic teenager, I found myself cringing as I anticipated […]


New group offers skills to deal with academic anxiety

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In response to the academically-competitive environment at Redwood, the Wellness Center has started a support program called the Test Taking and Academic Performance Anxiety Group (TTAPAG). The group offers guidance for students dealing with the overwhelming pressures that come with school and will teach students skills to better cope with anxiety in their academic lives […]


Think before you buy

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The President assigned his eldest son Donald Jr. and Trump Organization’s chief, Allen Weisselberg to be in charge of his assets. However, President Trump can still receive reports on the profits of his assets and can revoke the authority of his son and Weisselberg at any time. Many have called upon the President to sell […]


Freshman standout bolsters varsity team in starting role

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Ever since she has been old enough to kick a ball, freshman Grace Bouton has excelled as a soccer player. All those years of practice have paid off, and she’s earned herself a spot on the girls’ varsity soccer team, where she has already scored five goals in only ten games for the Giants. Fifteen-year-old […]


Seniors choose alternative class schedules to help balance work, life

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Many students at Redwood feel that they don’t have the time to pursue their passions and interests because of an overcrowded schedule. What these students might not realize is that for some, there is an option that doesn’t include spending six or more hours at school every day. Seventy students at Redwood are taking only […]

Gambino performs his new album, "Awaken My Love"

Gambino’s new album is anything but Childish

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Childish Gambino revealed his talent for hip-hop, jazz and nuanced lyrics with the incorporation of various instrumentals and gospel choruses, creating an eerie tone in his new album “Awaken My Love.” Released on Dec. 2, the album exemplifies Gambino’s diverse talents by veering farther away from the genre of rap than he’s ventured before.   […]

Playing the piano, senior Parker Addison practices the songs within his album while in the Advanced Performance Workshop classroom.

Senior shows introspection on new album ‘Reflections’

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“Everyday, when he’s gone to crew before school and then back to crew after school, the first thing Parker does is go over to the piano and start playing. It’s just part of his way of doing things,” said Marci Addison, mother of senior Parker Addison. Parker released his new album “Reflections” onto Soundcloud, Spotify, […]