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Saamya Mungamuru is a junior and a news editor for The Bark this semester. She enjoys writing, volunteering for the Marin Humane Society, and eating Domino's Pizza no matter what the Marin moms say.

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Logan Paul controversy reflects desensitizing effect of vlogging culture

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At the start of the new year, the internet was abuzz with a new social media controversy. Popular vlogger and social media star Logan Paul posted a video blog, or vlog, on New Year’s Eve to his YouTube channel that received immediate backlash and scathing criticism. The vlog featured 22-year-old Paul and his friends venturing […]


Demystifying the private college counselor frenzy

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In an academically competitive environment such as Redwood, the insurmountable pressure to delve into college planning as early as the beginning of junior year or even sooner is felt by many students. Whether self-imposed or influenced by parental expectations and comparisons to one’s peers, the anxiety surrounding college admissions is especially high among upperclassmen. With […]

As Wine Country fires rage, residents in Marin are faced with unprecedented levels of air pollution.

Students with respiratory illnesses struggle with poor air quality

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As smoke, ash and other pollutants from still-raging Wine Country fires reach Marin County, residents are facing unprecedented levels of air pollution. Poor air quality has forced the Tam Union High School District to close schools on Oct. 13, and sports practices and games have also been cancelled for most of last week. Though contaminated […]

Spanish teacher Todd Van Peursem (right) and 2017 Redwood graduate Auz Zadoff (left) in Panama last year, in a similar school abroad-trip organized by Van Peursem.

Tense US-Cuba relations cause cancellation of school trip

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Redwood’s first ever school trip to Cuba, initiated over a year ago by Spanish teacher Todd Van Peursem, was undergoing the final stages of planning when he decided to cancel it earlier this school year due to escalating tensions between Cuba and the U.S. On Oct. 3, the U.S. expelled 15 Cuban diplomats from their […]


True tolerance means allowing expression of unpopular opinions

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It’s no secret that the political atmosphere at Redwood is heavily liberal. Students assembled to protest on campus when Trump was elected president and every now and again, teachers express their left-leaning opinions in the classroom. I’ve noticed that in most classroom political discussions, almost all opinions voiced adhere to the liberal ideology and we are […]

Car break-ins spur shock among student body

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Two cars were broken into in the front parking lot after school on Wednesday afternoon. The cars, belonging to juniors Erin McCarthy and Kelsey Rose McNair, were parked in the middle row of the lot. The passenger seat windows of both cars were shattered and McCarthy’s laptop, a Macbook Pro, as well as McNair’s water […]


Sunday market exemplifies farmer-customer bond

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The sweet scent of fresh berries fills the air as the morning light pours through the sky. Guitar strings strum, while people gather at the the heart of Marin’s agricultural distribution to purchase locally produced goods. Parents line up at the white booths with their children whose faces brighten as the farmers place juicy samples […]

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Obsession with political correctness could explain Trump’s win

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  My mother returned home from work looking a little distressed one afternoon earlier this year. As part of her job as an assistant teacher for a third grade class at a local elementary school, she supervises the kids during recess to make sure they’re playing safely. During recess that day, there had been a […]

Standing with his mission group, junior Jake Hanssen spends time in Mexico using his Spanish skills.

Bilingual students look beyond Redwood to learn

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For parents, moving their family to a different country can be an unbelievably daunting task. Meticulous planning is required to determine the smallest of details and hundreds of decisions must be made to ensure a comfortable relocation. If the move is to the United States from a country with its own native language, parents with […]