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Shiriel King Abramson is an editor-in-chief for the Bark. Her favorite Bark activities include copy editing and leading awkward bonding exercises. She also loves to tap dance, play the flute, and nap. Of utmost pride, however, is her role as Chloe Wintersteen's tap buddy.

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Chief’s Farewell – Shiriel King Abramson

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When I was in middle school, I looked forward to reading every shocking fact that the Bark uncovered. A juicy treat at the end of the month, this newspaper told of secrets I imagined existed only at the most troubled of high schools. Marin County underage binge drinking rates are number one in the nation! […]

Spanish Section Editors Note

Letter from the editors: Welcome to the Spanish section

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Read in Spanish Dear Reader, We write to you to announce a new project of the Bark, the Spanish section. In this section, we will aim to present opinions and perspectives from the Hispanic community in an effort to provide journalism that is relevant to Spanish speakers at Redwood. We intend to include voices and […]

Spanish Section Editors Note

Carta de los editores: Bienvenidos a la sección en Español

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Translate to English Querido lector, Le escribimos para anunciar un proyecto nuevo del Bark, la sección en español. En esta sección, trataremos de presentar más opiniones y perspectivas de la comunidad hispana para proveer el periodismo relevante a los hispanohablantes de Redwood. Intentaremos incluir voces e historias que son, a veces, menos representadas en nuestra […]


Outpouring of support for drama dept. in face of state bill

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A recent bill put forward to the California State Assembly by the California School Employees Association has become a concerning matter for drama departments across Marin, prompting action from both drama teachers and students. Currently in the process of being revised, the bill, AB 1066, would prohibit short-term employees, who work 75 percent or less […]

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The myth of the GPA, a Grade Pointless Average

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I spent many hours slapping various parts of my body in preparation for a history final last year. To remember John Locke’s theory, I pinched my ears. To remember the sequence of the French Revolution, I hit my stomach, then my elbows, then twirled in a circle. And to remember the philosophies of female thinkers […]

Feminism: Few students claim the label, most believe in its message

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Only 33.8 percent of students at Redwood identify as feminist, according to a February Bark survey. Yet 88.8 percent of students say they believe there should be equality among genders in all aspects of life, according to the same survey. Sophomore Audrey Gaither is in that majority. She said she believes in the equality of […]

An example of the proficiency scale used by a select number of teachers at Redwood

Teachers transition from A’s to 4’s: A look at the proficiency scale

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After years of As, Bs, and Cs, some teachers have begun using 4s, 3s, and 2s to give feedback on individual assignments. Letter grades, however, still appear on final transcripts and are separate from this feedback process. This “proficiency scale,” as it is referred to by school district officials, is a chart that is broken […]

Brownies, assorted fruits, and pastries are delightfully served in the "Lords & Ladies Cream Tea" platter at Secret Garden Tea House in San Francisco

Secret Garden Tea House provides classic experience

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As work at the academy picks up in the second term, the Bark decided to treat themselves to a fine English tradition at Secret Garden Tea House, where although the tea is marginally tasteful, the atmosphere is quite agreeable and the decor is unquestionably quaint. Before we enlighten you with the particulars of our experience, […]

Junior Ulrikke Rovsing of Denmark takes a U.S. history test in her ELD class

District ends sheltered classes for ELD students

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As of this school year, the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) no longer offers distinct core academic classes for students who are English Language Learners. These “sheltered” classes were taught in English, but provided additional help to students in a smaller learning environment, according to Mike Levinson, the English Language Development (ELD) coordinator at […]

Updated Insomnia Infographic

Restless nights, droopy days: Insomniacs reflect on life without sleep

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Senior Lucretia King was sleeping about 2 1/2 hours a night in seventh grade before she finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with insomnia. “I would stay up really, really, really late and couldn’t fall asleep,” King said. “I would try to read a book or watch TV until I could fall asleep […]