Sydney Hillbush Cub Writer

Sydney Hilbush is a sophomore at Redwood High School and is a Cub Reporter for the Redwood Bark. She is a dancer at Roco Dance and enjoys running, hiking and spending time with her friends and family outside of school. Sydney can also be frequently found walking her dog in Blackie's Pasture any day of the week.

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Baton in hand, Kohn sprints down the track to hand off to her teammate.

Freshman runner sprints into track season with new potential

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Hundreds of shoes pound the blistering red track as the echo of the start gun blasts in the distance. The runner’s muscles burn as one freshman athlete emerges from the pack and races toward the finish line as if her life depended on it. Odd glances and furrowed eyebrows from spectators are no surprise to […]

Sophomore Ethan Kim stands on the Redwood Football field, posing with his jersey.

The painful passion of football: an athlete’s story

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It is no secret that sports can be dangerous. But as a player, the potential risk of injury is sometimes forgotten when stepping onto the field. For sophomore Ethan Kim, this risk became a reality when he ruptured his spleen, acquired his second concussion of the season and faced the concern of permanent damage to […]

Gathering in a circle, the varsity girls tennis team prepares for the game.

Girls’ varsity tennis smashes Tam, keeping undefeated streak alive

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The girls’ varsity tennis team swept Tamalpais High School on Thursday, Sept. 22,  marking their third sweep of the season. Despite losing MCALs to Tam last year, Redwood managed to come back strong this season, so far upholding an undefeated streak. According to the team’s coach Marlies Zeisler, Tam has always been a fierce competitor […]