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Sydney is a junior at Redwood and is very excited to be a Lifestyles Editor for the Bark this semester. She can be found in the dance studio seven times a week and loves adventuring and exploring around Marin.

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2018-01-26 11:29

It’s time to change up the same ol’ drill

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Growing up in La Jolla, San Diego, my childhood revolved around the ocean. Spending a relaxing day on the beach was just steps outside my front door, and weekend beach cleanups were the norm for my family. The main culprit of ocean pollution during these cleanups was plastic; although this material endangered the sea animals, […]


Norwegian student adapts to Redwood community after experiencing Santa Rosa fires

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Within the first few weeks of adjusting to a brand new life in a country across the world from her family, experiencing a natural disaster was not on senior Sandra Fredriksen’s to-do list. In early August, Fredriksen decided to pack her bags and experience high school as an American teenager for her second-to-last year of […]

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Senior engages in physical altercation over attempted car break-in

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At around 5:00 p.m., senior Rocco Allenstein engaged in a physical altercation with two middle-aged African-American males who were attempting to break into his 2006 Porsche Cayenne in the front parking lot of Redwood. As Allenstein approached his vehicle after leaving early from wrestling practice, he saw two men near his car. One was inside the […]

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Ryan Brady’s journey from hospital bed to homecoming court

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The last thing you would expect from a 17-year-old awakening from a coma is for him to be smiling. But he was, as usual. Ryan Brady started Wednesday, Aug. 30, like any typical day. Driving his mom’s car to school with his little brother, Keiler Brady, in the passenger seat, the boys were heading down […]

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New special education teacher interlaces passion for surfing with teaching

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Rhythmic waves crash gently over the ocean shore, washing away the light imprint of footsteps soaked up by the sun-drenched sand. The numbing water slaps against the smooth bottom of the surfboard, bracing for the right wave. A splash of cold water in the face fuels the adrenaline of Natalie Pepper as she steadies her […]


Raging wildfires force cancellation of sports and school

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Wildfires continue to scorch Northern California’s wine country regions, quickly becoming the deadliest fire in California’s history with a confirmed death toll of 35 and over 600 people still missing, according to the San Francisco (SF) Chronicle. The forceful velocity of these fires has rained ash and poured smoke over the Bay Area, resulting in […]


Confronting the cancer: breast cancer rates in Marin fall to their lowest level since the 90’s

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As “Deb,” a local parent who preferred to remain anonymous, walks into the hospital waiting room to receive her annual mammogram check up, the room is already abuzz with women anxiously awaiting their test results for the same evaluation. Scanning the room, “Deb” questions an underlying trend she has noticed over her past few appointments […]

The farm to table movement promotes a demand for organic, locally sourced produce

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Marin has been at the forefront of organic and sustainable food production for decades, ranking first as the healthiest county in the U.S for seven years straight, according to County Health Rankings. Marin values supplying organic, healthy food to the consumer spreads influence to other producers and counties nationwide. In 2015, according to the National Restaurant […]

Baton in hand, Kohn sprints down the track to hand off to her teammate.

Freshman runner sprints into track season with new potential

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Hundreds of shoes pound the blistering red track as the echo of the start gun blasts in the distance. The runner’s muscles burn as one freshman athlete emerges from the pack and races toward the finish line as if her life depended on it. Odd glances and furrowed eyebrows from spectators are no surprise to […]

Sophomore Ethan Kim stands on the Redwood Football field, posing with his jersey.

The painful passion of football: an athlete’s story

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It is no secret that sports can be dangerous. But as a player, the potential risk of injury is sometimes forgotten when stepping onto the field. For sophomore Ethan Kim, this risk became a reality when he ruptured his spleen, acquired his second concussion of the season and faced the concern of permanent damage to […]