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Sabrina Dong is a junior who is excited for her first year reporting for the Bark. She's done ballet since the age of three at Marin Ballet. When not dancing, she can be found hiking, hanging with friends, or making bad puns.

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Some conservatives feel like their voice can't be heard in such a liberal leaning campus setting

The Double Standard: Acceptance of the Conservative Minority

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By: Sabrina Dong In light of the recent protests at UC Berkeley, in which students were threatening riots to try to stop conservative political leader Ann Coulter from speaking, the issues of freedom of speech and acceptance of differing perspectives have been thrust into the national spotlight. In a Bark survey only 14 percent of […]


Dragon’s Breath: an SF attraction to blow you away on a Friday night

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Usually when you say you had smoke pouring out of your mouth on a Friday night, parents fill with rage and teachers look at you suspiciously. However, a fun dessert sold at Chocolate Chair in San Francisco uses liquid nitrogen to create a smoky and delicious experience. As you near the shop, nestled in the […]


Shyamalan’s newest film is ‘Split’ between interesting and predictable

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As the lights dimmed and the white block font of the beginning credits rolled, I felt a rushed anticipation in the theater. There was an electric buzz in the air as people sat waiting to see M. Night Shyamalan’s newest project, “Split.” I wanted to see if the film held up to the promise of […]

Senior Haley Bjursten works on a painting in AP Studio Art

Learning history through a different lens: AP Art History

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Come this fall, students will get to “draw” themselves a new understanding of art and culture all while “brushing” up on their historic knowledge. Advanced Placement choices will expand with the addition of AP Art History (APAH), taught by fine arts teacher Susanne Maxwell. The new class will be a blend between history and art […]

Not Alone

Locally produced suicide documentary screened at Redwood for first time

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By: Sabrina Dong On a Wednesday in November,  Redwood students chattered excitedly, working on projects, filling out worksheets or writing essays. Amid all this, however, one class fell silent. In room 521, the fifth period students of Ms. Maxwell’s AP Photography class and Mr. Hirsch’s Psychology class sat captivated by a film rolling from a […]

La familia de Danny Elias celebra Día de Los Muertos

Diferencias de celebración: Día de Los Muertos

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Niños y niñas corriendo en las calles disfrazados de brujas, fantasmas y héroes, visitando las puertas de cada casa y pidiendo dulces. Mientras gran parte de los Estados Unidos está celebrando la Noche de Brujas, en otra parte del mundo se está celebrando un día festivo muy diferente. Las familias van a los cementerios con […]

Apple has released a brand new jet black glossy finish to its iPhone color selection

Jack-a-lackin: iPhone 7 Review

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JACK-A-LACKIN: iPHONE 7 REVIEW Students walk slowly through the halls, their backpacks and purses slung over their backs and the gentle glow of a cell phone illuminating their faces. Mobile phones have become an important part of a student’s daily life, and out of all the phones on the market, I think the iPhone reigns […]


Senior fires up career interests with Mill Valley Fire Department

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While most Redwood students spent the summer lounging on the beach, relaxing, or hanging out with friends, senior Vivienne Ward was getting fired up for school in a different way—through her internship at the Mill Valley Fire Department. Ward received her internship through Jewish Family and Children’s Services, whose internship program pairs teens up with […]


Text heavy: The hidden weight of our paper textbook use

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Students file into Redwood on the first day of school like an army of ants. They seem to swarm the hallways, greeting each other enthusiastically after the long summer. In many ways Redwood mirrors the structure of an ant colony, each student going through their day with a purpose and a job: to learn. Much […]

Auz Zadoff

Student takes gap year to grow nonprofit

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While most Redwood seniors are looking for roommates, researching sororities and fraternities and getting ready for their first year at college, senior Auz Zadoff is preparing for a year in the Panamanian jungles. With a passion for travel and learning about new cultures, Zadoff will be embarking on a gap year in Panama to work […]