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Shannon Donelan is a senior at Redwood who is very excited about being Editor-in-Chief this year! She is happiest when she is in the ocean, spending time with her dog or eating vegan desserts.

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Trailer Park

Untold Stories from the Trailer Park

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Just around the corner from Redwood High School, The Marin RV Park is tucked between a popular shopping mall and marsh lands, leading most Marin residents to drive right by it almost daily. From their admiration of Airstream trailers to a transitional home, residents Denise Oberman, Blanche Lenin-Cruz, and Ron Martin provide insight into their […]


The supreme job of nominating judges

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When most people think of the 2016 election, nominating judges to serve on the Supreme Court is not the first thing that comes to mind. They might first think about the insults thrown throughout the campaign or the craziness of the debates. However, appointing justices to serve on the Supreme Court is going to be […]

RATED FIVE STARS, M.H. Bread and Butter avocado toast had an addictive taste with an optimal amount of salt mixed into the blend.

Avocadon’t miss out: a toast to the best toast in the Bay Area

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What was once a health guru’s recipe has turned into your neighborhood restaurant’s most popular item. Avocado toast is the new kale chips, a healthy snack that is popular among Marin residents. However, the overwhelming availability can be daunting. Bark set out on a mission to find the best avocado toast in the Bay Area, […]

THE OUTSIDE WALL of Canal Alliance, an organization that helps immigrants living in Marin.

Residentes de Marín luchan para obtener tarjetas verdes

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Read in English “Cuando yo vine [a los Estados Unidos] tuve que pasar por muchos lugares diferentes en el camino. Tuve que dormir en el suelo. La habitación estaba fría. Y fue realmente, realmente duro,” dijo María. “María,” una estudiante de primer año que desea mantenerse anónima, creció en Honduras pero tuvo que venir a […]

THE OUTSIDE WALL of Canal Alliance, an organization that helps immigrants living in Marin.

Marin residents struggle to obtain green cards

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Read in Spanish “When I was coming [to the U.S.] I had to come to a lot of different places along the way. I had to sleep on the ground. The room was cold. And that was really, really hard,” Maria said. “Maria,” a freshman girl who wished to stay anonymous, grew up in Honduras, […]


How happy are you?

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“I’m most happy when I’m lollygagging in class, drawing a pumpkin or something,” sophomore Michael Diamantes said. However, drawing pumpkins in class might not be the thing that makes everyone happy. According to a January 2016 Nonfiction survey taken by 10 percent of Redwood students, many factors may contribute to the happiness of Redwood students. […]

Sophomore Kelly Stadlin looks to steal the ball from a Marin Catholic player.

Field hockey ties Marin Catholic in nailbiter

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The girls’ field hockey team played a grueling match against Marin Catholic on Tuesday afternoon, but in the end the score remained tied 0-0. After many close calls, the game ended with a tie despite a lot of action on the field. The majority of the game was played in the middle of the field. […]