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Sophomore Bella Vega sports one of the dresses at Live Water Surf Shop

Students volunteer with local store to provide affordable Prom dresses

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Prom is an American high school tradition and a right of passage for many teens, but also an event leaving students faced with an exorbitant amount of money spent on tickets, transportation, corsages, and, most importantly, dresses. Sophomores Bella Vega and Ally van Dorsten are volunteering to work with Live Water Surf Shop to sell […]

Senior Thomas Cavanaugh will attend Thomas Aquinas College in the fall.

Cavanaugh turns down college swimming offers to attend school with no pool

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After one more swim season, this spring senior Tom Cavanaugh will hang up his competition swimsuit.After getting into several D3 schools for swimming and looking into D1 schools, Cavanaugh turned down offers to attend Thomas Aquinas College, a liberal arts school in Santa Paula. Cavanaugh chose Aquinas for its academics, even though the school doesn’t […]