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Plow’s exceptional nosh makes up for unoriginal premise

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It’s a Monday, around 11 a.m., and most restaurants in San Francisco are getting those few stragglers who decided to skip work or school for an extended breakfast. But at Plow, the S.F. brunch institution on Potrero Hill, those stragglers are not few in number, but rather, crowd the street curbs and wooden planter boxes […]


Prep of the Year: Nick Calzaretta

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Senior Nick Calzaretta has been playing football ever since he and his friends found Ron Patrick’s sports camp and the Pop Warner football program in elementary school. He’s also played rugby, baseball, basketball and soccer, but Nick is primarily known for his complete dominance of Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) varsity football. This year, Nick […]

Editor-in-Chief Farewell: Rebecca Smalbach

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When I first joined the Bark, I was a copy editor. I thought that meant that my job was to search through every story, making sure all content was grammatically correct and adherent to AP style, and that’s what my job ended up being, to a certain extent. There’s a sense of accomplishment in knowing […]


Impasse between district and teachers’ union ends

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The Tamalpais Federation of Teachers (TFT) union ended a week-long impasse regarding contract negotiations on Thursday and withdrew their filing for state mediation. After seven months of fruitless negotiation, the TFT officially declared an impasse on Feb. 9, which would have triggered a state review and subsequent mediation between the union and the Tamalpais Unified […]

Newest Marin ramen collaboration disappoints

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Tam Tam Ramen opened its latest location in Mill Valley this past month, serving up an Americanized version of Japanese cuisine in the most recent iteration of the collaboration between Whole Foods and Genji, a company that operates sushi bars in some Whole Foods stores. This is the first stand-alone version of the restaurant (there […]

College rankings: A self-fulfilling prophecy

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In the next few months, many seniors will be finding out which schools they were accepted to, and many, when choosing which they want to attend, will use the U.S. News & World Report rankings to help them decide. I used to consider the U.S. News & World Report college rankings gospel. If the rankings […]

Class ranking obscures students’ true talents

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Every year around the time when many Redwood seniors are just beginning to submit their college applications, counselors at Redwood have a lot to do. They write letters of recommendation, send transcripts to schools, and, perhaps most important, give schools a copy of Redwood’s School Profile. The School Profile details a number of facts about […]

School board votes to expand wellness

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The TUHSD school board voted to expand the district’s wellness program to Tam and Drake on May 10 after an emotional months-long process for community supporters and the board. The extension of wellness will consist of the hiring of part-time wellness coordinators at the two schools as well as a wellness outreach specialist at Drake, […]

Andrews’ sophomore effort lacks driving plot

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The latest novel from the author of “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” “The Haters” is another coming-of-age tale that is good only when maintaining a suspension of disbelief. Wes, Corey and Ash meet at jazz camp during the summer; however, none of them are very skilled or interested in jazz. Instead, they are […]

Sophomore Kent Harrison relaxes in Redwood's Wellness Center.

School board considers recommendations to cut funding for wellness programs

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As the district budget study committee continues to review finances for the future of the district, Superintendent David Yoshihara and his cabinet have proposed four possible courses of action that the district can take regarding wellness staffing for next year. Three of the plans involve cuts to staffing while the fourth recommends no budgetary change […]