Olivia Dominguez Former Staff

Olivia is a former Editor-In-Chiefs of Bark. Throughout her years on the Bark she explored and tested the limits of her Journalistic ability from controversial news stories to award-winning features. She now studies Strategic Communications at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Contact Olivia Dominguez: odominguez@redwoodbark.org.

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Oh the Places We’ll Go!

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Oh the Places We’ll Go! by Kylie Kvam, Annie Forsman, and Olivia Dominguez Class of 2016 Senior College map.

Chief’s Farewell – Olivia Dominguez

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The first story I ever wrote as an honorary Barkie earned me a one-way ticket to the Principal’s office. I had uncovered the phenomenon of students snorting adderall at the Back to School dance and let me just say, people were not happy. While the major issue with the administration was an editor’s use of […]

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Junior arrested for weapons violation on school campus

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A Redwood junior was arrested for a weapons violation on school campus Monday afternoon after the police received a tip from Redwood’s confidential tip line. At 3:10 p.m. the Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA) was notified of the violation by Redwood authorities after the school received an anonymous tip that a student had an “unregistered […]

Junior Jordan Jackson shoots a contested pull-up jumper over junior Joey Calcaterra.

Boys’ varsity basketball suffers first loss in heartbreaking final seconds

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The boys’ varsity basketball team fought Marin Catholic until the final seconds, but came out empty-handed after MC junior Dempsey Roggenbuck knocked down the game-winning shot with a mere four seconds left on the clock. Redwood suffered the loss at the hands of Marin Catholic Tuesday night, ending the game with only a two-point deficit of […]

Rally Opinion

Rally censorship contradicts family paradigm

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Dear Redwood Staff, At this year’s homecoming rally, P.E. teacher and host Mike Dibley made a point to remind us that Redwood is “one big family.” Your regulating of students at this rally suggests that your perfect family is both quiet and obedient. The reality is that Redwood is a big, rowdy, fun-loving family and, like […]


Marin residents find ways to conserve water in light of California drought

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Drained, dried out and depleted, California endures its fourth year of drought. However not all of the state is lacking water. The Marin Municipal Water District, in spite of some of the lowest rainfall it’s had in years, has kept itself hydrated through efforts of conservation and smart water use. While Marin is not technically […]


Concussions: More serious than just a headache

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While surfing at Stinson Beach two weeks ago, junior Cale Smith was hit in the head by his board. Though at the time he thought it was just a minor injury, the hit turned out to be serious. Cale said that after he was hit his head started bleeding and he felt extremely dizzy. He […]


Student’s sister stars in Sundance feature film

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While attending the premiere of “The Diary of A Teenage Girl” at the 37th annual Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 24 in Park City, Utah, sophomore Bridget Wait had a different experience than many. Sharing the screen with actors Bel Powley, Alexander Skarsgård and Kristen Wiig was her 13 year-old sister Abby Wait. “I would […]


Satire: A tool we must use wisely

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If you’ve read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” about eating babies or watched  The Daily Show make fun of Marin mothers for not vaccinating their children, you’ve seen the impact that satire can have. Satire has been a highly valued part of our society for centuries, causing delight and laughter at times, while also sometimes […]


Life on the Redwood farm

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Two years ago, the patch of grass between the pool and the amphitheater was just that: a patch of grass, sometimes used as a viewing area for parents as they watched their chlorine-soaked children on Saturday mornings during summer league swim meets. A year later, the parents have been  replaced by students kneeling in damp […]