Neva Legallet

Neva Legallet Editor in Chief

Neva Legallet is a senior at Redwood High School and is one of the Editors-in-Chief for the Redwood Bark. She runs cross country and track & field, and in her free time enjoys hiking, traveling and listening to music.

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Meet the couple living in Hannah Baker’s house

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At the top of smooth wooden stairs, a cherry red door is propped open, framed by white wooden pillars and flowering shrubs. The exterior of 2 Diane Lane is a familiar sight to many across the country—it was the set of Hannah Baker’s house in the wildly popular Netflix show “13 Reasons Why”—but is even […]

Rushing to help, members of the Texas National Guard have been sent in.

Hurricane Harvey: reflecting beyond the borders

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Houses that used to be homes—filled with precious keepsakes and memories—are simply gone, just like some of the families that filled them. Beloved pets wander in the floodwater, seeking their missing owners and desperate to be reunited. Hurricane Harvey traveled 3,100 miles, finally making landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast on Friday, Aug. 25th, and […]

Preparing the entree at Rhoda Goldman Plaza, Dame perfects the plate before it’s served

What’s Cookin? Chefs’ Recipes to Success

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As the serrated knife slices through the thick meat, fat is tossed aside onto the stainless steel counter, sometimes landing onto the floor. Soaking wet mops quickly sweep up the scraps as they move around the kitchen floor, dodging the hurrying feet of the waiters and chefs. Orders are shouted through the kitchen over the […]

Weekly visits to the Islamic Center of Oakland have helped junior Nura Laqta maintain her faith

Non-believers: our generation’s religious decline

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When asked what religion I identify as, all I can do is shrug and say that I don’t know. Growing up I attended Sunday School sporadically until I stopped completely around third grade. My parents didn’t take us to church, and religion has never been part of our family dynamic. Although sometimes I wish I […]

SOPHOMORE MADSEN SPARLER presents the Argentine tango with her partner. Sparler dances in a class of adults older than her by at least thirty years.

Sophomore pursues Argentine tango within class of adults

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Hace clic aquí para lee en español Despite the lively beat of the music and the increasingly intricate steps, sophomore Madsen Sparler is calm. Her feet tap and slide on the floor in perfect rhythm with her partner as they follow the instructors’ lead in the center of the studio. Other pairs spin around them […]

SOPHOMORE MADSEN SPARLER presents the Argentine tango with her partner. Sparler dances in a class of adults older than her by at least thirty years.

Sophomore persigue tango argentino en clase de adultos

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Click here to read it in English A pesar del tiempo animado y los cada vez más intrincados pasos,  Madsen Sparler, una estudiante en su segundo año, está calmada. Sus pies dan unos golpecitos y se deslizan en un ritmo perfecto con su compañero mientras siguen el ejemplo de los instructores en el centro del […]


Varsity field hockey team defeats Marin Catholic for second win of season

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The girls’ varsity field hockey team defeated Marin Catholic (MC) 1-0 on Tuesday, as a goal scored by sophomore Caroline Soja propelled them to a victory. Despite a persistent defense by MC, Redwood managed to score once, which was all the Giants needed to prevail. Soja scored the only goal of the game within the […]