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Natalia Lazor is a senior at Redwood High School and is a reporter for the Redwood Bark. She enjoys playing Water Polo and spending time with her family and her friends. She is also an EPiC drama student.

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Reexamining Racial Bias

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On April 12, Two Black men meet at a Philadelphia Starbucks to wait for a friend. They sit down before ordering drinks because their friend has not yet arrived. The employee is nervously urging them to either buy something or get out—but they aren’t ready to order yet and continue to wait. Their reluctance to […]

Senior Catherine Jensen beams alongside her parents while holding up her coaches award.

60th Annual Athletic Banquet celebrates seniors’ sports achievements

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On Monday, May 14, the Redwood High School Benchwarmers hosted the 60th annual senior awards banquet. The banquet was held at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael and welcomed all senior varsity athletes to recognize them for their achievements. Athletic Director Jessica Peisch served as the master of ceremonies and explained the purpose of the […]


Tactics and a close-knit bond take girls’ varsity basketball to the top

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The last time the Redwood girls’ varsity basketball team took the MCAL pennant was in 1987, according to coach Diane Peterson. Just over 30 years later, the girls grabbed the pennant once more. According to Peterson, the team was elated to have won an MCAL pennant and end to season with an overall record of […]

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Escape to Agrabah in Disney’s live action production of Aladdin

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Our favorite “street rat” comes to life in the live action production of Disney’s “Aladdin,” showing a unanimously adoring crowd ‘a whole new world’ of unforgettable Disney magic. Playing in San Francisco’s Orpheum Theater, “Aladdin” transports the audience to the mystifying city of Agrabah, where the audience embarks on a journey alongside Aladdin and both […]

Disney Pixar's "Coco" presented a fantastic presentation of lively Mexican culture.

Coco dazzles with vibrant display of Mexican culture

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Imagine this: the familiar, cherished song, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes,” but with a twist—it’s Mariachi. “Coco” exhibited a stunning display of culture and a riveting story alongside it. Disney Pixar’s “Coco” went above and beyond by hitting all of the major criteria of an excellent Disney movie—catchy music, characters who you […]

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Giving thanks for everything, except women

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My aunt bustled frantically around the kitchen, as more family members trickled into her home. The pots and pans clattered as the conversations grew louder to drown out the noise. This was yet another normal Thanksgiving until I noticed one caveat—the only people cooking and cleaning were women. This revelation would not be so shocking […]


Students cope with the silent struggle of anxiety at Redwood

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According to a recent Bark survey, 29 percent of students self-reported that they often struggle with anxiety. For teens, the definition of anxiety is different from other age groups, because it is typically related to the stress felt at school. The topic of anxiety itself may often get glossed over but for the student population […]


Matadors overwhelm the Giants in a first round knockout

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It’s 7 p.m. on a cold Saturday night in Livermore, Calif. on Nov. 11. The Giants are seeded 15th in the North Coast Section (NCS) playoffs, playing the second-seeded Granada Matadors. The Matadors’ stands are completely filled and a school band plays by the field. The Giants have now gone back-to-back years in the NCS […]


Best beaches of the Bay

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Among the incredible scenery, look-outs and picturesque sights, Marin County is home to numerous gorgeous beaches. When choosing which beach to spend a carefree afternoon, it’s essential to know your options. Rodeo Beach a.k.a. Cronkite (5/5) Cronkite exceeded all expectations with the many functions it serves. A wooden bridge connects the parking lot to the […]


The classroom is no place for bias

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Not even a school in the middle of sheltered Marin can monitor their students, who tune into the news and in turn converse on the subject, using class time to discuss the polarizing events that recently took place. Public school teachers should plan what to say when they look at the impressionable teens sitting before […]