Natalia Lazor Reporter

Natalia Lazor is a senior at Redwood High School and is a reporter for the Redwood Bark. She enjoys playing Water Polo and spending time with her family and her friends. She is also an EPiC drama student.

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The classroom is no place for bias

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Not even a school in the middle of sheltered Marin can monitor their students, who tune into the news and in turn converse on the subject, using class time to discuss the polarizing events that recently took place. Public school teachers should plan what to say when they look at the impressionable teens sitting before […]


Across town for AP Spanish Literature

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Every Monday and Wednesday, senior Elia Chou travels to Sausalito to take AP Spanish Literature, a class offered every other year at Redwood. She takes classes at Tilden Preparatory in downtown Sausalito. After spending the summer of her freshman and junior year on service trips to both Costa Rica and Ecuador, Chou developed a passion […]


Adding up the unexcused absences

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The man in the attendance office slid a green slip across the counter into my awaiting hand. He understood that I could not have prevented the leak in my tire. Despite there being many words and lines on the slip, the only one I could focus on was the large, defined and undeserving black circle […]