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Painted to honor Nicaraguan survivors of the country’s Civil War, this mural reflects the hopes that many citizens had for after the bloodshed.

The mixed vision of the organization Precita Eyes

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Driving up to the Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center in San Francisco’s Mission District, visitors pass colorful mural after mural. However it is not until they begin the tour that they will begin to see the murals as so much more than just ordinary paintings. By viewing them up close and learning about their backgrounds, […]

Pintado para honrar a sobrevivientes nicaragüenses de la Guerra Civil en su país, este mural refleja las esperanzas que muchos ciudadanos tenían para después de la matanza.

La Visión Mezclada de la Organización Precita Eyes

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Manejando a Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center en Mission District de San Francisco, visitantes pasan al  mural vistoso tras mural vistoso. Sin embargo, no es hasta que los recorran que aprenderán que los murales son mucho más que pinturas ordinarias. Por verlos cerca y escuchar sobres sus fondos, se vuelve evidente que estas piezas son […]


District senior forgoes typical academic life to prepare for dreams

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In the office of Redwood’s physical trainer, Americ Alvarado, senior Hallie Fox concentrates on taping an injured football player’s foot, but pauses to overhear an amusing conversation between Alvarado and the student, and bursts into laughter. Fox, a Tamiscal attendee and former Redwood student, said she dedicates large portions of her time interning for Alvarado […]