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Maggie Smith is a junior who is in her first year of Bark. She's a pretty hardcore fashion aficionado, and loves listening to music. You can probably catch her eating dessert (at any time of the day) and drowning in homework like every other high school student.

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Combatting hate speech requires more active approach

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It’s been a tough year as a Redwood student. Our community has been deeply affected by multiple hate speech incidents this year, exposing problems that many of us may not have even been aware existed and highlighting the administration’s and student body’s inability to fully deal with these issues. First, a racial slur directed at […]

Planned Parenthood Inforgraphic

GOP policy increases demand for sexual health services

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As controversy about Planned Parenthood has peaked in the last few weeks, many Redwood students have voiced their opinions about access to sexual health services. The options students have regarding these services may depend on the actions of the GOP in coming months. On Jan. 5, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced that the […]

Senior art student Danielle Kisseberth places a tile on the CEA wall

Community art project attempts to break down barriers

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A sea of pink tiles with student-written messages cover the CEA wall, arranged artfully so that the spaces between them create the pattern of a chain link fence. When responding to the questions, “Who do you love?” “Who needs your love?” and “What do you love?” students’ answers ranged from “My fish” to “Refugees” or […]

Edge of 17 giphy

‘Edge of Seventeen’ makes up for cliche plot with humor

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After sending an embarrassingly explicit message to a crush, Nadine Byrd, played by Hailee Steinfeld, takes the obvious next step. She tells her teacher, Mr. Bruner (Woody Harrelson), about the incident, who reads the message carefully, pauses, looks up at Nadine’s terrified face, then slowly says, “You need to watch out for run-on sentences.” This […]

Novato later start infographic

Novato school district looks at implementing later start time

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The Novato Unified School District is considering a later start time for middle and high schools, citing that giving students a chance to get more sleep would benefit student health. The Later Start Committee, led by Ivan Chaidez, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, began meeting this year and is investigating the benefits of having a […]

Teaching flute lessons to students at MLK-Bayside Middle School on a Saturday morning, freshman Emily Comins volunteers at the Sound Waves Program.

Senior helps establish volunteer music program in Marin City

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Despite the early hour on a Saturday, the eager faces of the young music students fill a MLK-Bayside Middle School classroom. This was exactly the environment that senior Noa Zimmerman was trying to create—a positive space where kids could experiment with music freely. It’s the second meeting of the Soundwaves program, which was created this […]

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Hey baby: How catcalling burdens a majority of girls at Redwood

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The girls were sitting in the front of a public bus, drinking lemonades, when a group of twenty-something year-olds in the back started yelling at them across the bus full of people, making comments about the straws in their mouths. “They were yelling, ‘She’s the kind of h** you’d bring to the bathroom, not to […]

"Rodeo Drive #3," taken in 1984

MOMA restrospective displays photographer’s diversity

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The photographs featured don’t even look like they were taken by the same artist; the collection is so diverse that there’s something that will interest any viewer. Photographer Anthony Hernandez will be featured in a retrospective exhibit at the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA) starting Sept. 24, adding to the collections displayed since […]

Fast Fashion Opinion Infographic Final

Fast fashion proves harmful despite financial savings

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You probably follow a similar routine every morning: get out of bed, eat breakfast, put on clothes, etc. You might throw on whatever clothes you see or carefully put together an outfit that you feel suits the day. Either way, chances are the clothes are from a major retailer such as Nike, Forever 21 or […]

Sophomore Aru Kundhardt smiles  with her parents, Susan and David

Family goes deeper than genes

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The families many of us were born to have shaped our lives in endless ways, yet we often take them for granted. For several students as Redwood, the bond they formed with their families began after birth, with their adoption, and has continued to impact them today. Aru Sophomore Aru Kunhardt has no memory of the place […]