Morgan Salzer Reporter

Morgan Salzer is a sophomore at Redwood High School and is a Cub Reporter for the Redwood Bark. She enjoys spending time with friends and petting dogs.

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Lending a hand: it’s more literal than one might think

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Hands are a defining part of the human body. They are complex and unique to only a few organisms on Earth, but when they are lost, they never grow back. Luckily, technology has allowed us to create a substitute for them and that is exactly what sophomore Jaden Ramos has done. Ramos’ interest in robotics […]


Girls’ JV soccer destroys Terra Linda with a 10-0 win

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The girls’ junior varsity soccer team showed no mercy against Terra Linda High School, capping off the game with a 10-0 win on Saturday, Dec. 16. Strong offense and constant communication kept the ball in Redwood’s possession for most of the game and continued their success after a Dec. 9 victory against San Marin on […]